Friday, July 30, 2010


Dissapointing losing month, been in a hole since 1st week and never got out, However aint losing any sleep about it as it was just a plo EV disaster month. On plus side went back to a few stts due to time constraints and still seemed to remember how to play them !!!

Out tomorrow to wet Zoe's head and too knackered to play tonight!!!

STT 1400
FL 400
Multi 375
NL 950
PLO -6050

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Only fixed in Skylansky bucks - bit of an EV disaster this month. Showing as -4.7k real $ at cash against +1K EV $

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Of course no good. Graph stinks this month, I knew he had 66 also the way hand played !!!

** Hand # 3426795624 starting - 2010-07-15 16:06:06
** DeepStack Omaha 121 [Omaha] (3|6 PL - Cash Game) Real Money

RIKSBANKENSWE sitting in seat 2 with €479.44[Dealer]
Eddielizard sitting in seat 3 with €528.40
Kiiiang sitting in seat 6 with €411.62
Eddielizard posted the small blind - €3.00
Kiiiang posted the big blind - €6.00

** Dealing cards to Eddielizard: 3d, 2c, 4d, 4c
Eddielizard called - €6.00
Kiiiang checked

** Dealing the flop: 6d, 4s, 4h
Eddielizard checked
Kiiiang bet - €6.00
Eddielizard raised to €18.00
Kiiiang raised to €66.00
Eddielizard raised to €168.00
Kiiiang went all-in - €339.62
Eddielizard called - €405.62

** Dealing the turn: 6h

** Dealing the river: Ks
Kiiiang shows: 6c, 2h, As, 6s
Eddielizard mucks: 3d, 2c, 4d, 4c
Kiiiang wins €820.24 from the main pot

Rake: €3

Monday, July 12, 2010


The bit poker I have played in July has been horrid and at PLO I cant remember winning an all in showdown over a large number fo hnads when draws were there to hit / miss,

Graph looking a bit sick for month, would be delighted to get near break even for month now !!!

Friday, July 09, 2010


I dont know them, but have been reading this blog lately - it is piss funny.

Just noticed Highstacks putting a post up about it also, so glad someone enjoying it as much as me. Hence I am going to give it free advertising.

Loads of excellent articles, spider one my fav at moment but not very far through!!!



Went to work last Thur when my Mrs was 7 days overdue and came home at 630ish as normal.

My wife was in bed suffering with what she called "period pains", however it wasn't long later that I thought they sounded much more like contractions and in the next hour or so I seemed more certain of this when 4 in 10 mins. However, she didn't make any fuss (nothing like i seen on TV!!!) and eventually we rang the hospital at 830PM as I was concerned that she was bleeding. Things then upped a little bit and I could see my Mrs was in more pain but nothing prepared me for next message. We arrived at hospital (I half expected to get sent home) and the midwife told her she was 9CM dilated and as such was going nowhere as labour was imminent. Literally 1 hr 30 from arriving at this hospital Zoe was born. If that had been the end of the process it would have been an amazing experience for both mum and dad.

However, Zoe heart rate dropped really low during the birth hence she had to be assisted by some very ugly looking utensils, unfortunately the umbilical code had become rapped round her neck and as such was born blue and very distressed and had to be treat for a good few minutes before she cryed. However, relief when she started crying but immediately followed by the biggest stress of my life.

Jean had some issues delivering the placenta which was stuck and as such she started bleeding intensely, she was rushed to theatre for an operation and I was left alone with the brand new baby. Things got really bad in theatre and she had to have multiple blood transfusions and when she came back 90 mins later she was literally yellow and shaking like a leaf - I could not believe how bad she looked and I literally thought she may not pull through.

She is so brave that despite been in this state she fed Zoe within 30 mins of coming back and she had obviously been crying for a long time as could not feed. That 90 mins or so was the best and worst moments of my life and emotions that were with me at this stage were indescribable. Eventually we were able to go to recovery ward as a threesome and I stayed with Jean and Zoe all night, eventually leaving at sometime between 6 and 7 the next morning. I dont mind admitting that I literally went home and got into bed in tears, I had been through such a huge emotional roller coaster and had completely lost control of my emotions.

Few hours later I was back at hospital and despite Zoe doing very well, Jean was still very sick and had to have more blood, however by end of day she was slightly better. I was quite shocked the next day when we were told we could go home, especially as Jean was still weak but she wanted to get out of there so we brought Zoe home.

Was a tough few days at home with the Mrs still ill and Zoey had swallowed lots of stuff she shouldn't have and was also not in the best of nick. However, I am really happy to say that 1 week later they both are ouch better and I can look forward to a fantastic life with the 2 women in my life who mean more to me than life itself. I am so proud of my wife and daughter and so pleased to come out the other side with such a positive result.

Other brief thoughts.

1) I never ever donated blood before - this will be the 1st thing I change in my life - events like above make you appreciate some things you take for granted.

2) People who know us have been so kind with gifts / offers for help and messages - this has meant a lot to me in the period described above.

3) A guy at my work who is South American told me that you don't know what love is until your baby is born, a very emotive statement but so so true.

4) It is unbelievable how immensely satisfying it is to be able to sooth / satisfy your baby and vice versa if you cant.

Anyway - wanted to do above - mainly for me as a memory for the future as to how lucky we have been and how grateful I am. I really appreciate the well wishes I have had on this blog (with exception of the spammers who are close in the life ratings to short stackers).

PS Played a few sessions of PLO when on paternity, about -2K all -EV, care - do I ****!!!!!

Thanks for reading.


This blog will return to a poker / sports blog and less emotional in the near future.

Friday, July 02, 2010


In what was by far the most emotional day of my life, my wife Jean gave birth to our 1st child Zoe at 1052pm on July 1st, she weighed in at 71/2 pounds.