Saturday, March 31, 2007


I played in the 4.5k gtd on betfair yesterday.

This is a turbo multi so not very prestigious but is 6 pak which is definitely the best format for me. Anyway only 3 prizes in this which are 2250$ 1st 1350$ 2nd and 900$ 3rd.

I was chip leader with 5 left and then played careful to make sure I made the cash. Got to 3 left as chip leader but then took a big hit when the button pushed and i called with ace ten. I was delighted to see he had 8 5 but he hit to put me short in 3rd. I then played mega aggressive pushing nearly every hand and got back to chip lead. The other guy took him out to get me heads up.

THEN I GOT A GOOD BEAT :) - I pushed ace seven and was called by ace ten and flopped a seven. I then had chip lead and next hand i pushed with K ten but was called by KK and was back to 2nd again. I then played mega aggressive and regained chip lead and the rerasised his raise all in with K J and he called with 9 10 sooted. A gorgeous flop of KK J meant game over and a multi win and 2250$ for SOAP.

Done quite well heads up tonight also - Im on 4 wins in row and going to play one last one before bed to try and get 5 on the bounce.

Off to see the toon tomorrow and then down my mates sat night so next game Sun night.

Well done to Dibble for 2nd final table in 2 nights and he got a sick beat tonight to come 5th.

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