Monday, August 30, 2010


Football 1285
Other 175
Horses -525
Golf -20
F1 -165

Proft - what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FL 0
Multi -100
NL 900
PLO -3000

Very few hands and was in a -2.5K hole before this weekend. However played NLHE only and got loss to -750 but just had a tilt session and blew it :(. That was firstformal tilt session for a long while.


1) First and foremost my little girl seems OK now and hopefully was a 1 off event, seems in rude health now and tests have not found anything significant.

2) Spam button on blogs - much much needed to get rid of some of the quarter wits.

3) Online subscription to Sunday Times - hard to go and get a paper these days and basically get Times free everyday if pay price for Sunday Times - I think this was totally free till recently, however still huge value for money, especially if complemented by checking out NOTW for the latest exploits of Brook etc :)

4) Well done Brenos on winning RTR seat.

5) Newcastle United 6 Villa 0 and an awesome Carroll hat trick.

6) C4 Friday nights is awesome - I like a few of the comedies that have been slated by the press.

and a few not so good but no worries !!!

1) When i get a few hands of poker I log on and blow a buy in asap !!!! (PLO awful still winning NLHE but net decent size losing month).

2) Have to go on business travel next week.

3) In the only multi I have played in last 6 weeks I busted just before cash with QQ v 1010 for a double av stack.

4) My horse(s) I have small shares in are running terrible at the moment - Fol Hollow, Teela especially.

5) Bens blog - change the record mate ;) :D

Monday, August 16, 2010


Wont be posting in near future.

My little girl was rushed to hospital via 999 call on Fri night and have been in hospital all weekend but fortunately home now and fingers cross all will be well. Don't want to go in details but an extremely harrowing experience for the 3 of us.

Purpose of post is just to say I wont be posting for a good while, rather than people wondering whats going on.

Also :-

A) Hardly playing
B) Given whats happened in last 6 weeks - things like winging about been below EV , 3 outers hitting etc are all completelely and totally pointless and irrelevant.
C) Some of the spammer posts that a couple of the spammers put on my post about Zoe made me physically sick. If they would put that kind of stuff to try and get a hit on their profile then they have very sad pathetic lives. To borrow a Highstack phase they are a set of ****S

Hopefully back at later point with better news etc. In meantime hope all gos well for everyone.


Sunday, August 01, 2010


Almost a winning month, was in front all month till last few days.

Football 700
Other 735
Horses -700
Financials -800
Golf 500
Darts -225
F1 -400
Athletics -225
TOTAL -415