Sunday, August 31, 2008




Every decent bet I had on a horse won in the month.


Poker tilt in the casino again :( & poor start to footy season.

Friday, August 29, 2008


When to Aspers tonight to get some live tourney experience for a 50 deepstack freezeout with 50 odd runners.

Quickly halved my stack running KK into AA (go away from it) AQ v QT on QT4 flop and numerous other top pair v 2 pair concoctions !!.

anyway i play 3.8k folded to SB who makes up to 400 which I have in as my BB - I jam for 3.5k more to pick up the 800 in the middle. He then calls with King Jack (I had 9 10) - so he has either trapped with King high !!! or decided to call off 1/2 his stack when thinks hes behind - I do not get it.

Anyway worked out well - I put my name down for cash - 2 games 5 5 and 1 2 and 1 2 opened 1st so i just joined that one and bought in for 100. Early on I was all in on a flush draw v a made straight and hit - had I lost this hand then I think I would have gone. 7 hrs later all at 1 2 I just cashed out for over £700 and basically never had my chips in worse than 70 30 my way. I can honestly say I did not misplay 1 hand all night and I think that's probably the 1st time i can actually say that. I have won much more online in 1 session at higher buy ins but tonight was definitely my best ever cash performance.

Anyway 630 am - ain't even tryed bed yet and I got to meet my team for pub lunch at 1145am - could be a long day !!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sorry dont know how to post a vid in blog so here is link !!! PMSL

Monday, August 25, 2008


Ok - time to cheer myself up after weekend disaster.
I noticed its 1 month till WSOPE and need to start thinking about accomodation etc. Tempted to book for 4 or 5 days even though most likely i go out day 1 as there will be other games and the VIC has the EPT side events at the same time.
Still feel these games are a bit out of my league but also feel i am getting better with each live event i play. This will also be the 1st time I represent Betfair at an event and I am proud to do that as I do consider it my poker spiritual home !! despite its issues.
Anyway hope people are doing better at the tables than me at the moment - shot above of the WSOPE massage girls for you !!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Just logged a - £3 - £3.5k weekend across sports and poker.

I think this is probably the most I ever lost across a weekend and certainly aint good. I played sha at poker and had 2 very large sports bets that both lost.

On plus side got £1650 expenses for WSOPE from Betfair so limits it a little. Off next week but head is up my backside now - need to make sure I don't do anything daft.

Still just in the black for poker / sports for month but weekend destroyed what i was in front for month.

Might just play some low buy in zillion player multis on *s and get discipline back - also giving up on cash experiment as I am shat.


My mate came round put Hold Em manager on my pc which in summarry shows i made 8k$ cash on Betfair poker from my hand history I had on my pc but basically if I look at EV i should have just above break even so i guess this means i have ran well.

However, no sooner do I have it downloaded then its like evidence my pc now has that i have ran well and I have been basically shafted every session i played since for about 2k$.

Today 2 hands in particular that made me rage.

Total donk raises i call ace 4 flop a t 3 - i bet he raises i am confident from bet size reads on him he does not have ace so jam. He calls 300$ plus with KQ and hits J.

then AA v KK lost.

Then same donk as above similar play with 3 outs.

Then to add insult o injury cant get the stupid program to work either !!! So all its done is tell my pc i am a luck **** and to shaft me for a while !!!


Thursday, August 21, 2008


One of the best cash players around (Smart Money) was back on the Betfair forum. Good to se him back as has not been around for a while.

I particulalry likes the below story :)

So, I got thrown out of Caesar's Palace last night.....I arrived yesterday 2pm, checked into Bellagio, and then went straight to CP for some $2/5. Then took a look at the WSOP ME at the Rio before playing some cash there.After meeting up with my ex-girlfriend, I ate with her and her friends at Noodles (Bellagio) before going to Tryst (Wynn.) When I left the club at 3am I went and played some more at Caesars.Some time later a girl, who is a dealer at one of the other poker rooms, joins the table to my right. As it's a pretty good table with most people drinking and having a laugh, I tell her that we have a rule at the table that anyone who wins a pot has to get their tits out. The guy to my left wins the next pot, lifts up his shirt and shows his nipples as a joke. For the next half hour or so most of the good natured banter is centered around this girls' breasts.Anyway, I say to the girl "I bet you $5 I can make your boobs move without touching them." She's a little skeptical but takes me up on the bet. The dealer pauses the game and the rest of the table are all watching. So I hold my hands out a few inches away from her breasts for a second or two before putting them on her boobs and moving them all around. I then sigh and say "You win" and toss her a $5 chip.Everyone at the table was ******* themselves and I figured she'd fun it a bit of harmless fun too. However, she just sat there stunned and shocked. Eventually the floor person gets called (for a ruling on feeling breasts at the poker table!!?) and I get told to leave! F*ck it. it was 8:30am anyway.I don't think I'll be going there again tonight. May try The Mirage.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Was going well in 20k gtd and then lost 3 big hands in a row ehn i was fav on them all at least 60 40 out.

Then go to bed cant sleep - deposit £500 play NL with a target of £1000 - get to £970 and then lose 2 big pots and leave with 0 - £700 on the night and back to break even for month.

On plus side 7 working days off from midweek next week so cant wait.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Deep down I know I am a cash fish lol.

-1500$ last 2 days so withdrew the other 2500$ before i blew that.

Couple of decent multis on the agenda for Sunday espespially the last chance 320$ sat to Maccau the week after.

I am off to Berlin with work next week but then 7 working days off which I cannot wait for as had 2 days off in 10 months and knacked. Top end at York races next Thursday on the champers should mean i start my days off with a Friday with a bad head :)

Well done to Brennan on recent good results - going well

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Multis out cash in

As readers know I had a lot of success in multis last month. However, for some reason at the minute i justfeel knacked all the time and hence not the correct mindset for multis (if your not in the zone you wont win).

Hence I tryed to put my learning's from talking to "The Mole" in practice and give cash games a bash. His 2 main tips to me were :-

1) Play the player not the cards
2) Make sure you tell the story.

I won't go into infinite amounts of detail but he is basically saying pick the player who can fold top pair top kicker and pretend you have trips or pick the player you know cont bets flop but always checks turn if missed etc.

Anyway, net result is I have picked up more pots than ever - however I am sure this is because I am on a new site (Blue Square) and hence people have no stats on me on them god damn should be banned poker tracking software.

Anyway 3 winning nights of 4 fig $ per night so far to get me out the small minus hole for the month - so lesson seems good thus far - long may it continue.

Also just qualified cheap for the £250K gtd on BS on Sunday - hopefully can do same on Betfair 55k.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Journey to get there was awful include 2 low lights.

1) I booked the wrong day for my flight to Stanstead !!
2) I then got a National Express bus from Stanstead to Luton where the driver got lost !!!!


Started day 1 with a decent looking table draw with Rob Sherwood the only name I recognised. Have read his blog for years so was good to meet him - sound bloke who i had a few beers with after poker on Friday. Anyway table was awfully tight and i was bored so started opening raising every couple of hands that picked me up a few chips early. Sherwood then cottoned on to this and started to reraise me bored !!!. Anyway to cut longish story short i started day 1 with 10k and was happy to finish day 1 with just under 40k about 5k above average. I was all in at one point when QQ held versus AK and then late in day I raised / passed when Mike Ellis reraised , however when he did the same few hands later - I shoved with KK and he called TT and I had 50k. I spunked off 10k but went to bed happy.


New table draw (unfortunately) and I was moved to a new table with a few Internet names. Things started bad when a short stack pushed for 10K and I called with KK but it lost to Ace Ten on Ace high flop. I then basically had small ball poker without been in any big pots and stayed around the 30k mark - one bit of luck in a 20k pot when i got a chop AQ v AK but was bit gutted in end as 1st card out was Q followed by J and T and then K on turn !!

Got moved again and was in trouble half average stack - 50 odd left and 32 paid. Tryed a couple of moves that did not work and I now was down to 20k with little riggle room. However, I then picked up AA and Micky Wennick raised to 6K ( I had seen him fold KK pre in Newcastle). However, I thought anything bar a shove would scream AA so I shoved and he passed which was dissapointing.

I was then moved to another table with around 46 players left but i was in bottom 3 with around 20K. I was geting dealt not much and twice was all in too survive.

Hand 1 - I had 78 diamonds on button - i raised to 4k and both blinds call so about 16k in pot. I was happy with a flop of 459 - not cause I had any of it but because I assume they missed also. Checked to me and i shove all in and they fold.

Hand 2 - Few rounds later possy 1 limps for 2.4k and small blind calls. I am on big blind with 56 sooted and 20k behind. On the internet I push here - only risk is possy 1 has a monster - anyway I shove and he passes.

I then try a few raises and have to pass to reraises and am playing 20k. On the button I pick up JT sooted and i do not want to give them a chance to rejam so i push for 20k. into 5k pot. Small blind folds but big blind who was a huge stack starts giving it the speech play. He kept saying you got an ace under their son - so i knew he had mid ace. My assumption was that he would pass so i said nothing - In hindsight I wish i had said something like your other card need sto be higher than ten to be racing or something. Anyway after an age he makes a hero call with ace 8 offsuit. Flop of A82 and my jacket is on, turn of 9 freezes me (8910J) but no joy on river and out 45th ish 13 or so from the cash.

I also met "The Mole" (Stephen Boyd) when I was their. He had a fantastic personality and really enjoyed the 30 mins of crack I had with him. He was also on our table for half an hour and for enterainment value everyone excet Rob Sherwood (who held 88) were dissapointed to see him go (99). For the likes of Brennan who swear by the poker software etc - this lad has never read a poker book, never ever uses poker software and has just learned what the cut off means this week !!! - or and i did not mention, he also won 1.5 million $ at on line cash !!!! He is featured in this months inside poker if anyone is interested.

On the celeb spotting front - Teddy Sheringham (watching) and Wayne Mardle( playing) were there. Mardle has made the final table so good luck. I seen Rob Sherwood is out also so Mardle can have my hopes for the win.

Anyway getting closer - another good experience (bar the travel).

Wednesday, August 06, 2008



***** Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 395418952 *****NL $10/$20 Texas Hold'em - Wednesday, August 06, 00:13:02 GMT 2008Table Scorpio 02 6-max (Real Money)Seat 2 is the buttonTotal number of active players : 5Seat 1: Tight187 ( $2,006 )Seat 2: suddes ( $830.88 )Seat 3: DreamMore ( $2,545.25 )Seat 4: captain1 ( $2,312.75 )Seat 5: theKEYMAKER ( $4,381.56 )DreamMore posts small blind [$10]captain1 posts big blind [$20]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ 8h, 7h ]theKEYMAKER raises to [$70]Tight187 foldssuddes calls [$70]DreamMore foldscaptain1 folds** Dealing Flop ** [ Td, 9d, Ks ]theKEYMAKER bets [$140]suddes raises to [$400]theKEYMAKER goes all-intheKEYMAKER raises to [$4,311.56]suddes calls [$360.88]suddes goes all-inReturning uncalled bet [$3,550.68] to theKEYMAKER** Showdown ** suddes shows [ 8h, 7h ]theKEYMAKER shows [ 6d, 7d ]** Dealing Turn ** [ 9c ]** Dealing River ** [ 3c ]

** Hand Conclusion **suddes wins $1,688.76 from main pot with a pair of Nines 8 high kicker plays

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


WSOP Europe 2008 Venues

The 2008 World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) today announced that it will be hosting its event under one roof in the magnificent surroundings of the Casino at the Empire in Leicester Square London. The event which starts on the 19th September will feature four bracelet events, and begins with a new three day long £1,500 No-Limit event. Non-stop cash games and other casino games will be available at the casino and other LCI London locations. - September 19th , 2008 - Event #1 - £1,500 – No-Limit Hold’em Day 1A (3-day event)- September 22nd , 2008 - Event #2 - £2,500 – H.O.R.S.E. (3-day event)- September 24th , 2008 - Event #3 - £5,000 – Pot Limit Omaha (2-day event)- September 27th , 2008 - Event #4 - £10,000 – World Championship No-Limit Hold’em (6-day event)

I have done 1000$ tonight on Laddies cash 300$ in a tourny and £500 on the Greyhounds - DOH !!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

If Carlsberg made error messages

They would all be like the below :)

Your request to withdraw £508 has been rejected as you have reached the £2000 withdrawal daily limit.

not bad for a £98 spin up on Laddies cash :D

I am playing the 55k on Betfair and 100K rebuy on Laddies tonight. - Out both played pants

Saturday, August 02, 2008


I did over £1000 at 10 20 NL last night - back to 2.5 5 if i play again this month and very bad start to month.

On the other end of the scale Betfair announced an awesome promotion of $100,000 if anyone won the 16k and the 5k or 6k on the same night. This was won on the very first night by a player called red mist. Well played sir.


Woo Hoo

Blog Of The MonthSoap - Fellow geordie, top bloke and at the moment very much on form. Great read and an insight to the higher stakes games. Expect more online success in the future.

From UKGatsby blog - link yo your right - over 100000 hits - extremely popular.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Pretty sick last hand of the month

Heads up in 5k gtd.

about 10 hands ago I have been all in KK versus this opponant with AK for win and he flops ace.

Well played mate !!


6 Pak-365
Bonus / Rake300
Heads Up-520
No Limit445
Fixed Limit-585


1) One of my best ever months

2) Multi form has been awesome - key highlights.

Won Betfair 2k gtd
Won Betfiar 16k gtd
Won Betfair 20k gtd
2nd Betfair 55k gtd
2nd Duffs Home game

3) Qualified for another GUKPT event.


1) Losing the 2 80 20s for the 9k Maccau seat

2) The cash hand in my last post - a but sick !!


Dont think it was posible to get away but see what you think.

I was trying a spin up at 10/20 NL and bought in for 500 and was up to 1500$.

I am dealt 44 in BB and a raised to 60 with 2 callers ahead I call.

Flop 894 2 diamonds I check - someone best 200 and someone raises to 600.

I jam and both call.

I was versus 89 :) but also 88 :(

pot was 4600$ - would have capped a very fine month !!!

Anyway had AA busted in 2 of the 3 tourneys i played tonight but cash in when i was behind. In the other cheap one (5k gtd) i was down to 326 chips after 30 mins from 5000 starting stack. I now have 90k and chip leader with 9 left on fin table - however only top 2 decent cash.

I cant walk either at moment - problem in my foot is back which is depressing.