Monday, October 22, 2012

Three near misses

1) Toon - totally robbed yesterday - Sunderland 2 shots on target v 10 men then get jammy as out. Take That are still the best performance the loyal faithful has seen at the stadium of light.

2) Golf - have thought Toms has played well this year and think he has another tourney in him. First non bombers course for ages so had £30 at 85-1. Too cut long story short he shoots -7 for final round to finish 2nd, one shot behind someone who shoots -10 in last round :(

3) Poker - was 6th of 22 left of over 400 starters. Get it I with AA for big chip lead versus TT on k83 rainbow flop and river is a 10.

Sunday, October 07, 2012


plo   -1000
Multi   -1350
Total   -2350


Looked an awesome month at one stage until my usual Ryder Cup mare and a financial spread bet that went tits up. Anyway at least it covers my leak "poker"!!

Financials -500
F1 675
NFL 2300
Golf -1350
Horses -400
Football 1100
Snooker -200
Tennis 375
Darts 250