Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Absolute pants - won a tiny multi at PLO big have spuzzed at cash, been on wrong side of a hell of a lot of flips in month but bad start all round to 12.

FL Lost -500
NL Won -1175
RB Won 55
PLO Won -300
Multi Won 250
Total   -1670


Golf 280
Spreads 450
NFL -1225
Horses 2120
Football -2400
Tennis -850
Snooker -315
Darts 350
PROFIT -1590

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Poker - lost flips galore every time I get it in!!
Sports - Despite having a £1500 winning day I am still in a 4 fig hole!!!
Shares - Decent start to year - started to eat into losses from last year.
Horses - Fol Hollow was going to be sold but fell through and my other one is crocked and should run Feb or Mar.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


This year has started  poor after a Black Sunday where I lost 3 buy ins when fav on each all in and then had 3 big sports bets on footy and NFL which all lost !!!!  Also horrible Spurs and fat Harry are going well which gives me no please either. He does my head in - he was crying when agents turned "Modrics" head and then he does same things with Demba Ba the 2 faced ***ka

Anyway I have decided not to do any targets for 2012 as I have no clue what I am going to do this year poker wise and any profit would be great on sports.

Am very much looking forward to 5 things this year though and have a feeling it could be a good one.

1) Vegas for Bens wedding near Easter and week long pass stamped !!
2) Euro's with matches on at decent time for the working man.
3) Olympics and tickets for a couple of events on Aug 4th.
4) Watching my little girl grow up - she is walking and gaining Independence every day at the moment and is really great at the moment !!!
5) Watching Toon win FA Cup final in May

Laters !!!