Saturday, March 24, 2007


Just been playing heads up tonight doing OK and the 16k where I cashed coming 12th. My AQ ran into 88 winner gos 3rd overall flop 8 6 2 giving him trips but me 4 to the flush but I don't make it and Im out. That's fine 50 50 I can take it.

But I cant take the heads up beats I just had. Totally dominated 3 games and lost all 3.

Got chips in with 90% 10% 80% 20% and 75% 25% respectively when had chip lead and lost everyone - and then they put something dumb in chat so I get into abuse mode :(.

One guy as an example Im all in Queen Ten on Queen 4 2 board he has queen 6 and after we push on flop turn comes a 6 - I type v lucky 3rd game in row im sucked out on - response - you were not that far ahead !!!! - 3 chuffing outs !!! - He then calls with and up and down straight draw when I have a pair and hits and tells me I was trapped.

Then I lose to someone called Buttons and I really think he could be the pantomime version.

Not sure I have the willpower to continue playing heads up and getting sucked out on time after time. In the above games I battle back in all them and then get another suck out or lose race and to be frank Im totally sick of it. I have no idea how I am hitting break even when running so bad. Maybe one month I can hit all the cards these jokers do - hopefully when Im in Vegas in May - Im totally due a ridiculous run of luck and one things for sure no one will be getting an apology when it comes ...............

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