Saturday, February 28, 2009


Another disaster - enough said :( :( :(

Snooker -150
Darts -200
Footy -1070
Golf -550
Horses -444
Cricket -150
Greyhounds 300
PROFIT -2264


Off out tomorrow so can post it now. Basiaclly gave up multis after EPT and have had a 2 week spell when i have taught myself that I really can make cash play and am a decent player. I also know I have run immense in the last 2 weeks especially in flips for big pots and also had some perfect scenarios like quads v full houses etc.

Rake 215
FL -5
MTT 2335
NL 8675
PLO -1050
STT -125


1) As above my cash game has definately improved and much more able to put down hands. Also can 4 table on *s pretty comfortably now.

2) Won the EPT freeroll and sold 27.5% of myself in it.

3) Have not been able to put many hrs in due to work and getting home after multis start but that has been a blessing in disguise.


1) Lost yet again on PLO although ran horrible and lost a load of pots I was big fav in.

2) The whole EPT trip and then going out at level 1 and stuck in a place that did not have much going for it in my opinion.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Nope not Horses thats still cack !!!

played cash for few hrs tonight and basically got in 4 pots for by ins and won 3 which after last month I was delighted about. Hardly playing any multis while doing my 3 6 cash experiment and not missing it too much. Especially when working long hours and not having the desire to play for 5 hrs or so when get home. 4 tabling cash pretty comfortable now and feel could do more but pc screen would be small and my eyes are shite anyway so will be 4 + tv !!!

Will keep playing cash when playing decent and know my game is improving as started to put down a lot more top pair top kicker hands when i used to stack off about 8 times in 10 v trips. I also now buy in for max each time which I never used to.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Nor much to report as was tired today after yesterdays session on the booze.

Hence got back from match and just played a freeroll and the 100rebuy on *s.

Came nowhere in freeroll and was in for around 300$ in rebuy. Near the bubble I was lowish and shut down to ensure a cash for 750$ (450 profit).

I then jammed over a button raise with A2 but A 10 behind me rejammed and i did not suck out.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Expanded from 3 tabling cash to 4 tabling and still was able to watch most of Ramsey.

Won on 3 tables out of 4 at 3 6 and loss on other was not big either. Also got a suckout in a 1200$ pot which is 1st big $ suckout I have had since my multi win in Dec.

However, I find I can sit and play a multi for hrs on end but after 90 mins was knackered playing cash so have logged off.

Getting blotto tomorrow !!!


Won a cheapie which was 25$ in for 1050$.

Also done ok at cash although not fantastic. I always pished around with cash before and honestly have no clue what my level is. I was playing up multi wins at 10 20 or trying to grind multi buy in at 1 2 etc !!!. Multis not going as well this year so I need something else to pay so need to treat cash more serious.

I have played a few levels and think below are my starting points. I also am 3 tabling now and watching TV so if drop the tv part should be able to 4 table !!!.

3 6 NL cash
1 2 PLO or lower
25 50 FL

This week has been a write off and on top of my early exit the prices round here are a joke.

Pint £8
Meal with Drink £40-£50 etc.

I just worked the last 2 days in my room rather than waste holidays. Fly back home tomorrow and off on an all day bender starting at the races on Sat.

GL all

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Pretty epic failure - I think I was last as went out after 45 mins.

Board by turn is A 10 7 3 then 8 on river and I have 1010 guy B folds 77 and guy C has AA.

I have 5K in after my river bet and then he reraises all in, at which point I am almost certain he has aces as pre frlop raiser and then checked flop- but have no chance with a 4K stack and getting 3-1 so no way I am going to fold.

Not sure if I should ever fold here and leave my self 4K - I think the only hand I beat has been folded (77).

Sorry to investors but worst case scenario your losing a lot of chips here given what other 2 hold.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Fly to Copenhagen tomorrow.

It is like Newcastlle United going into an away game.

Form awful, run terrible and confidence almost 0.

GL me - I need it.


No joy again.

Got decent start in warm up quickly up to 25K from 10k start stack - get it all in pre flop v QQ for early chip lead and miss.

Betfair 55K - never really get going but get it in with AK v QJ for 12K pot to go above average - flop AJ10 and of course K on river.

Stars playing the 100$ rebuy - had started well but now with 500 and odd left from 1200 starters I am average stack.


Just got a decent stack in versus a tiny stack me JJ him AA so screwed in the small pot - however huge side pot v AK who is in big trouble till K on the river - I am lower than a snakes belly now - adios.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


LOl not getting many breaks - not sure if i misplayed exit hand...

Basiaclly 3000 runners in tonights FTOPS even and 270 paid.

272 left and I am about 150th and 270th is 350$ up to 100k for 1st. This is my exit hand should I go busto in this unraised pot? I though the flop was perfect for me but with hands face up it is a disaster.

Full Tilt Poker Game #10611712321: FTOPS Event #20 (73897807), Table 366 - 600/1200 Ante 150 - No Limit Hold'em - 18:11:19 ET - 2009/02/13
Seat 1: Justin5881 (95,743)
Seat 2: 520988 (33,545)
Seat 3: terribleone000 (48,134)
Seat 4: Laze Frost (57,705)
Seat 5: BluDvl27 (35,033)
Seat 6: HOURA (25,775)
Justin5881 antes 150
520988 antes 150
terribleone000 antes 150
Laze Frost antes 150
BluDvl27 antes 150
HOURA antes 150
520988 posts the small blind of 600
terribleone000 posts the big blind of 1,200
The button is in seat #1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to 520988 [3c 2c]
Laze Frost folds
BluDvl27 folds
HOURA calls 1,200
Justin5881 folds
520988 calls 600
terribleone000 checks
*** FLOP *** [5s 4c 9c]
520988 has 15 seconds left to act
520988 bets 2,850
terribleone000 calls 2,850
HOURA folds
*** TURN *** [5s 4c 9c] [8c]
520988 bets 7,500
terribleone000 raises to 15,000
520988 raises to 29,345, and is all in
terribleone000 calls 14,345
520988 shows [3c 2c]
terribleone000 shows [7c 6c]
*** RIVER *** [5s 4c 9c 8c] [3s]
520988 shows a flush, Nine high
terribleone000 shows a flush, Nine high
terribleone000 wins the pot (68,890) with a flush, Nine high
520988 stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 68,890 | Rake 0
Board: [5s 4c 9c 8c 3s]
Seat 1: Justin5881 (button) folded before the Flop
Seat 2: 520988 (small blind) showed [3c 2c] and lost with a flush, Nine high
Seat 3: terribleone000 (big blind) showed [7c 6c] and won (68,890) with a flush, Nine high
Seat 4: Laze Frost folded before the Flop
Seat 5: BluDvl27 folded before the Flop
Seat 6: HOURA folded on the Flop

Thursday, February 12, 2009

2009 SUMMED UP in 1 ***ING HAND :(

Played PLO tonight - I am not good at it but also absolutely cursed.

For 1000$ pot get it all in on flop

823 rainbow me 88410 him A2810 - took me a while to work outa away i could lose he didnt even have any runner runner flushes.

But of course turn 5 river 4. Just checked I was 98% when cash went in.

Birthday in 45 mins - Happy ******** birthday soap :(

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Not the pop group !!

Have made it to the top level of the steps on Stars.

Basically I know have a ticket to enter (worth 2000$ equity that cannot be cashed) into a STT for major tournies.

At the moment I have the choice of 3 to try at :-

Copenhagen 1 seat but 2 decent cash prizes (2nd and 3rd) 9 runners.
Monte Carlo EPT 1 seat and a cash prize for 2nd. 10 runners
Dortmund EPT 2 seats and a prize for 3rd. 10 runners.

I was just going to reg for Copenhagen one assuming I would get cash if qualified as have already qualified but have read it would be tourney dollars. However, I am mega impatient when I have this ticket (only had it once before and came 3rd for a cash prize).

Basically its an STT if you run good in that you get a massive prize but if you do not you go all the way back down the snake to the bottom again.

EDIT played it and came last - went for a race double up early and he hits river.

Monday, February 09, 2009


The ability to bounce back !!!.

Very volatile markets still but decent results from barclays today. I now show a £4.5K hole instead of the £14K hole at start of Jan. Still somewhere to go.

Sports - 3 bets 3 losers in Feb - awful start to teh year.

Poker - running as bad as I ever have and in a profit this month just because of shares in have sold in EPT. However, feel I am now playing better again and just need luck to turn - hopefully in EPT :)

Thanks to the people who invested in me in the EPT - I sold the shares easier than I had originally thought - hope you all make a bundle ;) !!!

Sunday, February 08, 2009


2009 continues.

All in level 1 warm up pree flop !!! me KK v AQ for 20k flop A

100$ rebuy decent stack come over top massive reraise with JJ - jenkend cant fold ace ten and flops 2 pair.

Betfair 55k exit to follow - LOL - I even get bad beat with 8 3 LOL. I am shortish and check raise all in when 2 callers on board 6 7 9 - when called obviously think I have to hit straight - he has 5 3 for a flush draw !!!!! - 12K pot I turn str8 and he rivs flush.

Another great night LOL

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


The buy in for the event I have qualifed for is 50000DKK which at todays spot rate works out at £6K.

I am looking to sell up to 30% in myself at 1:1 basis.For example 5% in me would be 5% of £6k - £300

Anybody who wants 2.5% shares at £150 or 5% shares at £300 or 10% shares at £600 then payable in advance of event (by Feb 16) - so far had 2 firm enquiries for 10% total.

Payment via *s or FullTilt to alias 520988 and let me know in comments or e mail / MSN if interested.


Above 30% is sold subject to receiving payments.

Monday, February 02, 2009


LOL - I know what your thinking - a Sunday major posting at this time LOL.

In reality a 177 runner freeroll on one of my busto accounts.

I won a 1000 FPP to get into the 10000FPP final with 2 seats for EPT Copenhagen up for grabs. Played pretty well and won some races when they mattered. Pretty sure you cannot sell this though as would love cash instead. However, looks like my 1st EPT experience and always fancied Copenhagen so at least a :) post.


Wow package looks worth a few £ at current $ £ but as I expected its non cashable and non transferrable so best get a vacation request in.

It is main event $11.5k entry
1k$ cash for travel which looks like will cost half that minimum
and luxury accomadation that I assume will be SAS Raddison.

Best get a vaaction request in at work tomorrow as only a few weeks away. WIll also try and sell some of my self in the event where people get the exact % that they pay for. Anyone interested then leave a comment.

Sunday, February 01, 2009


FFS - I am so sick. I honestly feel like I cannot go on and coping with it as it is just making me a miserable ****

Played one multi lost JJ v AA - fine standard. Then played a 100$ rebuy and spend 300$ trying to qualify for a 2.5 million gtd tourney worth 1500$.

I am about 5th of 12 with 8 seats when I click on a link someone has posted on forum for a free bet which I assumed was a superbowl promotion. Turns out its a joke and dodgy video that i cant get off the screen so have to shut down reboot and get back in and 9th of 10.

Get down to 9 and I am 8th but I would blind out before other gut so shove UTG when I pick up QQ and runs into AA.

The link probably cost me a $1500 seat and I am so tilted it is unreal.