Tuesday, November 04, 2008


OK went something like this.

Almost 400 runners $320 entry. Sucked out early when had AA v JJ but J flopped but then my 2 outer A on turn. Then picked up a lot of chips to be top 10 early doors.

Basically accumulated and accumulated without going to many showdowns and was still top 10 when cashed with 45 left. No big dramas to make final table and be gtd 2k$ with 9 left.

I was 2nd with 135K and i pick up AK on SB - a guy raises to 12K i reraise to 30K - he shoves and I fold. This hand has had loads of debate on Betfair and loads of people think I played this wrong / spewy. I totally disgree and think I played it perfect. I think I am racing at best and because FT prize money is so high there is no way I want to race as if lose am going to pick up 2k$. By not racing my EV would be probably 4th or 5th which was 10k$ - also i believe I am racing at best and this is confirmed when the guy tells me KK and names suits and I didnt have K of the suits he named. Anyway I fold but then put pressure on same guy with reraises later which I think he is going to give me credit for AA type hands.

9 handed for ages and then people started to fall. I get to 4 left and am in 2nd and talk of a deal talks. However, I dont fear any of them and when I am offered les than what it pays for 2nd I turn the 4 way deal down. I quickly drop back to 3rd in chips and worry a little but then eliminate a player to go chip leader. Shortly later the other 2 clash and we are heads up and he has a 20% chip lead. I quickly win a few hands and then a huge hand puts me 700 200 up and its all over shortly later when i had raised with 10 8 and he pushes all in out of position on 10 4 2 flop and i cant see a hand he would push with that I am not beating and he turns over A4 and i hold.

Very nice and my most prestigious win - feel like I played really well but then look back to AA v JJ hand and reminds me luck also plays a big part - could have been an early night.

Then Betfair 16K tonight I get dealt AA and play it different to norm. I am already 4th and this is to go to 11K with next biggest stack at less than 5K !!!

Seat 1: suddes ( 4,290 )Seat 2: CAPTAIN 01 ( 5,075 )Seat 3: Tonnor ( 1,936 )Seat 4: Cabhan ( 2,185 )Seat 5: FishCatcher ( 2,469 )Seat 6: Westunited ( 2,415 )Seat 7: gazza.p ( 2,225 )Seat 9: pippo45 ( 1,905 )Tourney Level:2 Blinds(15/30-(no ante))gazza.p posts small blind [15]pippo45 posts big blind [30]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ As, Ah ]suddes calls [30]CAPTAIN 01 raises to [135]Tonnor foldsCabhan foldsFishCatcher foldsWestunited foldsgazza.p foldspippo45 calls [105]suddes raises to [520]CAPTAIN 01 calls [385]pippo45 calls [385]** Dealing Flop ** [ 7d, 5c, Qs ]pippo45 bets [30]suddes raises to [1,400]CAPTAIN 01 raises to [2,770]pippo45 calls [1,355]pippo45 goes all-insuddes goes all-insuddes raises to [3,770]CAPTAIN 01 calls [1,000]** Showdown ** suddes shows [ As, Ah ]CAPTAIN 01 shows [ Kd, Ks ]pippo45 shows [ 7s, 7c ]** Dealing Turn ** [ Kc ]** Dealing River ** [ 8h ]** Hand Conclusion **CAPTAIN 01 wins 4,770 from side pot #1 with three of a kind, KingsCAPTAIN 01 wins 5,730 from main pot with three of a kind, Kings************ Game 437404810 ends ************


Amatay said...

Bastard. Nice result m8!

TEAMDOBB said...

said it all at NPF matey for ya - n1