Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 REVIEW OF YR PART 2 Yearly Figures

Ok won't bore you with the details again as did this in part 1.

I have included my figures for the year below which I am delighted with.

Multis + £60K
NL + £9K
Rake Bonus+ £4K
STT + £1K
PLO + £1K
FL - £3K
TOTAL + £72K


Prob have a night off tomorrow but wont post sports yet as will have a few bets on darts.

Month started a disaster at poker and has ended tonight on a similar vain (see below post) - However the win in the 65K Gtd has saved the month.

STT -150
PLO 1175
FL -2530
MULTI 11083
NL 120



65K win and tonights *s final table and learning PLO without losing.


Need to pack in fixed limit - tracking software has destroyed me at this game. Also need to watch out on PLO - got a big feeling i ran well +EV and should probably lost a decent chunk.

Will post yearly figures soon.


Played the *s 50 rebuy tonight and made the final table.

There was something like 350 runners with 700 and odd rebuys.

Anyway I was as good as 4th at final table with prize from 11k to 5k for top 4.

However I made below move which I think was a mistake and shortly after shoved with 2s that got called by chip leaders Q5 !! which hit and I was 8th for 2k$. His lead below was so weak I was sure it screamed AK or small pair which I thought he would fold both and I have outs anyway if wrong. However, he must have read me for exactly what I had making me think did i make an error.?

PokerStars Game #23417934406: Tournament #129736866, $50+$5 Hold'em No Limit - Level XXI (4000/8000) - 2008/12/31 1:54:13 GMT [2008/12/30 20:54:13 ET]
Table '129736866 36' 9-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 1: dcldcl (410803 in chips)
Seat 2: jpa_25 (571442 in chips)
Seat 3: PMJackson21 (108580 in chips)
Seat 4: 520988 (183576 in chips)
Seat 6: Wallentin72 (42436 in chips)
Seat 7: sam2price (235179 in chips)
Seat 8: Pimpnuho (216816 in chips)
Seat 9: uvararaman (124168 in chips)
dcldcl: posts the ante 800
jpa_25: posts the ante 800
PMJackson21: posts the ante 800
520988: posts the ante 800
Wallentin72: posts the ante 800
sam2price: posts the ante 800
Pimpnuho: posts the ante 800
uvararaman: posts the ante 800
PMJackson21: posts small blind 4000
520988: posts big blind 8000
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to 520988 [7h Jh]
Wallentin72: folds
sam2price: folds
Pimpnuho: folds
uvararaman: raises 8000 to 16000
dcldcl: folds
jpa_25: calls 16000
PMJackson21: folds
520988: calls 8000
*** FLOP *** [3c 3h Qh]
520988: checks
uvararaman: bets 16000
jpa_25: folds
520988: raises 32000 to 48000
uvararaman: raises 59368 to 107368 and is all-in
520988: calls 59368
*** TURN *** [3c 3h Qh] [4d]
*** RIVER *** [3c 3h Qh 4d] [5d]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
520988: shows [7h Jh] (a pair of Threes)
uvararaman: shows [5s 5c] (a full house, Fives full of Threes)
uvararaman collected 273136 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 273136 | Rake 0
Board [3c 3h Qh 4d 5d]
Seat 1: dcldcl folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: jpa_25 (button) folded on the Flop
Seat 3: PMJackson21 (small blind) folded before Flop
Seat 4: 520988 (big blind) showed [7h Jh] and lost with a pair of Threes
Seat 6: Wallentin72 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 7: sam2price folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 8: Pimpnuho folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 9: uvararaman showed [5s 5c] and won (273136) with a full house, Fives full of Threes

EDIT FFS - just done the lot at PLO basically hand containing J6 on J66flop v JJ

losing day after 10 hrs - annoyed

Sunday, December 28, 2008


What a night although guess cant twist after last weeks golden FT.

Warm Up lose race early.

70K I lose KK v AQ for chip lead after an hour and then after 2.5 hrs another pot for chip lead AK v QQ which i miss and gone.

Then in Oz sat get an OK stack early on and get it all in on a flush I have hit on river to go 2nd of 40 odd left with 5 15k seats gtd and the opponant has hit higher flush on river. I had 23 sooted lol him AQ same soot and annoying thing is i flopped the 3 so would have won the pot until what i thought was a perfect river card landed.

Oh well - at least I run golden today at darts to pay above tournies.


Just read this months Inside Poker and WPT mags and seen I got a mention in both for the CPC.

I also had a sick day yesterday. I lost a big pot at PLO when I think I should have folded the nuts but was too inexperienced to do it so was in a bit of a hole. I then loaded up 5 10 NLHE and was all in QQ v 99 preflop for 1100$ to get level on the day and flop comes quad 9s for him :(

Some great tournies everywhere tonight - I will prob play 1st 3.

75K gtd Betfair
Oz millions 5 seats Gtd Betfair
1.5 Million Warm Up Stars
2.5 Million Gtd Stars
30 seats Gtd PCA Stars

Friday, December 26, 2008


23/12/2008 £800.00 To Win - Single Internet 1 2:40 KING GEORGE VI CHASE (GRADE 1) 3m
Kauto Star
Ante Post Rules Apply 11 - 8 Pending

Thursday, December 25, 2008


When four of Santa's elves got sick, the trainee elves did not produce toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa began to feel the Pre-Christmas pressure.

Then Mrs Claus told Santa her Mother was coming to visit, which stressed Santa even more.

When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two others had jumped the fence and were out, Heaven knows where.

Then when he began to load the sleigh, one of the floorboards cracked, the toy bag fell to the ground and all the toys were scattered.

Frustrated, Santa went in the house for a cup of apple cider and a shot of rum. When he went to the cupboard, he discovered the elves had drank all the cider and hidden the liquor. In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the cider jug, and it broke into hundreds of little glass pieces all over the kitchen floor. He went to get the broom and found the mice had eaten all the straw off the end of the broom.

Just then the doorbell rang, and irritated Santa marched to the door, yanked it open, and there stood a little angel with a great big Christmas tree.

The angel said very cheerfully, 'Merry Christmas, Santa. Isn't this a lovely day? I have a beautiful tree for you. Where would you like me to stick it?'

You know now !!! :)

Happy xmas all

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Below is my post from Jan 1 this year. With my comments in bold.

Ok first and foremost I know my job / career needs to take priority in the first half of the year and I have major project go lives in April and July hence sometimes have split aims into 1st and 2nd half of year. This worked out very well with a promotion in April 1 this year to my target career level. However, it also meant my volume of poker was down massively on previous years as expected.

1) Win £18k in the year (7K 1st 6 months / 11k 2nd 6 months) - reason for split is just simply I think I can do a lot more volume in later half of year which results in more rake and hopefully profit. I detsroyed this beyond my wildest dreams - think I had this ticked off by April.

2) As last year qualify for one major live event (restricted in 1st half of year as cant really get time off) - targets will be UK GPT at Newcastle, CPC and Aussie millions for Jan 09. - Wow for the year I had on this one also. Qualified for 4 GUKPT of which I played 3. Also for the WSOP Europe and the Carribean Poker Classic with a final table in that event.

3) Make 6k in year at no limit cash. I will make just above this. Still feel a bit amateurish at cash but can tick this off.

4) Break even at fixed limit (profit from rake)Made a loss before rake FAILED

5) Create a list of players whos table you want to sit at for NL cash. Done but waste of time as everyone else has same players and get huge wait lists.

6) Make top 3 on a Betfair leaderboard in the year at either STT or MTT. They didnt run but will tick this off as one month would deffo have won the MTT one,

Hence 5 out of 6

Again 2 less measurable aims also.

1) When stressed / tired either dont play or play sit and go's only and log off when have that cant be arsed felling!!. (harder to measure)

2) Be dedicated and even if have good win continue as one was before win.

Probably met the above 2 50%.

An amazing year for me, one I would be delighted to ever repeat and for once will give myself a decent pat on the back. Have paid 50K or so off the mortagage this year which is always my aim to get this down in current financial situation.

Finally, this blog continues to help me remain focussed, I hate posting any losses !!!.

I want to thank my readers for reading and wish them a great Xmas and New year. Special good luck to Ben / Brennan on thier upcoming adventure.

As someone put in my xmas card - May you hit all your flops !!!


Currently on final table of Betfair 11K gtd but 8th of 9 however have won the last longest side bet for $400 already.

Had one of my biggest bets ever today on the darts and lost £1300 when Shephard lost - despite being the better play in my opinion. Was about half that up in the other games but as the price drifted I just got stubborn and put more and more on.

Quick look at prizepool in this final table and would need 3rd or better to get to break even for day - LOL

Few double ups and golden lever pressed needed !!

Just bombed 8th v a very loose call :(

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Nicked from Betfair forum as usual.

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman were sitting in a bar enjoying a drink after a hard day working away from home.

“You know,” said the Scotsman, “I still prefer the pubs back home. In Glasgow there’s a wee bar called McManus’. The landlord there really knows how to look after the regulars. After you’ve bought 4 drinks, he will buy the 5th drink for you.”

“Reminds me of my old local, the Black Horse,” said the Englishman, “the guvnor there always gave me my third drink free.”

“That’s nothing,” said the Irishman. “Back home in Dublin there’s O’Malley’s Bar. As soon as you get through the door they’ll buy you a drink, then another, all the drinks you like. Then, when you’ve had plenty of drinks, they’ll take you upstairs and see that you get laid. All on the house.”

“Fantastic,” said the Englishman, “and did this actually happen to you?”

“Not me, personally, no,” said the Irishman “but it did happen to my sister!”


Ok so golden ran continued last night - I had New York giants in Running outright and before game at -3.5.

Anyway opponants miss a 50 yrd field goal to win and gos to overtime. I then not only win the outright but because its touchdown rather then fieldgoal i win the handicap also and ship £800.

However, played 25 50 limit and never ran as sick in high stakes limit in my life doing abou £1100 in 2 hours which was a blow.

Hence took the money out my account and left 1 grand to play with over holday period rather than going daft.

Anyway readers of my blog will know Kato Star has paid for my xmas the last 2 years with 2 very nice ante post touches. However, I am not on ante post this year but have just put a big wedge on at 11/8 heopfully ground dries up a bit and we get good to soft.

I think the quality is not there in this years racing and if jumping holds up i expect it to collect for 3rd time.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Have been chip leader for a while but now back to 5 of 8.

Variance currently winning & I need 4th or better to get to break even for month !!!

Had a bit of luck also when chipleader had 66 beat qq when 6 flopped.

Now 6 of 7 with an M of just 4 - AA please asap and hold !!!

Now 5th of 5 stacks below

and me 77

just sucked out AQ v AK to stay in but still nr last
just got another suck out v my m8 a9 v a10.

3rd of 4 now and very lucky to be still in.

chip sizes and prizes for positions below - 1st and 2nd is where it is at.

1st 19500
2nd 13000
3rd 7735
4th 5200

140k (me)

bit of an all in fest now as blinds 5k 10k with antes.

OK 44 just held v K6 heads up and i took it down for 19.5K.

However, I think i won 3 20 80s at the final table and tonights win was attributed to running golden rather than being the best player. Important to note and know that although obviously cash is the same.

Thats 3 big wins in last 7 weeks with the 100k, the 55k and the 65K but the other 2 I think the best player won where as tonight the luckiest did.

They all count :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008


deffo biggest losing month of year.

Highlight tonight getting 500$ in pre flop with QQ versus table drunk who shows KJ monster that of course flops K for 1000$ pot.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Got some cash flow issues sorted and was able to depost £250 into I Poker yesterday.

Decided to play pot limit omaha cash for my 1st time ever after playing the PLO blogger tourny the other night and doing reasonably OK.

Anyway I dont pretend to totally understand the game or strategy but seemed immediately very comfortable after the flop (not sure pre flop yet). Ended up holding in some big pots versus 10 outs when all in on turn and won something like £1600 at 3 6 PLO - not bad for my 1st ever cash session.

However, it only puts a small dent into the losses for the month but hopefully the tide has turned a little and I can push on to try and get break even.!!

Also going into staking for the 1st time and going to back 1 player at cash. Pretty sure this should be + EV and happy to give what i consider a good player a shot at higher levels, hopefully in return for positive ROI.


Thur lost £650 so aint stopped !!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This PokerStars tournament is a No Limit Texas Hold’em event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 595641

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Next years GUKPT schedule

The Schedule

Event Location 2009 Festival Dates Main Event Dates
Leg 1 Brighton January 12th - 18th January 15th - 18th
Online Short Handed Festival Blue Square Poker January 19th - 23rd January 23rd
Leg 2 Walsall February 21st - March 1st February 26th - March 1st
Leg 3 London March 19th -29th March 26th - 29th
Leg 4 Manchester April 18th - 26th April 23rd - 26th
Leg 5 Newcastle May 18th - 24th May 21st - 24th
Summer Series 1 Bolton June 11th - 14th June 13th - 14th
Summer Series 2 Aberdeen June 18th - 21st June 20th - 21st
Summer Series 3 Walsall June 25th - 28th June 27th - 28th
Online Summer Festival Blue Square Poker July 20th - 24th July 24th
Leg 6 Luton August 1st - 9th August 6th - 9th
Leg 7 Cardiff August 31st - September 6th September 3rd - 6th
Leg 8 Thanet October 12th - 18th October 15th - 18th
Leg 9 Blackpool November 7th - 15th November 12th - 15th
Grand Final London November 19th - 29th November 26th - 29th
Champion of Champions Festival Luton November 30th - December 6th December 5th - 6th


Played 2 *s 100K today - blew big stacks in both and totally full of the lergy not good.

-£3k Dec

bye !!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Jeez anger management needed.

log for 1st STT game for over a month on Betfair 250$ and i disco and basically never play beyond level 3. I assume site was down but no BT customers only who I have just broadband to so £150 spunked up wall.

Asked 2 players to play who couldnt so total waste. Totally pished off at the moment think its best i leave poker for a while.

Might have a game on weekend but nothing till then and no updates.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Virgin Poker

Lad at work has been telling me about a 1 Mill Gtd tourny this weekend that costs 1000 EUR to get in.

Hence tryed to qualify via a sat and current form continues - all in to treb up on 567 board with 1010 called by 99 and then a7 that spikes a.

But to the point of the post - oh my is this the worst poker software of all time. Absolutely horrible - dead clumpy, takes forever for new tables to open when moved etc.

I wont be back - shame really as airmiles for player points looks good.

Sunday, December 07, 2008



after yesterdays vet to get in the main event of ECOOP

Account History

Back to History Results

Selection 1 Liverpool @ 8/11 To Win - Win
Market Win/Draw/Win
Event English Premier League
Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool
15:00 06/12/2008
Selection 2 Newcastle United @ 5/6 To Win - Lose
Market Win/Draw/Win
Event English Premier League
Newcastle United v Stoke City
15:00 06/12/2008

Bet Type Double
Unit Stake £250.00

I played the 150$ sat today. 90 odd runners 14 left and 12 get seats. I am about 7th with one megashort and I pick up AA. There is an all in ahead of me and I consider folding but then in the end decide if I win this I am 100% safe. I call they have QQ and spike Q and then I go out on blind.

Have not ran as sick as this for a long time although can see that maybe i should have folded AA in this position.

Next up the 100K on Betfair and I chip lead early after house v flush. There is a complete donk on my table and for some reason i just feel he is going to donk me after an earlier play where he limps calls big raise with ace 6.

Anyway I have 10k 3 limpers 200 i raise 1200 with AQ- 1 caller the aforementioned donk.

Flop qt6 I bet 4/5ths of pot he flat calls (almost 1/2 his stack) - turn ace he bets 2.5k all in i call and he shows KJ for straight. Unbeleivable bad from him on every single street he plays it wrong.

he should fold pre - fold or shove flop and then check call turn.

I then raise from SB with 77 BB shoves all in for ridiculous amount obviously weak but I am prob racing he has QJ out.

-£2K for Dec and tempted top give up as this keeps up will be in no mood for XMAS

Saturday, December 06, 2008


FFS tryed to win my entry into the 1000$ main event tomorrow. Useless Geordie ****s

Selection 1 Liverpool @ 8/11 To Win - Win
Market Win/Draw/Win
Event English Premier League
Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool
15:00 06/12/2008
Selection 2 Newcastle United @ 5/6 To Win - Lose
Market Win/Draw/Win
Event English Premier League
Newcastle United v Stoke City
15:00 06/12/2008

Bet Type Double
Unit Stake £250.00

Next up do a fortune on Diana getting eliminated in x factor and then at last looks like i might turn day around.

Was going well on *s 100k again about 20th of 60 left and 45 paid 600$ upwards. I call a raise on big blind with AQ and like flop of AQ2 and check raise and he jams with what i am pretty certain is AK. Instant call for me for 35k pot to go top 5 or so and he has QQ and I am drawing to 2 outs.

A proper shit day LOL

Friday, December 05, 2008

Poor start to Dec

Dec aint started well and I am in a bit of a hole. Had quite a few suck outs v me but wont twist as have obviously ran well to win a few big tournies in last few months.

A couple of big buy in tournies coming up at the weekend with the $1060 main event at ECOOP and the Betfair 100K (550$) - I will probably play the Betfair event but ECCOP buy in is a bit steep. May see if i can sat into it or see if someone wants to buy a % in me in the event.

Paid a chunk off the mortgage with recent wins and didnt leave much in poker roll. If my 8k$ from Lwoods from CPC clears in time then may treat myself to the buy in.

good luck to one and all especially those in big live events at the moment like Bristol and the DTD anniversay event.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

ECOOP 270k event

Grrrr frustrating - this tourney was 6 max at tables which is perfect for my style and one I was quite confident of going deep in with 900 runners and 100 paid.

Anyway 4 different times I build my stack up and then lose an 80 20s to go down below average each time - was mega frustrating. Anyway near bubble I get some luck of my own when short and in with A10 outdraws AQ even though Q flopped. I then gradually build taking a few pots using a tightish image i had as had cack for 1 hr at latest table. I am 30th with 50 odd left and then playback at cut off with big reraise with air as want to keep him in check as he has been raising me a lot.

I have Q3 and he flat calls pre so 24K in the middle. I only have 24k behind so i quite like the look og 9 7 2 flop hoping he has 2 high cards and shove to get an immediate call from AA and to kick myself for next few hrs. 900 and odd dollars for 50 oddth that I was bit narked at in end as some huge prizes around final table that maybe i should have been a little more patient to get a sniff at. Anyway started month with a big losing cash session so at least a bit back.

Will try and get in as many 6 seater tournies as I can though as really enjoyed that.

Also I seen I got my 3rd Gatsby for online performance of the month which is always welcomed :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Casino -100
F1 -70
Horses -127
NFL 830
Specials -30

Just had a sick loss - back Green Bay to be profit for month and equal and 1st and goal at the 1/2 yard line and they lose !!!


FL -305
MULTI 22425
NL -2067


1) Winning the 100K on *s (I also cashed tonight 20 oddth but lost AQ v KJ to go top10 with 20 odd left)

2) Played 3 live events at CPC and final tabled in 2. These ae my 1st decent large buy in live events and I was starting to think I was an open book. I have been told since I just look miserable and angry live regardless of hand !!!

3) Bursting through the £100k profit barrier since blogging.

4) The CPC trip itself (away from poker)


1) I keep going to 5 10 and 10 20 for a spin up when i get a decent MTT win. This is stupid and I should just treat myself to a big multi buy in instead.

2) Played a bit high stakes FL and dissapointed have not beat game as some horrid players the times i joined.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Had a shot at high stakes cash last few days and donated somewhere between 2.5k and 3k without any badbeat stories.

won't be doing that for a while - totaly outclassd and waste of some hard earned cash.

The ECOOP is running on Bluesquare with some decent events coming up and i wished i had just treat myself to an expensive buy in rather then playing when am probably worst at table - pretty stupid in all honesty.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This is how the long throw is done in style :)


Just updated my records from my recent live results and have seen I have just achieved my 1st major milestone.

I have just broken the £100K profit barrier since starting to keep records. (started Nov 06 when blog started).

Massively pleased with this number especially at the entry $ that I play which are not huge.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Went something like this.

Good starting table with no great players at it - slow accumulation from 10k to about 13K. Moved to probably the most aggro table going including Dubai, Flushy, WillyWonker, Scottish Mark, Greco - most of which had stacks and it was obvious was going to be some big hands. Foruntunately, I had position on Dubai who was raising nearly every pot and then also picked up 2 big pairs that both held and got paid.

Got up to 39K on that table before I was moved and lost a big race to go into the danger zone with twenty odd left and 18 paid. I may just have been able to limp into money but when there was 2 all ins ahead of me I decided to go for it with AK and tripled up v JJ and 1010 to take me to 70K or so. I struggled to take advantage of the bubble though as bigger stacks doing it before me and i didnt really have the stack to reraise.

Eventually we are down to 10 and at 1 table and we are to play down to 9. Small stack shoves and I pick up KK in BB and this makes a house against a smaller house when his QJ hits QJJ but fortunately a K on board also.

Come back 6th of 9 and basically have decided in 1st 2 levels to sit quiet as moving from 9th to 7th would be 5k to 11k. I got no hands at all bar AJ which i raised in early and folded to a Scandi push (not sure if this was a good fold) - eventually 2 go out but I am down to less than 10 big blinds. Folded to me in small blind and QT looks ok to push 50k to pick up the 14k in the middle but BB has AQ and I am gone 7th for 11,100.

Pleased with the case as had sat'd into event but could not help looking at prizes 1 2 3 4 at 90k 48k 28k and 22k and thinking what might have been !!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Quick post from Miami.

Came 7th in the main event for 11K$ - pleased to make final table although a little disspointed not to get going at final table. In the end was 7th and pushed from SB with QT called by BB with AQ so running pretty thin.

Will post more when back but total of 15K$ cashes from the cruise is good news.

Long day ahead as arrived in port at 7am and do not fly till 8pm tonight.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Cruising is good es[ecially when there is poker on the night time!!!

Anyway after 8 days in jamaica / Miaimi with no bets or poker I was desperate for a game.

Played the 300 and got one of the biggest shaftings I have had for a while. To cut a long story short I trapped someone with QQ and then on QT2 flop managed to check and get them all versus 99 to get 9k chips early doors versus 3K average - but no Turn K river J and I am out to a straight !!!

Better luck in the 400 - I played very well and got to the final table. Then with 6 left I was 5th or 6th and prizepool massively top heavy i came over the top of a raiser and we were all in me JJ v AK suited and winner of the pot has big chip lead with 5 left and 12k$ for winner.

Q66 turn 2 river K :( - a bit gutting but I have won my share of races when it matters of late so fair enough. $2250 for 6th pays most the Jamaica part of the holiday.

Main event starts on Friday which is 2500$ but I dont expect a big field and I will probably play the 500+50 tomorrow night.

Met a few new faces like Amatay plus the regulars and all is well.

Good luck whatever you are playing !!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ready for the Off

Leave Fri night to London then London to Jamaica on Sat cant wait.

Week later board the poker cruise at Miami for the CPC. I was not sure what to expect as never been on a cruise before but it seems to be like a floating metro centre with loads to do !!!!

Check it out;jsessionid=0000BJFp1Ib2KOt0cPKjB25xzBb:13dlld2uf?shipClassCode=FR

I want to make a vast improvement on my recent live effort and will play 3 events including the main event and I am setting myself a target of a minimum of 1 cash hopefully via a final table.

Probably last post before I head off and I seen that its 55$ for 2 hrs on the ship so unless I run mega deep sont expect much update wise !!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


OK went something like this.

Almost 400 runners $320 entry. Sucked out early when had AA v JJ but J flopped but then my 2 outer A on turn. Then picked up a lot of chips to be top 10 early doors.

Basically accumulated and accumulated without going to many showdowns and was still top 10 when cashed with 45 left. No big dramas to make final table and be gtd 2k$ with 9 left.

I was 2nd with 135K and i pick up AK on SB - a guy raises to 12K i reraise to 30K - he shoves and I fold. This hand has had loads of debate on Betfair and loads of people think I played this wrong / spewy. I totally disgree and think I played it perfect. I think I am racing at best and because FT prize money is so high there is no way I want to race as if lose am going to pick up 2k$. By not racing my EV would be probably 4th or 5th which was 10k$ - also i believe I am racing at best and this is confirmed when the guy tells me KK and names suits and I didnt have K of the suits he named. Anyway I fold but then put pressure on same guy with reraises later which I think he is going to give me credit for AA type hands.

9 handed for ages and then people started to fall. I get to 4 left and am in 2nd and talk of a deal talks. However, I dont fear any of them and when I am offered les than what it pays for 2nd I turn the 4 way deal down. I quickly drop back to 3rd in chips and worry a little but then eliminate a player to go chip leader. Shortly later the other 2 clash and we are heads up and he has a 20% chip lead. I quickly win a few hands and then a huge hand puts me 700 200 up and its all over shortly later when i had raised with 10 8 and he pushes all in out of position on 10 4 2 flop and i cant see a hand he would push with that I am not beating and he turns over A4 and i hold.

Very nice and my most prestigious win - feel like I played really well but then look back to AA v JJ hand and reminds me luck also plays a big part - could have been an early night.

Then Betfair 16K tonight I get dealt AA and play it different to norm. I am already 4th and this is to go to 11K with next biggest stack at less than 5K !!!

Seat 1: suddes ( 4,290 )Seat 2: CAPTAIN 01 ( 5,075 )Seat 3: Tonnor ( 1,936 )Seat 4: Cabhan ( 2,185 )Seat 5: FishCatcher ( 2,469 )Seat 6: Westunited ( 2,415 )Seat 7: gazza.p ( 2,225 )Seat 9: pippo45 ( 1,905 )Tourney Level:2 Blinds(15/30-(no ante))gazza.p posts small blind [15]pippo45 posts big blind [30]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ As, Ah ]suddes calls [30]CAPTAIN 01 raises to [135]Tonnor foldsCabhan foldsFishCatcher foldsWestunited foldsgazza.p foldspippo45 calls [105]suddes raises to [520]CAPTAIN 01 calls [385]pippo45 calls [385]** Dealing Flop ** [ 7d, 5c, Qs ]pippo45 bets [30]suddes raises to [1,400]CAPTAIN 01 raises to [2,770]pippo45 calls [1,355]pippo45 goes all-insuddes goes all-insuddes raises to [3,770]CAPTAIN 01 calls [1,000]** Showdown ** suddes shows [ As, Ah ]CAPTAIN 01 shows [ Kd, Ks ]pippo45 shows [ 7s, 7c ]** Dealing Turn ** [ Kc ]** Dealing River ** [ 8h ]** Hand Conclusion **CAPTAIN 01 wins 4,770 from side pot #1 with three of a kind, KingsCAPTAIN 01 wins 5,730 from main pot with three of a kind, Kings************ Game 437404810 ends ************

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Wow 1st weekend of the month is very kind again.

Just played 1 tourney tonight the 300$ 100k$ gtd on stars and just took it down for 22k$ which is my biggest ever win exceeding the 55k gtd pool from this time last month.

Will do proper post tomorrow :)

Friday, October 31, 2008

RSHOLES (who cant get you) On Line - AOL

AOL - I hope you go bust and asap.

just came 15th in Annettes tourney with 9 paid cos my uselesss connection went down yet again and I was sat out last 30 mins.

AOL getting bombed out tonight - GRRRRRRRRR SO TILTED

Thursday, October 30, 2008



Best month of profit this year and first 5 fig month although I have ran awful and played awful last 2 weeks.

Obvious highlight was my win in the Betfair 55K for over £9K and then I ran very well at No Limit on Littlewoods for some decent profit. High was 12.2K in month so a bit dissapointed to give 2k back. Totally embarrassed at my performance at Stockton at the £500 event and i will never ever fk up like that again.

The month ahead will be little poker - proper holiday with the Mrs to Caribbean and then on board onto the cruise for the CPC.

Looking forward to it as a few people on Betfair going who I ain't met like Wonky etc, and some good people I have met like Dubai, Animal, Temadobbs etc all going to be there. Looking forward to meeting a few fellow bloggers who are going like Amatay who's blog is a howl.

I have about $2000 of vouchers for the side events but to be honest might spend 1/2 then investing in someone in an event - have offered to buy a % of Wonky in main event if he wants it. If he doesnt anyone else who is going to buy in main event and wants to sell a % let me know in comments.

Think I will play main event and 2 others although will see how it gos.



Very disappointed due to 2 items.

1) Was up around 1K and laid Spurs v Bolton to lose 1K. I layed 250 at Evens but when Arry announces they went to 1.8 which for me was the wrong price so layed 1K hoping to trade out early - Spurs scored early and plan destroyed.

2) I was going to have one of my biggest bets even last Sunday - Dallas Cowboys at 5/6 when I read Romo could be back. However, did some proper research before game and learned he was not playing so did not bet. Had loaded £1200 in billies for 1200 to win 1000 at 5/6.

Anyway profit for the month so should not complain even though hourly rate is under minimum wage !!!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Could go on for ages but the very last hand I played of the weekend sums it up perfectly. Opponant is mega aggressive.

***** Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 433328912 *****NL $5/$10 Texas Hold'em - Monday, October 27, 01:24:12 GMT 2008Table Carbon 76 6-max (Real Money)Seat 5 is the buttonTotal number of active players : 5Seat 1: Loser18 ( $1,000 )Seat 2: BigJohn101 ( $1,551.75 )Seat 3: Foldy Moldy ( $2,799.50 )Seat 4: KoKoKorsar ( $1,151.50 )Seat 5: suddes ( $852.50 )Seat 6: notey ( $491.22 )notey posts small blind [$5]Loser18 posts big blind [$10]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ 9c, Ad ]Foldy Moldy raises to [$35]KoKoKorsar foldssuddes calls [$35]notey foldsLoser18 calls [$25]** Dealing Flop ** [ 9s, As, 2d ]Loser18 checksFoldy Moldy bets [$90]suddes raises to [$240]Loser18 foldsFoldy Moldy goes all-inFoldy Moldy raises to [$2,764.50]suddes calls [$577.50]suddes goes all-inReturning uncalled bet [$1,947] to Foldy Moldy** Showdown ** Foldy Moldy shows [ 2h, 2c ]suddes shows [ 9c, Ad ]** Dealing Turn ** [ 4d ]** Dealing River ** [ 8s ]** Hand Conclusion **Foldy Moldy wins $1,742 from main pot with three of a kind, Deuces************ Game 433328912 ends ************

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Just blew my big chance. Went to Teeside for the £500 event and it is without doubt the worst standard table I have ever sat at for a decnt buy in. Spent the 1st hour setting up an image which worked a treat when I had to showdown some crap hands like 7 4 and 8 9 and 9 5.

However from that point onwards everything went wrong. I made bad decision after bad decision and kep going below starting point. I couldnt get action on the big hands and in general i was getting more and more pissed off with how bad the dealer was and how slow the playerswere. I genuinly think in an 1 hr level we got 20 hands max. They think like 5mins preflop then fold - was pishing me off.

Anyway exit hand is just embarrassing - was done to 6k at 200 400. Someone had raised to 1200 and I shove for 6K with Q6 and after an age they call with 88 saying lets gamble.

Useless performance by soap and I am sure I will check the final positions tomorrow and be very annoyed when someone very bad from my table cashes high.

There was genuinely only one person who could play at the table and the most embarrassing thing of the lot is that I probably looked like the biggest donk.

Massive confidence blow a few weeks before CPC and a complete waste of £500 for one of the most incompetent performances you will ever see.


Just reviewed my target for the year from 1st post and provided an update. Looks like most are in the bag barring some disasters - however would love to make the cash n a decent buy in even if its just beating the bubble - CPC would do !!!

Ok first and foremost I know my job / career needs to take priority in the first half of the year and I have major project go lives in April and July hence sometimes have split aims into 1st and 2nd half of year.

Above was true as my volume is down loads - but right priority as got my promo earlier in year.

1) Win £18k in the year (7K 1st 6 months / 11k 2nd 6 months) - reason for split is just simply I think I can do a lot more volume in later half of year which results in more rake and hopefully profit.

This is well and truly nailed.

2) As last year qualify for one major live event (restricted in 1st half of year as cant really get time off) - targets will be UK GPT at Newcastle, CPC and Aussie millions for Jan 09.

Also nailed - qualified for 3 GUKPTS, WSOPE and CPC.

3) Make 6k in year at no limit cash.

Not sure on this one - it aint my strongest game but working on getting better - hopefully am in profit but need to check how much as very spewy / swingy.

4) Break even at fixed limit (profit from rake)

Will check but now gave up on FL as bonus hunting not as important to me now as results in MTT's have been going well. I now play $25 $50 table the odd time on a weekend with mixed results.

5) Create a list of players whos table you want to sit at for NL cash.

Done but waste of time as everyone else must have same list as I am always like 9 of 9 in waiting list for table !!!

6) Make top 3 on a Betfair leaderboard in the year at either STT or MTT.

Leaderboards now stopped although relaunched for STT but no chance as Punterz wins these by a mile every month. I am going to tick this one off though as if the leaderboards had not been cancelled then one month i would have pished the MTT leaderboard as won the 16K, the 20K and 2nd in the 55K within the same month as well as some smaller multi wins.

Can't beat myself up this year - have to also say I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have tilted in the year which is mega pleasing.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Going to play live this weekend and my 1st bash at the GCBPT main event.

Its closeish to home in Stockton which is an hour max away. Its £550 buy in and looks like a sell out. Really good structure and I play day 1B which is Sat and hopefully all day Sun.

I am hoping this is my first major tourney cash in the UK after going close to the money in the last 2 GUKPT events - but more decent experience regardless.

Huge thank you to Teamdobbs for getting me in.

* Damn just busted in a 1 seat only qualifier for a 14k$ package to the Caribbean Adventure on stars to go chip leader with 12 left. Me AA v JJ and flop comes QQJ.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Played 2 sats when got back this avro and qualified for 55k and 16k for less than a £100.

Was in good possy in 55k about 5th with 18 left but just made an ill timed sqeeze with genuine hand. Early possy raised (v loose) and someone flatted for 5K - I thought this was ideal to shove 30K all in with a genuine hand (10 10) however the guy who had flatted had AA :(

Still in 16K 12 left and I am 5th

edit was sitting 4 of 9 on ft - chip leader comes over to

***** Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 430096975 *****NL Texas Hold'em $150 Buy-in + $9 Entry Fee, Level:15 Blinds(600/1,200-120 ante) - Sunday, October 19, 23:09:18 GMT 2008$16,000 Guaranteed NL Hold'em #173583 Table 1 9-max (Real Money)Seat 8 is the buttonTotal number of active players : 5Seat 1: piercep54 ( 36,584.06 )Seat 2: goyring ( 0 )Seat 3: suddes ( 24,209.50 )Seat 4: Cabhan ( 0 )Seat 5: trickydic ( 0 )Seat 6: Houen7 ( 0 )Seat 7: POLYKARPOS ( 7,367.58 )Seat 8: jaral ( 70,833 )Seat 9: Sidew1nder ( 56,478.65 )Tourney Level:15 Blinds(600/1,200-120 ante)suddes posts ante [120]POLYKARPOS posts ante [120]jaral posts ante [120]Sidew1nder posts ante [120]piercep54 posts ante [120]Sidew1nder posts small blind [600]piercep54 posts big blind [1,200]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ 8d, 8c ]suddes raises to [3,200]POLYKARPOS calls [3,200]jaral goes all-injaral raises to [70,713]Sidew1nder foldspiercep54 foldssuddes calls [20,889.50]suddes goes all-inPOLYKARPOS foldsReturning uncalled bet [46,623.50] to jaral** Showdown ** suddes shows [ 8d, 8c ]jaral shows [ 3d, 3s ]** Dealing Flop ** [ 9h, 2c, Kh ]** Dealing Turn ** [ Ts ]** Dealing River ** [ 3h ]** Hand Conclusion **jaral wins 53,779 from main pot with three of a kind, Threesp again i read him as weak and call his all in.

Me 88 v his 33 for the chip lead at a very weak looking fin tab with 4.8k$ for winner - river 3 for 350$ 9th - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Damn just lost a pot over 3k$ at cash when I was behind all the way.

Preflop raiser had A3 and flop off 338 great for him v my overpair. Anyway bad end to good week - off to Espana at stupid o clock tomorrow so no poker till Sunday night multi.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Cannot rely on internet connection at all lately as AOL has been pants so have played cash instead and just hoped didnt drop at vital time.

I played a good sloid session at 5$ 10$ and won a decent amount and then loaded the profit up at 10 20 NL.

Was quite aggressive which worked well when got KK on button and was reraised versus another full stack on big blind. Anyway it all gos in on KJ5 flop and he is drawing dead with AK. Also 2000$ are no longer worth £1000 like I have had it in my head for a while :)

Anyway Little woods cash going really well but going away at weekend for a few days so no poker.

Away from poker I though Wayne Rooney was immense again tonight - I know we like to hail Brazil starts etc but surely he is one of very few who has such unbelievable ability but still puts 100% workload in as well.

Hes like Azimut at 1$ 2$ NL :)

This could turn out to be my most profitable month ever - hit the 5 figs mark at weekend.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


What a frustrating night.

Firstly internet dropped loads including when i had trip kings !!!.

Then with 50 odd left from 150 starters I open jam with 1010 for 10 big blinds and hope when possy 4 calls he just has overs. Delighted to see the coco has 77 - what a clown call that is with 5 people behind.

Anyway he flops a 7 and its hasta la vista baby


I just had one of them cash sessions where you seem to read about only if you are on receiving end.

Littlewoods has moved to a new platform and I deposited £250 for a short session of 5 10 NL where I would leave if lost my buy in. I was all in early on a bluff and fortunatley my opponant was up and down and missed so my bluff won.

I then progressed to get loads of set up hands of me v 2 pair aces v high pairs and a few river suck outs (always v same player). I also played very well at times in the session once I had the whole table covered which has given me some encouragement to start buying in for the full amount as I felt i played better then.

Anyway to cut a long story short my £250 got me about $400 and after 2 hrs i left my single table cash game with over $5000 dollars. Definitely the most i have won at a cash table in one session when i am not in spin up mode (won more at 10 20 in spin up mode but ultimate loser at them stakes).

I like many other bloggers would have written the session up in minutes if was on the receiving side but have pushed myself to write it up on good side also.


Now to ride the tide - I am buying some Barclays and HBOS shares. They probably drop this week again when rescue announced but seriously can they be worth a 1/5th of what they were a few months ago -


I wish I went to bed an hour earlier last night !!!

Bought in to 25 50 $ fixed limit which I quite like and was up about 800$ after 45 mins. However I then got rivered back to back hands for 1000$ pots and was back to my starting stack of $1250.

I was not tilted but seen a short handed 10$ 20$ that i thought i would try and double up on. Firstly i pay off a backdoor flush when i let someone in cheap on turn when i had trips, failing to spot the danger and then was happy to get it all in on board of AQ8 after i bet flop when K came on turn but my opponent was p and down on flop with 910 and i was busto and - £700 for the night.

At least no travel this week so in the UK all week and will probably play 2 multis tonight. Hopefully defend my title in the 55K :)

The horse I have a share in Fol Hollow ran well yesterday coming 3rd and hopefully will pick up a win as flat season draws to a close. Unfortunately my other horse got a fatal injury due the week - RIP.

Good Luck all.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Played 2 multis since and made 2 awful calls when drawing to almost 0 outs each time LOL.

Must have been a luckbox to win :)

Had a decent session on no limit tonight though winning about £800 which more than pays the tournie fees for the above plus another crack at the 55k this Sunday.

Still plan to try and get in the £500 GCBPT event at Stockton in 2 weeks and guess I should get my ass in gear to try and sort out that as not a member of Gala.

Wanted to thank all the people who left there best wishes in comments following the last post also.

GL all.

Monday, October 06, 2008


Best I played for years tonight and getting KK that held up about 5 times helps.

Have to travel next few days will do proper write up on Wed as pretty proud of this result which completes my grand slam on Betfair (Won all major tournies and qualified for live event)

Key hand heads up when he has chip lead is I call a raise from BB with K8 flop 864 and I bet out and he jams all in. The only hand I can put him on to jam is a flush draw so I call a massive bet and he has 9 7 (so slightly better odds for me) turn 4 river 4 giving me the house and about £9.6k.
Other key hand is around Bubble where i shoved with Q9 sooted and got called by another small stack with 99 but Q to rescue and then KK next hand for treble up !!


Friday, October 03, 2008

How do you get rid of a curse?

Had good and bad runs before but current multi run is beyond belief.

Its not the beats itsthe fact almost every time they should not be in hand in 1st place.

16K when deep last night an open push AJ I have KK ace flops.
GUKPT qualifyer big stack get them in QQ v K7 (for so many BB's) - K flops
Then onto cash all in QQ V JJ for huge pot out come sthe Jack.


etc etc

- 4 figs already - tilt avoidance high on my list at the moment.


Poker still crap - deep in 16k tonight someone pushes all in under gone with chuffing AJ i call with KK to go top 3 and a on turn :(

Anyway link to press conference below :)

and even better in audio version LOOOOOL

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

i continue to run well

seriously wtf

***** Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 421331296 *****NL $2.50/$5 Texas Hold'em - Wednesday, October 01, 18:03:55 GMT 2008Table Nitrogen 59 6-max (Real Money)Seat 6 is the buttonTotal number of active players : 6Seat 1: disko ( $545 )Seat 2: spackers ( $500 )Seat 3: okelidokely ( $507.50 )Seat 4: suddes ( $389.46 )Seat 5: stokerus ( $765.80 )Seat 6: paulparkers ( $178.44 )disko posts small blind [$2.50]spackers posts big blind [$5]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ Ah, 7d ]okelidokely foldssuddes raises to [$13.12]stokerus foldspaulparkers calls [$13.12]disko foldsspackers folds** Dealing Flop ** [ As, 2h, Kd ]suddes bets [$16.87]paulparkers calls [$16.87]** Dealing Turn ** [ 7s ]suddes bets [$67.48]paulparkers calls [$67.48]** Dealing River ** [ 3h ]suddes bets [$202.44]paulparkers calls [$80.97]paulparkers goes all-inReturning uncalled bet [$121.47] to suddes** Showdown ** suddes shows [ Ah, 7d ] two pair, Aces and Sevenspaulparkers shows [ 4c, 5c ] a straight, Five to Ace** Hand Conclusion **paulparkers wins $361.38 from main pot with a straight, Five to Ace


Worst month for years - combo bad play and bad luck.




Ryder cup was s nightmare :( NFL started good :) and casino showing ugly head again (poker tilt) !!


I could not get in the EPT sat last night as already had a waiting list of 30 on top of the 120 max capacity :(

So just went across and watched a show and then headed back to WSOPE to watch the bubble burst - 37th gets 0 and 36th gets £25K so quite a bubble. I had met James Keys this week who seemed a sound bloke and he was 38 of 38 when I arrived and mega low. However 2 all ins at the same time on 2 other tables and both flips went his way so he won £25K. Great result James well done.

I am on the train now heading back - enjoyed the experience although frustated I had to play the short stack for almost 2 days which limited how mych play I could make. However, have been on the same table as J Juanda, A Bloch, G Smith, C Mortgenson and a few other Full Tilt / Cardrunners pro's. Also was on tv table for 30 mins or so so got experince of the camera's / mike's etc.

To be honest I was not very nervous and quite enjoyed the exeprience although never really been in a good position (best was 25K during last level on day 1).

Thanks to Betfair (especially Paul) for their hospitality at the event and good luck to any Betfair players still batting.

I think Elliot30 is still going well although don't know him personally but play a lot of the same games on Betfair.

My other bad beat was on day 1 bust the button on my trousers within 1 hr and had to walk round the whole day with hands in pockets to stop my troosers from dropping LOL (you fat ******* !!)

Anyway - may play the Gala event at Teeside later in Oct for some more experience) - now 0 from 4 in big tournies but getting further and further into day 2 so guess progressing. I think i finished about 150th of 360 or so.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Table was not the advertised one.

first hand I picked up Ace Ten on the button and raised to 2K (off my 19K stack) and Andy Bloch asks how much I have left and puts in 20K. I eventually fold although to be honest I now wish I had called - I reckon his bet size does not want a call so probably mid pair.

Then just more frustration - when i raise with shat i get called and when i had a hand (tended to be already raised pot) i could not get a call - maybe I was giving some tells off as dont play live much.

Anyway down to 12k i pick up 77 and there is a raise ahead - I jam for 12k insta called by AA and once JJJ comes I dont even have 2 outs anymore. Decent experience I suppose but ultimately frustrating as hell.

Variance still going well so will hang around and watch him for a while and may be tempted to go to the Vic tomorrow night for the £300 Sat for the EPT london event which starts the day after.

Thanks to all who wished me well.



Thanks chapsI had a tough day as made a crap decision and was basically down to 5K.I played a pot with Carlos Morgenson where basically he limped and I raised big with AA flop 10 6 4 I bet and he called (he had floated loads of flops so was not worried) turn 6 which I bet and he min raised (this is where I should get away from this as looks obvious set). However, most raises he had made were min raises as he had used this for info earlier, hence I made my decision to call the turn (and as such had decided to call river).I call river also and he has 66 for quads and I have 4.5k and beat myself up for hrs.So short stack poker all day but only all in twice and get a docuble up JJ v AK late on to 25k but then donked 6k off late on.250 500 at start of today so not a push fest yet.

Was playing on Juana's table for last hr and have just seen playing with "Jesus" tomorrow !!!

Soaps table for WSOPE day 2(Table 4)Seat 1: Andreas Krause - 5,325Seat 2: Mark "Soaps" Suddes - 19,150Seat 3: Peter Neff - 27,250Seat 4: Andrew Hadden - 12,325Seat 5: Jonas Kaiser - 52,900Seat 6: Narciso Baldo - 11,050Seat 7: Surinder Sunar - 40,100Seat 8: Chris Ferguson - 36,875

Saturday, September 27, 2008

THIS IS IT !!!!!

Early tomorrow I head to the big city to play in the Biggest tornamant of my life with a £10K buy in whch regular readers will rememeber I qualified for back in March time in the 1st qualifyer in Betfair. The entry fee is scary but in effect I am in for 50$ (won 50$ sat into 550 qualifyer and won that). I play day 1B which is Sunday and just reading the starting days was an experience as I read big name after big name.

Field is capped at 500 runners which I imagine 300+ will be pro's so will be by far the hardest field I will ever play in. Add to that I am in my worst poker form for 2 years at the moment then things do not bode well (£4k hole over last 2 months). I have been kicking myself this week for not selling my seat as I seen some offers of around £9K where as my EV is probably around the £3k mark in that field. That has been my mindset all week which I decided I needed to sort out before I go. Also I am going through one of them runs when it feels like the last race I won was the wheelbarow race back in junor school !!!

Hence I have set myself 3 main targets to focus the mind / get the most out of the event.

1) I am in for 50$ first and foremost make sure I go out and enjoy it, thats the game itself, the hospitality in the pacakge, and just the all round experience of playing with great players.

2) Remind myself that poker is a game where the best player does not always will, a few set up hands like AA v KK in mid stages that probably play themselves then they will be opportunities to get chips even v the best - lets try and make zero defects (no mistakes).

3) Be patient - in the last 2 GUKPT's I have been the most aggressive early doors on the table, we start with 20k chips on Sunday so I am going to play TAG (tight aggressive). Huge watchout with big hands early like AA and KK and to be honest I prefer not to get these at early levels with such big stacks. I think pairs looking to trip up become huge in such a structured event.

4) Get through day 1 - this is my biggest aim - I really want to make day 2 as bombed from my only other wsop expereince at 130am ( 30 mins before end of day) with a crap play.

A few sites that have regular updates in case people want to follow progress.

1) WSOPE section under poker on Betfair.
3) I am sure the boys at the Newcastle Poker forum will post a couple of updates also.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


As bad as my recent poker !!

Steven Taylor - Awful dont get why they gave him decent £ contract - hes shite.
Geremi - Please get out of toon you waste of space.
Damien Duff - Would the real Damien Duff please stand up please stand up.
Cisco - pass
Owen - why would he stay amongst this shambles.

Relegation was 10-1 last weekend - superb value IMO

Sunday, September 21, 2008


As if my poor poker form was notbad enough (still playing complete camel crunch).

I just lost my biggest ever bet on the Ryder Cup on my Europe outright bet. I forget before hand that Faldo was such an introvert and a bif of a helmut :(

Anyway - need to get some positive thoughts flowing ahead of next weekend.

Just booked 1st class single on the train to London next sat for a very respectable £35 but then 15 minutes later got the invite from betfair to some fashion parade WSOPE kick off with models etc after I booked .

Guess i run bad :(

PS Ian Poulter is a legend - Although I think my tenner on him winning sports personality of the year at 100s on Sat night is now down the tube !!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


1st time in ages I get some chips in decent multis as have been playing crap.

Then when in good positions in big fields for big dollars I lose QQ v JJ all in pre and then QQ v 88 all in pre each time they flopped a set.

Also have one of my biggest bets ever on Europe for Ryder Cup and currently getting wopped :(

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Just been looking at the official site blog - looks like they are trying to get a few stars from the sports world to join the event with the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps been linked.

It seems sports players are doing pretty well in there conversion to poker based on the recent UKGPT events with Tony Cascairino winning the Bolton event and Wayne Mardle final tabling at Luton - so don't assume theyare fish if end up on your table.

For some reason I have a premonition I will be on the same table as Hellmuth - don't know why but I keep thinking this - hopefully I last long enough that I am still in when he arrives at the table :) !!

Anyway I have included link to the WSOPE blog as decent read.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bad Cash Session

lost 2 big hands last night -£900 not good

Off to toon match today should be interesting with protests galore - not for me to be honest.


Football pathetic

and played cash poker almost - £1k


I am playing shocking also making bad decision after bad decision - not good when biggest tourney in life is 2 weeks away.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Frustarting time at the minute - can hardly get a game of poker and then when I do I am too knackered to play a proper multi or to focus on cash.

Travelling loads with work so hardly getting time for a game - I think I need to make the Fri / Sat night drunken nights pay but need to go out on 1 of them.

Next week is even worse - London Sun Reading Mon Brussels Tue Frankfurt Wed Thu back to Newcastle that evening and will be knacked again.

Need to get some live practice in at some point also. I need a minimal hours month winning a few big cash sessions and a multi :)

Less play more pay would be nice lol

Sunday, September 07, 2008


No good news to report.

Just busted out 55k about 10 before money making what I thought was a resteal move v someone who held KK !!!

Also wanted to say big congrats to Rob Sherwood who was 4th in GUKPT for 15k £

Monday, September 01, 2008



Decent live cash session


Multi form awful with 6th in tonights 16k been the bets result for a while. And a few absolute awful cash sessions when I played pathetic.

I am going to play much less next month so not setting any targets - if my foot gets better I am going to focus on trying to doa bit of fitness work.

Sunday, August 31, 2008




Every decent bet I had on a horse won in the month.


Poker tilt in the casino again :( & poor start to footy season.

Friday, August 29, 2008


When to Aspers tonight to get some live tourney experience for a 50 deepstack freezeout with 50 odd runners.

Quickly halved my stack running KK into AA (go away from it) AQ v QT on QT4 flop and numerous other top pair v 2 pair concoctions !!.

anyway i play 3.8k folded to SB who makes up to 400 which I have in as my BB - I jam for 3.5k more to pick up the 800 in the middle. He then calls with King Jack (I had 9 10) - so he has either trapped with King high !!! or decided to call off 1/2 his stack when thinks hes behind - I do not get it.

Anyway worked out well - I put my name down for cash - 2 games 5 5 and 1 2 and 1 2 opened 1st so i just joined that one and bought in for 100. Early on I was all in on a flush draw v a made straight and hit - had I lost this hand then I think I would have gone. 7 hrs later all at 1 2 I just cashed out for over £700 and basically never had my chips in worse than 70 30 my way. I can honestly say I did not misplay 1 hand all night and I think that's probably the 1st time i can actually say that. I have won much more online in 1 session at higher buy ins but tonight was definitely my best ever cash performance.

Anyway 630 am - ain't even tryed bed yet and I got to meet my team for pub lunch at 1145am - could be a long day !!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sorry dont know how to post a vid in blog so here is link !!! PMSL

Monday, August 25, 2008


Ok - time to cheer myself up after weekend disaster.
I noticed its 1 month till WSOPE and need to start thinking about accomodation etc. Tempted to book for 4 or 5 days even though most likely i go out day 1 as there will be other games and the VIC has the EPT side events at the same time.
Still feel these games are a bit out of my league but also feel i am getting better with each live event i play. This will also be the 1st time I represent Betfair at an event and I am proud to do that as I do consider it my poker spiritual home !! despite its issues.
Anyway hope people are doing better at the tables than me at the moment - shot above of the WSOPE massage girls for you !!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Just logged a - £3 - £3.5k weekend across sports and poker.

I think this is probably the most I ever lost across a weekend and certainly aint good. I played sha at poker and had 2 very large sports bets that both lost.

On plus side got £1650 expenses for WSOPE from Betfair so limits it a little. Off next week but head is up my backside now - need to make sure I don't do anything daft.

Still just in the black for poker / sports for month but weekend destroyed what i was in front for month.

Might just play some low buy in zillion player multis on *s and get discipline back - also giving up on cash experiment as I am shat.


My mate came round put Hold Em manager on my pc which in summarry shows i made 8k$ cash on Betfair poker from my hand history I had on my pc but basically if I look at EV i should have just above break even so i guess this means i have ran well.

However, no sooner do I have it downloaded then its like evidence my pc now has that i have ran well and I have been basically shafted every session i played since for about 2k$.

Today 2 hands in particular that made me rage.

Total donk raises i call ace 4 flop a t 3 - i bet he raises i am confident from bet size reads on him he does not have ace so jam. He calls 300$ plus with KQ and hits J.

then AA v KK lost.

Then same donk as above similar play with 3 outs.

Then to add insult o injury cant get the stupid program to work either !!! So all its done is tell my pc i am a luck **** and to shaft me for a while !!!


Thursday, August 21, 2008


One of the best cash players around (Smart Money) was back on the Betfair forum. Good to se him back as has not been around for a while.

I particulalry likes the below story :)

So, I got thrown out of Caesar's Palace last night.....I arrived yesterday 2pm, checked into Bellagio, and then went straight to CP for some $2/5. Then took a look at the WSOP ME at the Rio before playing some cash there.After meeting up with my ex-girlfriend, I ate with her and her friends at Noodles (Bellagio) before going to Tryst (Wynn.) When I left the club at 3am I went and played some more at Caesars.Some time later a girl, who is a dealer at one of the other poker rooms, joins the table to my right. As it's a pretty good table with most people drinking and having a laugh, I tell her that we have a rule at the table that anyone who wins a pot has to get their tits out. The guy to my left wins the next pot, lifts up his shirt and shows his nipples as a joke. For the next half hour or so most of the good natured banter is centered around this girls' breasts.Anyway, I say to the girl "I bet you $5 I can make your boobs move without touching them." She's a little skeptical but takes me up on the bet. The dealer pauses the game and the rest of the table are all watching. So I hold my hands out a few inches away from her breasts for a second or two before putting them on her boobs and moving them all around. I then sigh and say "You win" and toss her a $5 chip.Everyone at the table was ******* themselves and I figured she'd fun it a bit of harmless fun too. However, she just sat there stunned and shocked. Eventually the floor person gets called (for a ruling on feeling breasts at the poker table!!?) and I get told to leave! F*ck it. it was 8:30am anyway.I don't think I'll be going there again tonight. May try The Mirage.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Was going well in 20k gtd and then lost 3 big hands in a row ehn i was fav on them all at least 60 40 out.

Then go to bed cant sleep - deposit £500 play NL with a target of £1000 - get to £970 and then lose 2 big pots and leave with 0 - £700 on the night and back to break even for month.

On plus side 7 working days off from midweek next week so cant wait.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Deep down I know I am a cash fish lol.

-1500$ last 2 days so withdrew the other 2500$ before i blew that.

Couple of decent multis on the agenda for Sunday espespially the last chance 320$ sat to Maccau the week after.

I am off to Berlin with work next week but then 7 working days off which I cannot wait for as had 2 days off in 10 months and knacked. Top end at York races next Thursday on the champers should mean i start my days off with a Friday with a bad head :)

Well done to Brennan on recent good results - going well

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Multis out cash in

As readers know I had a lot of success in multis last month. However, for some reason at the minute i justfeel knacked all the time and hence not the correct mindset for multis (if your not in the zone you wont win).

Hence I tryed to put my learning's from talking to "The Mole" in practice and give cash games a bash. His 2 main tips to me were :-

1) Play the player not the cards
2) Make sure you tell the story.

I won't go into infinite amounts of detail but he is basically saying pick the player who can fold top pair top kicker and pretend you have trips or pick the player you know cont bets flop but always checks turn if missed etc.

Anyway, net result is I have picked up more pots than ever - however I am sure this is because I am on a new site (Blue Square) and hence people have no stats on me on them god damn should be banned poker tracking software.

Anyway 3 winning nights of 4 fig $ per night so far to get me out the small minus hole for the month - so lesson seems good thus far - long may it continue.

Also just qualified cheap for the £250K gtd on BS on Sunday - hopefully can do same on Betfair 55k.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Journey to get there was awful include 2 low lights.

1) I booked the wrong day for my flight to Stanstead !!
2) I then got a National Express bus from Stanstead to Luton where the driver got lost !!!!


Started day 1 with a decent looking table draw with Rob Sherwood the only name I recognised. Have read his blog for years so was good to meet him - sound bloke who i had a few beers with after poker on Friday. Anyway table was awfully tight and i was bored so started opening raising every couple of hands that picked me up a few chips early. Sherwood then cottoned on to this and started to reraise me bored !!!. Anyway to cut longish story short i started day 1 with 10k and was happy to finish day 1 with just under 40k about 5k above average. I was all in at one point when QQ held versus AK and then late in day I raised / passed when Mike Ellis reraised , however when he did the same few hands later - I shoved with KK and he called TT and I had 50k. I spunked off 10k but went to bed happy.


New table draw (unfortunately) and I was moved to a new table with a few Internet names. Things started bad when a short stack pushed for 10K and I called with KK but it lost to Ace Ten on Ace high flop. I then basically had small ball poker without been in any big pots and stayed around the 30k mark - one bit of luck in a 20k pot when i got a chop AQ v AK but was bit gutted in end as 1st card out was Q followed by J and T and then K on turn !!

Got moved again and was in trouble half average stack - 50 odd left and 32 paid. Tryed a couple of moves that did not work and I now was down to 20k with little riggle room. However, I then picked up AA and Micky Wennick raised to 6K ( I had seen him fold KK pre in Newcastle). However, I thought anything bar a shove would scream AA so I shoved and he passed which was dissapointing.

I was then moved to another table with around 46 players left but i was in bottom 3 with around 20K. I was geting dealt not much and twice was all in too survive.

Hand 1 - I had 78 diamonds on button - i raised to 4k and both blinds call so about 16k in pot. I was happy with a flop of 459 - not cause I had any of it but because I assume they missed also. Checked to me and i shove all in and they fold.

Hand 2 - Few rounds later possy 1 limps for 2.4k and small blind calls. I am on big blind with 56 sooted and 20k behind. On the internet I push here - only risk is possy 1 has a monster - anyway I shove and he passes.

I then try a few raises and have to pass to reraises and am playing 20k. On the button I pick up JT sooted and i do not want to give them a chance to rejam so i push for 20k. into 5k pot. Small blind folds but big blind who was a huge stack starts giving it the speech play. He kept saying you got an ace under their son - so i knew he had mid ace. My assumption was that he would pass so i said nothing - In hindsight I wish i had said something like your other card need sto be higher than ten to be racing or something. Anyway after an age he makes a hero call with ace 8 offsuit. Flop of A82 and my jacket is on, turn of 9 freezes me (8910J) but no joy on river and out 45th ish 13 or so from the cash.

I also met "The Mole" (Stephen Boyd) when I was their. He had a fantastic personality and really enjoyed the 30 mins of crack I had with him. He was also on our table for half an hour and for enterainment value everyone excet Rob Sherwood (who held 88) were dissapointed to see him go (99). For the likes of Brennan who swear by the poker software etc - this lad has never read a poker book, never ever uses poker software and has just learned what the cut off means this week !!! - or and i did not mention, he also won 1.5 million $ at on line cash !!!! He is featured in this months inside poker if anyone is interested.

On the celeb spotting front - Teddy Sheringham (watching) and Wayne Mardle( playing) were there. Mardle has made the final table so good luck. I seen Rob Sherwood is out also so Mardle can have my hopes for the win.

Anyway getting closer - another good experience (bar the travel).

Wednesday, August 06, 2008



***** Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 395418952 *****NL $10/$20 Texas Hold'em - Wednesday, August 06, 00:13:02 GMT 2008Table Scorpio 02 6-max (Real Money)Seat 2 is the buttonTotal number of active players : 5Seat 1: Tight187 ( $2,006 )Seat 2: suddes ( $830.88 )Seat 3: DreamMore ( $2,545.25 )Seat 4: captain1 ( $2,312.75 )Seat 5: theKEYMAKER ( $4,381.56 )DreamMore posts small blind [$10]captain1 posts big blind [$20]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ 8h, 7h ]theKEYMAKER raises to [$70]Tight187 foldssuddes calls [$70]DreamMore foldscaptain1 folds** Dealing Flop ** [ Td, 9d, Ks ]theKEYMAKER bets [$140]suddes raises to [$400]theKEYMAKER goes all-intheKEYMAKER raises to [$4,311.56]suddes calls [$360.88]suddes goes all-inReturning uncalled bet [$3,550.68] to theKEYMAKER** Showdown ** suddes shows [ 8h, 7h ]theKEYMAKER shows [ 6d, 7d ]** Dealing Turn ** [ 9c ]** Dealing River ** [ 3c ]

** Hand Conclusion **suddes wins $1,688.76 from main pot with a pair of Nines 8 high kicker plays

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


WSOP Europe 2008 Venues

The 2008 World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) today announced that it will be hosting its event under one roof in the magnificent surroundings of the Casino at the Empire in Leicester Square London. The event which starts on the 19th September will feature four bracelet events, and begins with a new three day long £1,500 No-Limit event. Non-stop cash games and other casino games will be available at the casino and other LCI London locations. - September 19th , 2008 - Event #1 - £1,500 – No-Limit Hold’em Day 1A (3-day event)- September 22nd , 2008 - Event #2 - £2,500 – H.O.R.S.E. (3-day event)- September 24th , 2008 - Event #3 - £5,000 – Pot Limit Omaha (2-day event)- September 27th , 2008 - Event #4 - £10,000 – World Championship No-Limit Hold’em (6-day event)

I have done 1000$ tonight on Laddies cash 300$ in a tourny and £500 on the Greyhounds - DOH !!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

If Carlsberg made error messages

They would all be like the below :)

Your request to withdraw £508 has been rejected as you have reached the £2000 withdrawal daily limit.

not bad for a £98 spin up on Laddies cash :D

I am playing the 55k on Betfair and 100K rebuy on Laddies tonight. - Out both played pants

Saturday, August 02, 2008


I did over £1000 at 10 20 NL last night - back to 2.5 5 if i play again this month and very bad start to month.

On the other end of the scale Betfair announced an awesome promotion of $100,000 if anyone won the 16k and the 5k or 6k on the same night. This was won on the very first night by a player called red mist. Well played sir.


Woo Hoo

Blog Of The MonthSoap - Fellow geordie, top bloke and at the moment very much on form. Great read and an insight to the higher stakes games. Expect more online success in the future.

From UKGatsby blog - link yo your right - over 100000 hits - extremely popular.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Pretty sick last hand of the month

Heads up in 5k gtd.

about 10 hands ago I have been all in KK versus this opponant with AK for win and he flops ace.

Well played mate !!


6 Pak-365
Bonus / Rake300
Heads Up-520
No Limit445
Fixed Limit-585


1) One of my best ever months

2) Multi form has been awesome - key highlights.

Won Betfair 2k gtd
Won Betfiar 16k gtd
Won Betfair 20k gtd
2nd Betfair 55k gtd
2nd Duffs Home game

3) Qualified for another GUKPT event.


1) Losing the 2 80 20s for the 9k Maccau seat

2) The cash hand in my last post - a but sick !!


Dont think it was posible to get away but see what you think.

I was trying a spin up at 10/20 NL and bought in for 500 and was up to 1500$.

I am dealt 44 in BB and a raised to 60 with 2 callers ahead I call.

Flop 894 2 diamonds I check - someone best 200 and someone raises to 600.

I jam and both call.

I was versus 89 :) but also 88 :(

pot was 4600$ - would have capped a very fine month !!!

Anyway had AA busted in 2 of the 3 tourneys i played tonight but cash in when i was behind. In the other cheap one (5k gtd) i was down to 326 chips after 30 mins from 5000 starting stack. I now have 90k and chip leader with 9 left on fin table - however only top 2 decent cash.

I cant walk either at moment - problem in my foot is back which is depressing.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


GOLF -360

Not many bets but decent profit - happy enough with that.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


One of the horses I have a small percent in - Fol Hollow (pictured) runs at Glorious Goodwood in the last on Fri.
Once again I cannot go due to work committments so gutted as never been to Goodwood. Anyway he is top weight in a handicap and probably needs to come down a few more lbs but will get the crack on Friday.
PS please dont lay it based on above - I dont want that geezer from Panorama tonight banging on my door :)


Damn was trying to do work and play poker tonight - bad mix.

I was 3rd in 16k early doors and had decent stack which i donked most off with 55 on 10 high board that i played awful and then called a reraise all in with no more than ace ten to finish out the cash after a great start.

Then similar on cash I win over 1000$ in 1st 10 mins and lose this and my original 700$ buy in with absolute crap play - i nearly left the hand before also which is always the way.

I am very very close to best month of year and if I had left cash after initial 1000$ win I would have been there.

Just going to play 3 cheapish Blue Square Sat tomorrow night to GUKPT, to Maccau final Sat and to the 1500$ buy in event coming up - i will take getting through in 1.

I also have my foot problem back which aint good news - working at home for a few days as a result.

Fol Hollow has an entry at Goodwood in the last on Fri - not sure if he will run yet.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


55k tonight - I was 2nd one out !!!! 141st of 142.

Called a raise in position with Q T spades at lowest level and flop comes all spades. Raising war happens although I have to admit when he jammed i was pretty certain he had flopped trips. Instead he had K J spades and i missed me 1 straight flush out.


I am down in Basingstoke for the Betfair forum game at Duffs house.

What a fanatatsic place and host Duffs and his familiy were - so firstly my appreciation to them.

Friday night entailed 10 pin bowling when i started with 3 strikes in a row early doors :) - but that was the highlight - think I came 2nd or 3rd overall of 30 odd players. Then went into town and got smashed but was home by 2am - 8 hours before some completed their night out !!!!

On to the poker at Duffs - £100 buy in and £30 rake. However, the £30 rake is great value as basically gets you all you can drink, a huge chinese feast and waiter service all night - it really is a great place. It was great to meet people who I have talked to on the forum for years but never met face to face - wont name names as met so many people.

Anyway I got hardly any hands in 1st 4 hours but just remained patient and was fortunate enough that when it got to shove poker - the ones i shoved with crap got through.

I then won a race with JJ v AQ to get chips for 1st time and got to the final table. KK held v KQ to get me right in the race and with 3 left (me, Highstack and Olly) I was clear 3rd. However, I quickly got competitive and moved to 2nd in chips. Highstacks went and I was heads up.

1st was £1300 and 2nd £900 - heads up lasted 30 minutes or so but I never really cut significantly into his chip lead and the lad had to leave for a flight to Dublin so we agreed to push all in blind.

My monster 35 looked bad v king 6 and a king on flop sealed my fate. At the airport now after about 4 hrs sleep and a lot worse for wear. I think I may struggle in the Sunday night multis and even more so at graft tomorrow.