Friday, August 01, 2008


Dont think it was posible to get away but see what you think.

I was trying a spin up at 10/20 NL and bought in for 500 and was up to 1500$.

I am dealt 44 in BB and a raised to 60 with 2 callers ahead I call.

Flop 894 2 diamonds I check - someone best 200 and someone raises to 600.

I jam and both call.

I was versus 89 :) but also 88 :(

pot was 4600$ - would have capped a very fine month !!!

Anyway had AA busted in 2 of the 3 tourneys i played tonight but cash in when i was behind. In the other cheap one (5k gtd) i was down to 326 chips after 30 mins from 5000 starting stack. I now have 90k and chip leader with 9 left on fin table - however only top 2 decent cash.

I cant walk either at moment - problem in my foot is back which is depressing.

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