Friday, August 21, 2009


I ran sick bad today and played really well but went out on last level of day.

Basically I doubled up on 1st level when i checked called every street with AQ on what by river was Q6672 board, was only certain was in front on river when for 1st time i went with a read that he was weak and was right (he could have had KK or even AA as open raised). So I have 22K after 1 level.

Then table starts to be full with Asia's finest and basically I had JC Tran, a bracelet winner whos name i didnt know , Liz Leiu and a full tilt pro (S Wong) all at my table. I played some good competitive poker was pleased to hold me own in such company. However, then the below hands started, non massive pots but all would have given me a well above average stack to make moves on.

HAND 1 - JC Tran has just joined table playing smallish stack of 6.something K - I open in possy 1 with genuine hand AK which was flatted for 1700 and then JC pushes for his stack - I shove and am racing v 55 (should he be getting that in?) and lose race for 16Kish.

HAND 2 - I raise to 1200 a flat caller and then small stack shoves for 7K - I min raise to try and look like isolation and get it in with KK v 45 for 16-17K pot - flop comes a sick 855.

HAND 3 - Last level of day and I am down to 15 bigblinds with 50 odd players left - I open with JJ (didnt shove as wanted reshove) and get reshoved and call - me JJ v AQ and turn is Q and goodnight.

Thats all can be arsed to write - pretty gutted to win none of the 3 above must be <5% to lose all them.


Just seen that according to pokernews I was on "table of death" LOL - obviously some famous Asian players that have to admit I was not familiar with all.

1 day 4 hours ago | Posted by TassieDevil

Table of Death
One very interesting table has formed in front of our desk here on table 4 which is going to prove a tough way to start out a tournament.

Steve Wong, Steve Yeh, Liz Lieu, Tommy Le and David Chiu are all seated together in one of the toughest table draws you'll find.


Brenos said...

Unlucky mate :-(

Assume you mean flop 855 not 885. Enjoy the rest of your hol :-)

Poker play the Soap way said...

yep - corrected