Sunday, August 24, 2008


My mate came round put Hold Em manager on my pc which in summarry shows i made 8k$ cash on Betfair poker from my hand history I had on my pc but basically if I look at EV i should have just above break even so i guess this means i have ran well.

However, no sooner do I have it downloaded then its like evidence my pc now has that i have ran well and I have been basically shafted every session i played since for about 2k$.

Today 2 hands in particular that made me rage.

Total donk raises i call ace 4 flop a t 3 - i bet he raises i am confident from bet size reads on him he does not have ace so jam. He calls 300$ plus with KQ and hits J.

then AA v KK lost.

Then same donk as above similar play with 3 outs.

Then to add insult o injury cant get the stupid program to work either !!! So all its done is tell my pc i am a luck **** and to shaft me for a while !!!


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