Monday, November 24, 2008


Went something like this.

Good starting table with no great players at it - slow accumulation from 10k to about 13K. Moved to probably the most aggro table going including Dubai, Flushy, WillyWonker, Scottish Mark, Greco - most of which had stacks and it was obvious was going to be some big hands. Foruntunately, I had position on Dubai who was raising nearly every pot and then also picked up 2 big pairs that both held and got paid.

Got up to 39K on that table before I was moved and lost a big race to go into the danger zone with twenty odd left and 18 paid. I may just have been able to limp into money but when there was 2 all ins ahead of me I decided to go for it with AK and tripled up v JJ and 1010 to take me to 70K or so. I struggled to take advantage of the bubble though as bigger stacks doing it before me and i didnt really have the stack to reraise.

Eventually we are down to 10 and at 1 table and we are to play down to 9. Small stack shoves and I pick up KK in BB and this makes a house against a smaller house when his QJ hits QJJ but fortunately a K on board also.

Come back 6th of 9 and basically have decided in 1st 2 levels to sit quiet as moving from 9th to 7th would be 5k to 11k. I got no hands at all bar AJ which i raised in early and folded to a Scandi push (not sure if this was a good fold) - eventually 2 go out but I am down to less than 10 big blinds. Folded to me in small blind and QT looks ok to push 50k to pick up the 14k in the middle but BB has AQ and I am gone 7th for 11,100.

Pleased with the case as had sat'd into event but could not help looking at prizes 1 2 3 4 at 90k 48k 28k and 22k and thinking what might have been !!


Amatay said...

wp fish. gd to meet u and ur missus. wicked trip

TEAMDOBB said...

still looking through my hundreds of pics to find you smiling- totally endless task Im afraid

nice result mate wp on great trip

Small Stakes Poker said...

good effort