Thursday, April 30, 2009


FFS taking pc on holiday was a bad move. Playing PLo on balcony having a beer does not mix well and just get all in all the time. Just had another awful session losing the 2 pots I was big fav in - one versus a hand you cannot possibly believe he was still in pot but of course go there.

I have done over £2K poker and £1K sports on "holiday" which really makes you wish you left pc behind. I only took it so could rake enough to cover GUKPT entry - LOL.

Anyway I do have a possible rescue mission that I will Bok by putting it up here. I have a very large chunk on Murphy to win the snooker at 9-1. I am going to let it ride but if he gets to final I may revisit it.

Nice and hot here today and the strong winds have dies down, at one point I was thinking this is the life, however if I did 3K a week it would not last long.

However, all in all I will be in front for the month and midway through the month Iwould have snapped your hand off with that. I do need to ensure I play NLHE rather than PLO more as I know I am much better at the former, even though much prefer the latter.

A few people have asked me tips on multis, I aint done out this year so not sure I am positioned to write anything but will think up my top 5 tips on the beech today and post something next time I am on.

Bah just bust my last Laddies balance so no more player on final day of rakerace as I aint depositing.

GL chaps and chappesses

PS Fol Hollow runs in a very good race tomorrow at Muss - upped in class I would be delighted if placed although has won course and distance before at much lower grade.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


FFS bit gutted Mon night and with below bet.

Mr Owen "just give me a chance and I will score" misses and absolute shoe in that I would bury - costs me 2 and a bit K and Newcastle premiership survival. Obviously not solely responsible but for £5 mill a year you have to do better than that sunshine.

Selection Selection Details Result


Manchester Utd vs Arsenal
Match betting
2009-04-29 19:45:00
Manchester Utd @ 10/11


Newcastle vs Portsmouth
Match betting
2009-04-27 20:00:00
Newcastle @ evens

Channel Internet

Bet Placed At 26/04/2009

Bet Type Double

Stake Per Line £600.00

Monday, April 27, 2009


About 5 good ones in a row.

Took pc with me on holiday to get a few hrs play each day before going out on a nighttime. Mainly because I am on for about $1500 in the rake thing and wanted to protect my position on the leaderboard. I plan to use this cash to buy into Newcastle GUKPY next month which is £1075 and hence seems to about equal what I would be due.

However, I did 3 buy ins in a 10 minutes session tonight at 600 PLO. Each time I got them in when I was 50 50 at worst but a couple of times when I guess i was 60 40 ish. Anyway I lost the lost which was 1500 loss in the session across 3 tables which is what I did not need.

Also had a big bet out of the horse winnings on Sat on the snooker and that lost today also - hence today I have not done well at all.

Lets hope Newcastle dont complete a realy bad day as if dont win tonight they are definately down.

Well done Ben on 3rd last night.

GL all

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I fancied a couple of horses on the flat very strong at Sandown today and all of my big bets were landed although one was a short head my way :)

Some proper spends for jollies now.

0000673 Single (To win) 1 £500.00 15:45 Race winner Paco Boy 15/8 £1,437.50
0000672 Single (To win) 1 £756.56 16:15 Race winnerTartan Bearer 5/4 £1,702.26
0000670 Single (To win) 1 £25.00 14:55 Race winner Strathmore 7/1 £0.00
0000669 Single (To win) 1 £125.00 15:10 Race winner Oodachee 8/1 £0.00
0000668 Single (To win) 1 £289.14 14:35 Race winner Twist Magic 3/1 £1,156.56

Friday, April 24, 2009


Best poker session for a long time tonight.

I 4 tabled cash with 2 tables 3 6 and 2 tables 5 10 where i bought in for 50BB rather than 100. I had aces so many times that got action and held and almost every pot I got my money in when in front and held the majority of the time. I had £2K in play and just left with over £6K and the session lasted just over 90 minutes. I dont usually play 4 tables and do have to admit to some fatique even after 90 mins.

Anyway that puts a few quid in my pocket to take to Marbella on Sunday and the Mrs can cancal the cart and horse order .........

Hopefully, onwards and upwards although will 2 table PLO later so may put a dent back in it !!! EDIT Peaked at 1500 up across 2 tables of 2 4 and 3 6 but then lost a big pot in race and left £800 and odd up at PLO - still up so may use it to buy in later once I have had a beer.


For 1st time since 3rd of the month I just got out a big hole for April when won at cash for the 5th night in last 6 to put my nose a few peanuts in front for the month. I have had some months when have made loads but to be honest this means a lot to me personally to get out the hole.

I have played more disciplined, put the hours in and respected the game again to get out the hole. On top of that obviously I have ran better also and have been profitable at both NLHE and PLO over the last few days and really switiching between them to avoid any boredam or complacency.

Have booked a week in Spain from Sunday so 90% certain not to be playing poker from Sat till end of month. This weeks golf choices are Justin Rose and Kerry Pery - for them it will be get in the hole !!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Recovery had been going well until tonight. I have just been playing cash almost every night and had won 4 days in a row until tonight.

I basically had recovered from 4.5k down on month to get to almost break even but for some reason played some high stakes fixed limit tonight (25 50) and did a grand in double quick time which halted the recovery.

Shame it was FL as one hand i had 33 on a 3322Q board v QQ !!!!!

Have booked to go to Spain for a week at the weekend so target is to try and get to break even before I go - that would give me huge satisfaction as my head was up my backside and felt pretty low.

Hopefully a bit of PMA, a bit of running good and finding multi mojo again to come in next month or so. Will also play my 2nd live game of the year when GUPT comes to Newcastle and will probably will try and play a few events in the week - porbably £1500 -£2000 buy in and might try and sell 30% or so on here nearer time if anyone interested.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Couple of write ups on the Middleham Park Racing website.

Fol serves up a potent 59 second dish of speed

Having won in comfortable fashion at Beverley on Wednesday under Adele Mulrennen, Fol Hollow was sent chasing a few thousand euros this afternoon. Under a very positive Adrian Nicholls ride, the race again went perfectly to plan. Given a lead by the listed performer Osterhase, Fol took over at halfway and continued to power along. Challenged strongly in the final furlong by the Jim Bolger trained second favourite, Fol fought on tenaciously, staying on well to get his head back in front near the line, winning going away. We do not know where we will go next but he is surely one to folhollow for the foreseeable future until he is beaten. He could still have a bit in hand of the handicapper given that his time of 59 secs was a little faster than the winner of the listed race run earlier in the card

•Fabulous Fol scores first time up

Fol Hollow put his rivals to the sword in the feature race at Beverley on Wednesday. He was coming into form at the back end of last season and he carried that form through to his seasonal debut with a pillar to post victory. He was the 3rd of our horses with Dandy to score first time up this term and continues our cracking start to the year. He'll take the trip over to Ireland on Saturday to try and follow up under a penalty.


How good are fruit pastels ice lollies - they are the absolute nuts.

I have just discovered them and Callipo will be scrubbed from shopping list in future for these classic bad boys.

That will be all.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Got through the 60 dollar to the 550 final tonight with 2 seats gtd.

50 runners and i was top 10 all the way - slipped back to around 7th with 13 or 14 left and then lost 2 races in a row ( 50 50 and 60 40 my way) to go out 10th.

Decent entertainment for 60$ but bit gutted not to getting the sweat of the final table - multis still going shite along with everything else poker wise. However currently 17th of 34 of 170 in 20K on Betfair so maybe I can run good and get some cash - PMA today !!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


He want over to Ireland today and just won the 455 at Naas - 2 wins in a week - Good Times :D

1st €9,674.00 - Prize money so much better in Ireland - of course i get v small % of that.

Naas 16:50 - Result
Go Racing In Kildare Handicap (60-95)
€15400 added, 3yo plus, 5f, €10641 penalty, 16 ran
Going: Yielding, Yielding to Soft in places
Winning Time: 59m 56.4s 14:15
Pos. Dr. Dist. Horse Wt Jockey Trainer Age SP
1 3 Fol Hollow (IRE) (ex5) 9-9 A Nicholls D Nicholls 4 9/4 f
always prominent, 2nd for much, stayed on well under pressure inside final furlong to lead near line opened 5/2 touched 11/4
2 4 hd Sioduil (IRE) 8-11 M Harley (5) J S Bolger 3 4/1
chased leaders, closed into 3rd under 2f out, ridden to lead under 1f out, stayed on well, headed near line touched 7/2
3 1 1¼ Osterhase (IRE) 9-12 b F M Berry J E Mulhern 10 20/1
led, strongly pressed and headed under 1f out, soon no impression in 3rd opened 16/1

Thursday, April 16, 2009


About the only thing that I aint been shafted on lately is golf.

Backed an outsider that has started well.

Trevor Immelman 85 £15.00 £1,260.00


Nobody has ever ran as bad as me for so long.

Move from NLHE to PLO tonight to see if any different and run 500 up to 1200 at 2 4.

I then lose 1000 pot AAxx v KKxx with most in pre and then flop nut flush v trips that make FH.

Then 1800EUR pot with 1500 in on turn when board is QJ56 with me JJ and him AAKK and river 10.

- another £500 tonight and thats a 10K bad swing and i dont use tracker tools but you can be sure I am running at more than 10k under EV over the last month or so.

Its so totally fkin sick - of course i play multi on side KK no match for an AJ that shouldnt be in pot flop AAx - thank you and another good night.

to top the lot I have £100 on Wade to beat Taylor at 11-2 - he was 7 3 up and needed 1 more leg. Now 7 6 anyone want to be what happens in last leg ........


of course misses 2 shots at double for match hence chance to get break even gos.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

YESSSS * 2 (of course non poker) !!!

1) Get in Angel on golf bet - I bottled though and laid a load of profit off in play off.

2) One of the horses I have a share in landed the spoils today - chuffed to bits under the tender assistace of Adele who is well worth the 7lbs she claims - YIPPEEEKYYYAAAAAA

15:10 5f Class 3 Spring Into Racing at Beverley Handicap (4yo plus) - Win Market

Results: 1st Fol Hollow 6/1
2nd Aegean Dancer 11/1
3rd Everymanforhimself 5/1 F
4th Bo McGinty 7/1

3:10 Spring Into Racing At Beverley Handicap
(Class 3) (0-95, 4yo+) 5f Good To Firm
£7,641.68, £2,273.86, £1,136.34, £567.58
RESULT RATE RACE Hide all comments in running Show all pedigrees

« 1 15 Fol Hollow (IRE) 6/1 4 8-3 D Nicholls 87 —

Sunday, April 12, 2009


1 of the lead - come on

Group B / US Masters / Winner
Angel Cabrera Back 7641347370 05-Apr-09
19:39 220 16.00 220 05-Apr-09 19:

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not posting for a while

Just read below - while I am having awful luck it is just depresiing and not very interesting - will post again when something non bad beat related happens.

and just before i could log off......

***** Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 508012544 *****
NL $2.50/$5 Texas Hold'em - Saturday, April 11, 20:17:40 GMT 2009
Table Nitrogen 04 6-max (Real Money)
Seat 2 is the button
Total number of active players : 6
Seat 1: brood ( $497.50 )
Seat 2: maraboi ( $242.55 )
Seat 3: GreatGreek ( $529.38 )
Seat 4: suddes ( $558.83 )
Seat 5: Bonkrs ( $562.35 )
Seat 6: UBERUSER01 ( $566.27 )
GreatGreek posts small blind [$2.50]
suddes posts big blind [$5]
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to suddes [ 9c, Tc ]
Bonkrs raises to [$17.50]
UBERUSER01 folds
brood folds
maraboi calls [$17.50]
GreatGreek folds
suddes calls [$12.50]
** Dealing Flop ** [ 4c, Ac, 9d ]
suddes checks
Bonkrs bets [$41.25]
maraboi folds
suddes calls [$41.25]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 3c ]
suddes checks
Bonkrs bets [$103.12]
suddes goes all-in
suddes raises to [$500.08]
Bonkrs calls [$396.96]
** Showdown **
suddes shows [ 9c, Tc ]
Bonkrs shows [ 4h, Ah ]
** Dealing River ** [ Ad ]
** Hand Conclusion **
Bonkrs wins $1,134.66 from main pot with full house, Aces full of Fours

That comepletes an 8k downswing from middle of last month - makes no odds when i get it in - if it is possible there is an out I am screwed.


Still same sh1t different day

today 2 biggest pots of day both times I am all in with top set v flush draw - once on flop, once in even better shape as wait till turn to get it in.

3rd biggest pot of day I have 33 on QT3 all di board and get it in v AQ spades - woohoo cant lose this one - turn and riv di for split pot.

Losing rag all the time also which is worse.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Lost at cash again tonight ( 4 figs) - run sick but biggest pot of night i am drawing thin with top 2 v made str8.

Alos played a few expensive multis on stars and got shafted numerous tims in both.

Have now got 0 cash in all poker accounts and dont feel like any deposit is value add at the minute.

If i do not do anything at weekend then no doubt I will play but at this exact moment of time - if I see a hand of poker within a month it would be too soon.

Not sure what has gone wrong but I am currently shit.

Monday, April 06, 2009



3 biggest casg pots tonight in order below, I am listed 1st.

AK v KQ on K flop
JJ v 66 pre and on 458 flop
88 v AJ

Grand total of 1700$ pots above - total shipped my way 0.


Sunday, April 05, 2009


LOL bring back 2008

played the 80K Betfair the warm up on Stars and the 100 rebuy - didnt make 90 mins in any and minus $1K.

Lost the mojo

Saturday, April 04, 2009


FFS how many times do I have to tell myself not o play when cannot be rsed.

Has a mare week at work where I have probably done in the region of 100 hrs from Fri to Fri.

Eventually get on poker today after 13 hrs work - with cant be rsed attitude and quickly lose £800.

I also backed a horse today £50 at 50s in running to win £2.5K and it traded odds on but got beat :(

Really got no desire at all for poker at the moment and not sure why. Probably because burnt out i guess. Going to book a week in Spain at end of month I think to get away from it all.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Wow what a roller coaster - had a massive recovery this month and eventually sold Barclays at 20% profit after losing a fortune at one stage.

Overall I am still a small loser over the last 6 months on shares but my portfolio had massively out performed the market. However Barclays was > 40% of my total shares so now have much less cash invested in them.

I still think the stock market is a good place to put your cash at the moment as banks paying nothing and may look around at weekend for a new stock.


FL 1350
Multi -2730
NL 3500
STT -775
PLO -220
Bonus / Rake 95

Very average month - good news is staking went extremely well this month however I dont have final figs so will add to next months figures but I think somewhere in region of £4K profit which is awesome and makes up for my months deficiencies !!!!