Monday, August 03, 2009

WSOPE - Just Mini this time !!!

Yes - just won a 50$ sat to WSOPE event 1 which is a £1000 buy in. However, due to other committments this was the only event I coud play and it is the week of the English Poker Open so I will head from Nottingham to London.

Played well overall with no suckouts but picked up a few monsters and won a couple of races. Got to heads up with a huge 10:1 chipstack lead but was cacking my pants when he drew back to 45K v 38K ish. Last hand was a race which I won (AQ v 22) and I needed to avoid about 14 outs on riv which I did.

Only downside is structure is awful with only 3000 chip starting stack with 25 50 blinds and 1 hr levels - like a Betfair turbo :) !!! (for perspective main event last year was 20000.

Anyway 1 more chance for live donking !!!


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Good skills mate - definitely need some multi coaching off you in August