Saturday, March 31, 2007


I played in the 4.5k gtd on betfair yesterday.

This is a turbo multi so not very prestigious but is 6 pak which is definitely the best format for me. Anyway only 3 prizes in this which are 2250$ 1st 1350$ 2nd and 900$ 3rd.

I was chip leader with 5 left and then played careful to make sure I made the cash. Got to 3 left as chip leader but then took a big hit when the button pushed and i called with ace ten. I was delighted to see he had 8 5 but he hit to put me short in 3rd. I then played mega aggressive pushing nearly every hand and got back to chip lead. The other guy took him out to get me heads up.

THEN I GOT A GOOD BEAT :) - I pushed ace seven and was called by ace ten and flopped a seven. I then had chip lead and next hand i pushed with K ten but was called by KK and was back to 2nd again. I then played mega aggressive and regained chip lead and the rerasised his raise all in with K J and he called with 9 10 sooted. A gorgeous flop of KK J meant game over and a multi win and 2250$ for SOAP.

Done quite well heads up tonight also - Im on 4 wins in row and going to play one last one before bed to try and get 5 on the bounce.

Off to see the toon tomorrow and then down my mates sat night so next game Sun night.

Well done to Dibble for 2nd final table in 2 nights and he got a sick beat tonight to come 5th.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Quick update - boxing tickets didn't arrive so night in doors in online poker on the cards.

Not sure if I can claim cash back as they were from ebay ???

If so and I lose say 500 tonight can I claim that also :) !!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


Just to make it easier for me to keep track Im going to break the calendar year into quarters.



Would I take 4 quarters like that this year - Yes I would be delighted so fingers crossed.

Thats it till weekend ...


Aims for 2007 in order of importance and % chance I think I have of achieving it.1) Win 12k on line in 2007. 50%2) Make a profit from stt's or don't play them. 80%3) Have at least 9 winning months from 12. 50%4) Qualify for a major live tournament making the effort via satellites. 20%.5) play NL cash on betfair more and make a profit - 80%plus 2 less measurable ones.1) don't abuse anyone in chat unless abused first no matter how bad there play is.2) have at least 1 day a week when don't play poker.

1) On track
2) Struggling
3) On track
4) Done - passport stamp although would like to qualify for a bigger one.
5) I need to re review this as I feel like I am crap at NL cash.

Then the less measurable ones.

1) Failed miserably on this account in heads up losses this month :( - SORRY !!
2) Tomorrow day off !!!!


OK talking a couple of days off poker. Mind not right at the moment and have lost the last few days. I read a post on one of my mates blogs stating that when his head was not right he always lost and thats how I feel a the moment. Hence I have just been on EBAY to get myself some tickets for the boxing on Friday at Newcastle Arena where GB take on the US in the contender series which Im hoping will be good. I will probably have a few pints and end up on the cash tables somewhere !!!!

Anyway back to the purpose of the post. Volume wise I have played a lot in March and recovered from a shocking month to break even. Was £1500 down at one point and got to £800 up but finish the month break even ( well technically in profit !!! )

6 Pak-371
9 Seater-55
Rake + Bonus 1003
h up 586
Multi -429
NL -610

Pretty crap as Im only getting to break even from rakeback and bonuses. My NL game is absolutely shocking at the moment - I think I need to read a few books / tighten up and go back to basics. The only highlight I have this month is that I have won a passport stamp to the value of 3000$ which is not included in the above figures.

However, I do have some good news in the month. I have a few times rather than go on poker tilt loaded some cash up £75 on a online casino and each time have managed to get lucky and win large amounts. This is total luck and to be honest I rarely play these so I need to ensure I dont start because of a few lucky sessions.

My final sports book for the month including the online casino is below. Bad month on the horses mainly made up of ante post bets for Cheltneham that all did crap.


On a personal level I move to a new role within the company I work for on April 1 - I move from people manager to project manager so lets see what challenges that brings. Maybe if its late nights it will save me from donating in the 16K every night :) !!!

Good Luck all

Monday, March 26, 2007


Ok looked like I was on target for a losing month so decided to go back to total basics for a day.

I have played £3 £6 FL almost all day today and won about £600 which is 200 big blinds which I am obviously pleased about. Just played solid 1 table and will have generated some decent rake which I will get the benefit from next month. I played a wsop qualifier and the passport stamp but did nothing in either so gave £100 back.

I have been looking tonight how to spend my 3k$ passport stamp and have seen there is a tourney each week in the Bellagio which is about 1K$ buy in and I am there in May. SO current thinking is to see if I can use 1k$ to buy in there and then use the remaining 2k$ to buy in at the UK poker tour event at Newcastle which is at Grosvenor in June and televised on Ch4 I believe.

Well played to Doobs tonight who was final table in 4 main events all at once - the 16k gtd, the 50k gtd , the 6 shooter and the passport stamp.

Back to work in UK tomorrow nice to have a week with no travel. However, I have lost my mobile which is a bit of a pisher.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I mentioned a while ago that I was looking at buying a small share in a 2 y old with the cash I got from the multi.

Transaction now completed and I now own a smidgen of this beast.
Horse is called Janes Delight and expected to debut at Beverley mid April and trained by P Haslam. Purchase price for the syndicate was 20k so hopeful it can be ok and provide me with some fun. My % is only 2.5 but this gets you owners rights so don't worry it wont bust me !!! Lets hope I have some fun and maybe even get some prize money !!
Below is the link to the syndicate site for anyone interested.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

AT LEAST ITS NOW A BAD BEAT ...............

The perfect hand to wipe out remaining balance in the account and send me to bed (3 hrs too late).

Totally read hand wrong thought Guy was flushing with Paired K dimonds - though probably KQ

Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 190455622 *****NL $2.50/$5 Texas Hold'em - Saturday, March 24, 04:29:46 GMT 2007Table Nitrogen 13 6-max (Real Money)Seat 1 is the buttonTotal number of active players : 5Seat 1: Youssuf1 ( $396.14 )Seat 2: Ivorlott ( $770.60 )Seat 3: Kenny D ( $0 )Seat 4: Ra666 ( $336.05 )Seat 5: suddes ( $241.25 )Seat 6: rajamuffin ( $59.02 )Ivorlott posts small blind [$2.50]Ra666 posts big blind [$5]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ Kh, Ah ]suddes raises to [$17.50]rajamuffin foldsYoussuf1 foldsIvorlott calls [$15]Ra666 calls [$12.50]** Dealing Flop ** [ 9d, Kc, 5d ]Ivorlott checksRa666 checkssuddes bets [$30]Ivorlott foldsRa666 calls [$30]** Dealing Turn ** [ 5h ]Ra666 checkssuddes bets [$70]Ra666 calls [$70]** Dealing River ** [ 8s ]Ra666 goes all-inRa666 bets [$218.55]suddes calls [$123.75]suddes goes all-inReturning uncalled bet [$94.80] to Ra666** Showdown ** Ra666 shows [ 9s, 9h ] full house, Nines full of Fivessuddes mucks [ Kh, Ah ]** Hand Conclusion **Ra666 wins $497 from main pot with full house, Nines full of Fives

A genuine very well played sir - dont think he could play it any better.



Just been playing heads up tonight doing OK and the 16k where I cashed coming 12th. My AQ ran into 88 winner gos 3rd overall flop 8 6 2 giving him trips but me 4 to the flush but I don't make it and Im out. That's fine 50 50 I can take it.

But I cant take the heads up beats I just had. Totally dominated 3 games and lost all 3.

Got chips in with 90% 10% 80% 20% and 75% 25% respectively when had chip lead and lost everyone - and then they put something dumb in chat so I get into abuse mode :(.

One guy as an example Im all in Queen Ten on Queen 4 2 board he has queen 6 and after we push on flop turn comes a 6 - I type v lucky 3rd game in row im sucked out on - response - you were not that far ahead !!!! - 3 chuffing outs !!! - He then calls with and up and down straight draw when I have a pair and hits and tells me I was trapped.

Then I lose to someone called Buttons and I really think he could be the pantomime version.

Not sure I have the willpower to continue playing heads up and getting sucked out on time after time. In the above games I battle back in all them and then get another suck out or lose race and to be frank Im totally sick of it. I have no idea how I am hitting break even when running so bad. Maybe one month I can hit all the cards these jokers do - hopefully when Im in Vegas in May - Im totally due a ridiculous run of luck and one things for sure no one will be getting an apology when it comes ...............

Monday, March 19, 2007


Logged on from the Ukraine and see a player I think is shite sitting at the 400$ head up tourney table.

This is higher stakes than I usually play heads up - what happened next is I lost my 400$ in unbelievable fashion. Basically my opponent pushes all in every single hand and types in chat sorry have to go hence all in blind every hand. This was an interesting position as I didn't know whether to wait for a monster or just call when have K or A as should be in front,

I decide to wait for monster and call with AQ and beat his 7 4 and I go to 2600 400 in front. He continues yo push every hand and I fold something like the next ten, Then I get queens and flat call and he pushes as usual - he has ace 5 and hits ace and now is almost level. I then call with K 9 after I have folded a few hands and this losses to his 9 5 and basically I am low as anything and call with 33 which losses to 56.

I know some of the above are ridiculous beats but I don't know what I should have done.

Anyone any ideas !!???

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Played a £20 multi and got £440 for 2nd of a 100 and odd players. Bit disappointed as I blew a 3 : 1 chip lead heads up buy my opponent got cards at the right time and twice out kicked me when we had top pair - both times I had a straight draw that missed. Eventually he trapped me heads up with QQ against a K Ten push by me - Fair play to him he was the better player heads up.

I wont see any of the £440 quid anyway - I had decided if I got a good return from a multi before end of March that I was going to purchase a small share in a 2 year old racehorse (2.5 or 5% only ). I did this last year but unfortunately the company went bust so I did my cash. However I really enjoyed being involved and the stable visits were great so I'm looking to invest again with a new company.

This is just a hobby and will definitely cost you cash in the long run but the thrill of been an owner at York and Newcastle last year were great ( unlike the horses performances !!! ). I'm looking at a more reputable company this time to take the bankrupt risk away and am atracted to middleham park racing. which has been around for ten years. I have my eye on a cheap 2yowith P Haslam that I am currently enquiring about - I will keep you updated.

Good luck Gatsby in the final WSOP qualifier tonight.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Bit of a nothing day until the 16kgts multi on bf - got lots of chips early to get to 2nd with 30 odd left top 18 payed. Blinds 200 400 and someone moves all in for 2.5k - Evo a good player then raises to 7k all in from the SB. I have about 12k and have AK sooted. I decided Evo had a decent hand but was trying to make sure he was 1 on 1 to pick up the pot hence I called. Evo showed QQ which held up and I was down in the pack. Then with 22 left I pick up JJ raised 4 * bb 1 flat caller - pot 6k I have 10k left. Flop comes 8 high so i push in to pick up the pot and not risk any outdraws - called immediately by QQ and Im gone with no return from a great position. I think I made a mistake on the first hand - even though I have good odds to call I have a drawing hand and if I had seen Evos hand face up I would have folded even though I have odds to call. I mistakingly thought I could be dominating him. I then went and lost 300 at fixed limit so 400 down on the day so wasnt looking good. I had 75 quid left in my bet365 account after Chelt so loaded it into Roulette for a laugh - 30 mins later I just cashed out £1200 number after number came in - Ive played casino twice this month and both big winning sessions which is nice when poker not going so good. I only ever risk 50 or 75 so very nice runs. I also had £200 on Kauto Star to win the Gold Cup today at 13-8 which came in and got me about square on the Chelt festival which after 2 days did not luck likely. I think this horse is a real champion and have been with it all the way so really enjoyed the race. Bedtime Adios

Friday, March 16, 2007


Was off work today to watch the Cheltneham festival hence played poker all day.

Basically as you know I'm sitting in horrid position of £1500 down for the month but played stt's and fixed limit all day to day and change my £200 balance into £1700. I am delighted especially with my form in the stt's where i won 3 2 2nds and 3 no wheres.

Luck was a bit better with good hands holding up although I didnt really suck out on anyone in any of the wins. My fixed limit form was better and playing all day was good as rakeback this month is 40%. Im really pleased as was in the clarts for the month.


I sometimes go to the festival and absolutely love it - however I had a shocking Tue and Wed this week and was 5 ton down. Had a winner and a couple of Good EW's placed today so won 200 and odd back. Will be delighted if I can get to break even on the festival tomorrow which is Gold Cup day.

I have 2 ante post bets Degas Art 25-1 in Triumph and Fair Along 16-1 in count so hopefully one or both of these will land.

Saturday I have a work pish up at the Rugby club which Im looking forward to but then back up at 415am on Monday to the Ukraine for the week again which Im not looking forward to :(.

Hate it when I cant play the big Sunday tournies. They have wireless in hotel in Ukraine so look out for a Ukraine based player next week :)

Good Luck and nice to write a non twisting thread :)


Sunday, March 11, 2007


FFS I know I twist a lot but nobody losses as many 80 20s as I do at vital stages.

10 left in EPT qualifyer and I have played perfect a guy raises with decent stack I reraise him with QQ ( he has pushed over top twice before and I have folded ). - I decide Im looking him up - 3rd best hand in poker ad he cant have a monster every time.

13K pot for chip lead with 9 left. ME qq v 55 flop 7 5 3.

Thank god Im on business trip most of next few weeks as I am so sick of the beats I always get at vital stages in big qualifyers. Played the 16k also and made the final table - was 5th of 7th when pushed with 2 4 !!!! prob daft was just 40% of my stack I could pick up if got through blinds but BB had ten ten.

560$ hardly puts a dent in my £1500 deficit this month and again the big qualifyer seat escapes me through bad luck rather than bad play.

WTF does he think hes beating - Rant Over as have to be up at 415 am for flight to Ukraine :(

3 days off Wed - Fri for Cheltneham and hopefully I can keep off this sick game

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Just hit my worst position in any month for 6 months.

Current status this month is -£1500 for poker.

Awful luck / bad play horrid combination. I have the EPT final tomorrow and then my mate is playing for me in the Irish Open qualifier on Sunday.

Only way I can look at it positive is the passport stamp I won turns it to a break even month but that's not real cash so don't want to record it as so.

I feel totally depressed by the game at the moment - I will play this game tomorrow then I have a lot of business travel the next 2 weeks so time for a break. I am also convinced my Interpoker log on is cursed. I know this sounds stupid but look at the sharkscope stats for my 3 log ins below - they cant possibly be the same player !!!!!! - unfortunately this is the best account for rakeback and bonus hence why I keep playing it.

soap 28 $53 $123 37% $1,488 Tilt CryptoLogic x suddes 552 $22 $133 14% $12,055 - CryptoLogic x suddes12 365 -$12 $157 -8% -$4,550 - CryptoLogic x

I also won 2 small multis tonight but both were satellites to higher buy in events so I got feck all.

Last game of night coming up the eyes wide shut 5k gtd - If I win I will update - I doubt it so speak in a while.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


When will it end

blinds 75 150 I have 4k or so.

Raise 450 3 callers 1500 pot.

Flop 9 7 4 rainbow - I bet most pot 1 caller (I know they are not great).

Turn K I bet pot and get reraised all in so committed and call.

They show K 4 offsuit - another fooking joke (I held AA)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Win a few races at last tonight in the 5k gtd have an early massive chip lead.

Then KK loses to Ace 9 all in.

Then KK loses to ace 10 all in

and then KQ losses to 99 all in and I dont even place.

Qualified for final Satelite to Irish open on staurday via a 20$ thing but some chuffing cash would have been nice

Monday, March 05, 2007


In reverse order :-


The last week has been by far the worst run of luck I have had at cards - I must have been donked on time after time after time. Ive lost every race and about 8 from 10 70 30s in major tournies.

Tonight i played a satellite to the 500$ buy in 6 shooter.

Me on sb and bb are 1st and 2nd with 5 left and clear of the rest. - I have ace 3 and raise and he flat calls ( I know the player very well) - he deffo does not have ace as he pushes over the top if so.

Flop Ace 8 2 rainbow - I bet 1/2 pot he pushes over top all in. What can he have - I think any ace he reraises before flop also with any pair so Im certain Im winning even though weak ace. I back my judgement and call - 15k in middle next highest 2k so this is for game - he shows K 8 :D river fkin 8. Also had QQ busted in 3 tournies in row by AQ QT and JJ total joke resulting in me being 1k down this month :(.


Played another sat to 16k 4 seats 5 left Im in 3rd - one limper into my BB - I have ace 8 so push to pick up antes and pots - he has AA - no need for me to make move - Stupid :(.



I qualified for the final level again on Saturday - played very well always in control but then get low with 4 left - however 3 seats and 475$ for 4th so wasn't too fussed but won a race to qualify.


Betfair have started a nice promotion and I think 1st week was tonight - 150$ buy in with 3k$ prize gtd. Basically you can use the prize to buy into ant live event you want or try and save them up for entry into bigger events. I totally dominated this event - I chip lead it nearly all the way and with 6 left I had 17k and next best 7k.

The best player left was shakedown and I was able to make a big dent in him when my trips that I slow played beat his 2 pair. I then got down to 3 players with 17k and others had 13k and 6k. I held 7d 4d and minimal raised - 1 caller - flop Ace 6 3 2 diamonds - I bet pot and get a flat call Im certain he has an ace - my flush lands on turn and my bet is raised by his ace 3 for 2 pair - river is a rag and Im heads up.

At this point I think I have about a 2:1 chip lead. Heads up the guy disconnects and I win every hand from then on as he just auto folds !!!!! - I got some total monsters so think I probably would have won anyway. I felt a bit sorry for him as happened to me once with 3 left in 15k and i was chip leader but blinded out to 3rd - so what gos around comes around :)

Anyway feels like a bit of an anti climax and takes a bit of the sense of achievement away but now Im plotting where to spend my prize.

Big Well played to Dibble also who came 7th in the 50k and Doobs who won the 50k to go with his Monte Carlo win - that boy is golden at the moment.