Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Multis out cash in

As readers know I had a lot of success in multis last month. However, for some reason at the minute i justfeel knacked all the time and hence not the correct mindset for multis (if your not in the zone you wont win).

Hence I tryed to put my learning's from talking to "The Mole" in practice and give cash games a bash. His 2 main tips to me were :-

1) Play the player not the cards
2) Make sure you tell the story.

I won't go into infinite amounts of detail but he is basically saying pick the player who can fold top pair top kicker and pretend you have trips or pick the player you know cont bets flop but always checks turn if missed etc.

Anyway, net result is I have picked up more pots than ever - however I am sure this is because I am on a new site (Blue Square) and hence people have no stats on me on them god damn should be banned poker tracking software.

Anyway 3 winning nights of 4 fig $ per night so far to get me out the small minus hole for the month - so lesson seems good thus far - long may it continue.

Also just qualified cheap for the £250K gtd on BS on Sunday - hopefully can do same on Betfair 55k.


Brenos said...

Good work mate. Cash is definitely the way forward but you knew I was going to say that. Fully agree with the advice. 1) is over used by the donks but certainly true if applied correctly and intelligently as I'm sure you will. 2) is simply yet superbly put. Never heard this before but it's brilliant advice. Good luck at the tables mate :-)

Poker play the Soap way said...

spoke to soon - 4 figs NL tonight

fortunately + 4 figs FL so level overall