Thursday, April 16, 2009


Nobody has ever ran as bad as me for so long.

Move from NLHE to PLO tonight to see if any different and run 500 up to 1200 at 2 4.

I then lose 1000 pot AAxx v KKxx with most in pre and then flop nut flush v trips that make FH.

Then 1800EUR pot with 1500 in on turn when board is QJ56 with me JJ and him AAKK and river 10.

- another £500 tonight and thats a 10K bad swing and i dont use tracker tools but you can be sure I am running at more than 10k under EV over the last month or so.

Its so totally fkin sick - of course i play multi on side KK no match for an AJ that shouldnt be in pot flop AAx - thank you and another good night.

to top the lot I have £100 on Wade to beat Taylor at 11-2 - he was 7 3 up and needed 1 more leg. Now 7 6 anyone want to be what happens in last leg ........


of course misses 2 shots at double for match hence chance to get break even gos.


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