Monday, August 31, 2009


Casino 100
F1 50
Golf 200
Horses -475
Tennis 140


FL 1000
Multi 0
NL -2275
PLO 1500

Bit of a nothing month but have been as much as 3.5K in front so ultimately disappointing. However was a few k down just before month end so happy to show a profit in end.

My biggest high and low was the APT - genuinely the best i have played in what was called "table of death" and the low was losing both the flips i was slight fav in and the 80 20.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Opened an account at a new skin tonight and new account rig was in good flow :)

Just 2 tables PLO at 5 10 and 3 6 which i bought in both for 600 for and left both with a healthy profit, had a few suck outs in small pots but in general most big pots i got it in as fav and held when needed to, i also lost a 4 fig pot to some guy who had 1 out when we got it in (me set 8s him set 7s and his other 2 cards made me a straight if came), he apologised so it must have been bad as no one does at PLO.

However, i lost money again today when dossing around at home on the horses so i need to watch out for that before i go away on my travels - I am going to try and fill my diary up a lot more next week so not at home all day.

Anyway tonight's session wont be far off rescuing the month, if i could have a winning session on Sat or Sun i could still maybe hit the profit column.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I cannot beleive how low these seats are selling for - looks like i got in to early getting 30% off. I just looked and there is 1 seat for sale for 2500$ (5200$ full price!!!). Most are now selling at 3000 rather than 3500$.

Anyway I have got it in bad as they say, but hopefully this can help someone else get a bargain.


Playing bad and running bad or vice versa. Does one cause the other? How related are they etc? - I have ran awful all week bar 1 session and just looked back at some hands at PLO when I could have won pot on turn with made hand and tryed to get check raise in etc and then called down river when danger card comes and several examples like this.

Worst losing month of the year is a NAP now - last chance saloon went back to NLHE and managed to get full buy in pre flop with QQ v A7 (wtf) and he flops A for 1500 pot.

Going to play Aspers £75 freezeout tomorrow and just try and chill out as a truly very very dissapointing month poker wise for a number of reasons.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Oh dear - its deffo looking like losing month now. Had 2 great sessions at PLO that put me in profit for month but then have had a 7BB losing streak (3 sessions) and now quite a bit down for the month. On top of that and probably related i bought Omaha add on of hold em manager and basically had to try and fix my old version before I could install. This software makes me tilt so bad. Why the **** they dont just hire a programmer who builds and addition that auto loads everything onto your pc instead of pishing about is beyond me. Surely most people would pay a premium for this. Anyway makes me tilt so hard but think it is sorted now bar stars that wont work on it for some reason. I should have just left it - I hate all that sh1t and probably no surprise i start to lose when start looking at it !!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Got home today and after 45 mins kip was up and running at PLO online. I had a real good session and recovered all I had lost in the week in about a 2 hr 2 table session.

However, shortly after i logged out my new PC (Dell Studio) arrived so i proceeded to set that up which was incredibly easy, then i started loading all the poker software - grrrrr. I then played PLO again and the day was set in a 1500EUR pot at 2 4 PLO when i got it in with but str8 with nut overdraws versus a 2 pr hand that got there via a backdoor flush. Played several hrs since and from about 6 big pots for the all ins I have won only 1 and have never been in really bad which is annoying.

I am really pleased with how well I played in Macau, I basically made 0 mistakes at all in a full days play and just lost the 3 hands where i was fav in - I think this is one of the first times i look back at a days poker and genuinely cannot find something to criticise myself over. Anyway back home now so will be playing online a bit this week and need to turn round the small August loss into a profit by the end of the week. I also played with Ben online and he uses all the Hold Em stats and makes decent notes that i do not, I will dwell over whether i should go that route in next week or so as usually play based on memory / feel but see some logic in it the other way also.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Took me a day or so to get over the below, and another buy in when getting it in ahead at PLO600 didnt help, my online sessions in Macau all 30 mins max are -600, -600, -250 which puts me in the negative column for this week, so aim when i get home will be to rescue August and try and turn it in to profit.

Mainly just been out drinking last few nights and last night had a very nice Chinese meal at the Wynn then headed over to Venttian but the bar that was so packed the other night was a lot quieter (I since found out it had been ladies night first time we went!!). Anyway we tryed a couple of clubs also with 2 drinks each in local nightclubs D2 and Cubic. Was amusing to see one party ordering the biggest drinks bottles in the world and necking champagne from a magnum etc. All premier league games and the ashes were on in the bars so watched most the matches at Hard Rock Cafe also.

Have 1 night left tonight and then basically a full day tomorrow as fly at 1130PM Monday night - bit down on poker so may just try a spin up on the gambling tables as thus far are a couple of hundred in front from blackjack and a dice game called sic bo.

Dont think will bother any Sunday multis even though timewise could probably play them when got back timewise. Well done to Toon for another win yesterday and come on Everton today to land my Sunderland Arsenal Everton treble on Betfair.

Next post will be back home - good luck if playing the majors tonight.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I ran sick bad today and played really well but went out on last level of day.

Basically I doubled up on 1st level when i checked called every street with AQ on what by river was Q6672 board, was only certain was in front on river when for 1st time i went with a read that he was weak and was right (he could have had KK or even AA as open raised). So I have 22K after 1 level.

Then table starts to be full with Asia's finest and basically I had JC Tran, a bracelet winner whos name i didnt know , Liz Leiu and a full tilt pro (S Wong) all at my table. I played some good competitive poker was pleased to hold me own in such company. However, then the below hands started, non massive pots but all would have given me a well above average stack to make moves on.

HAND 1 - JC Tran has just joined table playing smallish stack of 6.something K - I open in possy 1 with genuine hand AK which was flatted for 1700 and then JC pushes for his stack - I shove and am racing v 55 (should he be getting that in?) and lose race for 16Kish.

HAND 2 - I raise to 1200 a flat caller and then small stack shoves for 7K - I min raise to try and look like isolation and get it in with KK v 45 for 16-17K pot - flop comes a sick 855.

HAND 3 - Last level of day and I am down to 15 bigblinds with 50 odd players left - I open with JJ (didnt shove as wanted reshove) and get reshoved and call - me JJ v AQ and turn is Q and goodnight.

Thats all can be arsed to write - pretty gutted to win none of the 3 above must be <5% to lose all them.


Just seen that according to pokernews I was on "table of death" LOL - obviously some famous Asian players that have to admit I was not familiar with all.

1 day 4 hours ago | Posted by TassieDevil

Table of Death
One very interesting table has formed in front of our desk here on table 4 which is going to prove a tough way to start out a tournament.

Steve Wong, Steve Yeh, Liz Lieu, Tommy Le and David Chiu are all seated together in one of the toughest table draws you'll find.

Thursday, August 20, 2009



Huge good beat as boarded the 12 hr flight from London to Hong Kong where we are told that unfortunately we need to be upgraded to club world (business) which means flat beds, unlimited shampoo etc - sweet. Arrive other side and have just missed ferry though so had to sit around for 3 hrs waiting for next one.


Anyway arrive Macau about 8ish but have missed the VIP meal hence head down Lion Bar at MGM for drinks. Basically get a wrist band for ipoker party that equals free drinks all night - met Twaddle from Betfair for drinks also who gives us an overview of what to do and see. Next morning wake up after 3 hrs and puke guts up !!!! = back to bed and didn't get up till 5pm. No gamboools.


Headed over to where APT was and did some reg stuff - looks good set up. Then get taxi to different area and spent most night in Venettian at a bar called Belinni which is awesome. Basically loads of fit women just stare and smile at you all the time - I had assumed i had been suddenly hit with the beauty stick till I worked out every Westerner gets the same treatment !!!

It is quite different to Vegas and more spread out but I like it so far. Did have one shocking meal that was supposed to be chicken but was all bone and gristle so think I had chickens arse or feet and had to settle for a reliable Fat Burger later !!!

We won £20 between us at blackjack but minimum bets are massive with most places minimum bets been £20- £30, also many hotels have never heard of poker and looks like there are only a couple of poker rooms in Macau, Got back last night loaded £500 into Laddies and then ran this to £1000 then was all in QQ v 56 pre for £1200 and lost and took a couple more beats to register a small losing session. I play day 1B which is Friday so another day to bot around today.

Anyway on flight on the way over I watched the Frank Skinner stand up gig and he was on about celbrities been asked to sign autographs in awkward places. He said he had sex with one women who asked him to sign the condom. He refused she said why not Frank - he said I dont want to get shit all over the biro :)

On that note - laters and GL.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Out them all - did OK in warm up but played exit hand shocking. Also played WSOPE on Betfair (1 bad beat but never stacked) and 30K gtd (played awful).

Night rescued by a large bet on Gay in 100metres without Bolt at a very generous evens.

Off to Macau tomorrow night - GL me.!!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Reraised someone with AK with 24 left in 18K and they called and I was delighted to see AQ as pot was for chip lead - he flops Q (after sh1t call) and i leave with nothing and get a run down from some **** who was not even in hand !!!

Qualified from 50$ sat to the WSOPE 2 seats gtd final on Sunday on plus side.


Thursday, August 13, 2009


2 multis both done in 2 outers.

then played £500 at PLO and got it in 3 way as 70% Fav and lost main pot and side pot when i missed everything (nut flush and wrap) - was actually surprised at how big a fav I was but was v 1 pair and 2 lower flush draws.

Then 1st big bet of footy season went down when Morrison missed a sitter in last minute (evs) v Hartlepool.

Also just spent £600 and odd quid on a new lap top so expensive night.

On plus side 2 days left at work between now and Dec 1 and out Friday night on a work night out on a tyne cruise - forecasted to pish down !!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Currently on final table of this on *s.

5 left all have equalish stacks but I am now 5th of 5 after being a slight chip leader 30 mins ago. I tryed to chop for $8k each but noone was interested so I now look weak !!!!!

Anyway need to ladder one place to 4th to recover weekends lossers.


FFS that was the biggest BOK thread of all time - just got it all in QJ (woops) versus TT so racing for a pot to go huge chip leader and lose and gutted with $3.8k for 5th. flop was 789 for an extra 2 outs but missed them all.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Oh dear - Just had my worst 24 hr period of poker in the year busting a Laddies account of £2K and a stars account of $2.5K within 24 hrs.

Wont bore yu with details but all PLO and basically 3 big pots of getting it all in good and getting sucked out on in all 3, and then losing the plot on Laddies and basically giving away £1K+. I think that last 1k you can probably put in the tilt column which aint good and I usually pride myself on the infrequency that i ever tilt. Also bad timing with only 1 payday left work wise until Xmas.

Anyway to find some positives, already entered the *s warm up and Betfair 30K tonight so will try and play out skin to get a return, also over the course of the last week i have played and qualified for loads of WCOOP events on stars in Sept - I probably have about 1500$ of entries in tournie vouchers that hopefully can lead to some returns in Sept.

In reply to them sessions I think after tonight I may just play some mega low stakes this week as last week at work and loads to finish then hopefully cash tables in MAcau are fishfest and we get back in business.


Had grinded away all day and was about $1200-$1500 up - then seen a total fish sat at 10 20 PLO so thought would risk and hit and run spin up - last hand of night below :(

PokerStars Game #31407157869: Omaha Pot Limit ($10/$20 USD) - 2009/08/09 2:26:00 WET [2009/08/08 21:26:00 ET]
Table 'Aspasia II' 6-max Seat #5 is the button
Seat 1: trsh335 ($2000 in chips)
Seat 2: Dostojewski ($447 in chips)
Seat 3: 520988 ($1347.90 in chips)
Seat 4: NeoNcoNdoM69 ($2127 in chips)
Seat 5: jaymac111 ($2923 in chips)
Seat 6: boobySMILES ($9257.55 in chips)
boobySMILES: posts small blind $10
trsh335: posts big blind $20
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to 520988 [Ad 3h Ac Td]
Dostojewski: folds
520988: raises $40 to $60
NeoNcoNdoM69: raises $140 to $200
jaymac111: folds
boobySMILES: folds
trsh335: folds
520988: raises $430 to $630
NeoNcoNdoM69: calls $430
*** FLOP *** [Th Qh 8c]
520988: bets $717.90 and is all-in
NeoNcoNdoM69: calls $717.90
*** TURN *** [Th Qh 8c] [7h]
*** RIVER *** [Th Qh 8c 7h] [Qd]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
520988: shows [Ad 3h Ac Td] (two pair, Aces and Queens)
NeoNcoNdoM69: shows [Qc Jh 5c 4d] (three of a kind, Queens)
NeoNcoNdoM69 collected $2722.80 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $2725.80 | Rake $3
Board [Th Qh 8c 7h Qd]
Seat 1: trsh335 (big blind) folded before Flop
Seat 2: Dostojewski folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 3: 520988 showed [Ad 3h Ac Td] and lost with two pair, Aces and Queens
Seat 4: NeoNcoNdoM69 showed [Qc Jh 5c 4d] and won ($2722.80) with three of a kind, Queens
Seat 5: jaymac111 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: boobySMILES (small blind) folded before Flop

Thursday, August 06, 2009




Come up to 10 yrs at my place of work next month and have decided (and have had signed off) 3 months unpaid leave before I come back to a new role in the same company at Jan 1. Really appreciate them accommodating this for me.

Anyway - whats the plans - Am i going to be a layabout bum like Amatay / Brenos / Holmes etc I hear you ask? (sorry boys !!). Well the answer for 1 month is Yes as the Mrs also had leave signed off but only 2 months. Hence master plan looks something like below.


- Work till mid August
- Play APT in Macau and go with Homes till almost end Aug.


- Few weeks bumming around / seeing a few people and going to races etc.
- Maybe a few days in exchange shop if my "pro mate" will teach me!!
- Then Nottingham for English Poker Open and maybe heading down to London for WSOPE.
- Unfortunately cant make Vegas anymore in last week Sept.


- Go travelling with the Mrs to Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo and Singapore.


- One month travelling round Oz including Sydney, Melbourne (and Melbourne cup!!), Brisbane, Cairns, Outback, Ayers Rock and Perth.


- Back to graft

Rather excited and hopefully can get a score in Sept to replace my 3 months lost wages !!!

Any tips in any of these places then let me know.

Monday, August 03, 2009

WSOPE - Just Mini this time !!!

Yes - just won a 50$ sat to WSOPE event 1 which is a £1000 buy in. However, due to other committments this was the only event I coud play and it is the week of the English Poker Open so I will head from Nottingham to London.

Played well overall with no suckouts but picked up a few monsters and won a couple of races. Got to heads up with a huge 10:1 chipstack lead but was cacking my pants when he drew back to 45K v 38K ish. Last hand was a race which I won (AQ v 22) and I needed to avoid about 14 outs on riv which I did.

Only downside is structure is awful with only 3000 chip starting stack with 25 50 blinds and 1 hr levels - like a Betfair turbo :) !!! (for perspective main event last year was 20000.

Anyway 1 more chance for live donking !!!

Sunday, August 02, 2009


PLO -125
FL 1700
Multi 10380
NL -1750
Rake Bonus 550
PROFIT 10755


1) Winning 66K n Betfair (basically all of profit)
2) Felt i played well PLO despite loss.
3) I have included my EPO buy in within the figures.
4) Performance at forum game with 2 final tables (1st and 6th)


1) Was 18K in front at one stage in month
2) Ran awful at cash in last 2 weeks of month.


Went down to Duffs Full House to play the forum game this weekend. Numbers much less than previous years but good to meet some all friends and a few new ones.

Had good day at Goodwood races on Fri and many thanks to Carl driving us both ways. Just 1 winner that about covered costs. Cam back played a £50 freezeout and took this down for about £400.

Next day and 50 0dd runners at forum game, well organised but a few unschedukled breaks when there was a power cut !!! Anyway made 1 good laydown and basically cruised to final table. At final table 6 left when biggest drunk on table who had almost same stack as me (I was chip leader) limps 5K, I raise to 25K with a9 and he pushes all in for 100K. Usually, this would look like AA but the way he had been playing i knew he was weak and snap called. This is to have greater than 50% of chips in play with 5 left and was delighted when he shows 910 but less delighted at 8JQ flop :( - went out a few hands later when pushed with 85 and was called by 66.

£380 for 6th and £400 for 1st night before made it a nice weekend £ wise but was more after the prestige of doing the double :)

Anyway - thanks to all who organised especially Carl and Tony.