Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ready for the Off

Leave Fri night to London then London to Jamaica on Sat cant wait.

Week later board the poker cruise at Miami for the CPC. I was not sure what to expect as never been on a cruise before but it seems to be like a floating metro centre with loads to do !!!!

Check it out;jsessionid=0000BJFp1Ib2KOt0cPKjB25xzBb:13dlld2uf?shipClassCode=FR

I want to make a vast improvement on my recent live effort and will play 3 events including the main event and I am setting myself a target of a minimum of 1 cash hopefully via a final table.

Probably last post before I head off and I seen that its 55$ for 2 hrs on the ship so unless I run mega deep sont expect much update wise !!

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