Saturday, March 10, 2007


Just hit my worst position in any month for 6 months.

Current status this month is -£1500 for poker.

Awful luck / bad play horrid combination. I have the EPT final tomorrow and then my mate is playing for me in the Irish Open qualifier on Sunday.

Only way I can look at it positive is the passport stamp I won turns it to a break even month but that's not real cash so don't want to record it as so.

I feel totally depressed by the game at the moment - I will play this game tomorrow then I have a lot of business travel the next 2 weeks so time for a break. I am also convinced my Interpoker log on is cursed. I know this sounds stupid but look at the sharkscope stats for my 3 log ins below - they cant possibly be the same player !!!!!! - unfortunately this is the best account for rakeback and bonus hence why I keep playing it.

soap 28 $53 $123 37% $1,488 Tilt CryptoLogic x suddes 552 $22 $133 14% $12,055 - CryptoLogic x suddes12 365 -$12 $157 -8% -$4,550 - CryptoLogic x

I also won 2 small multis tonight but both were satellites to higher buy in events so I got feck all.

Last game of night coming up the eyes wide shut 5k gtd - If I win I will update - I doubt it so speak in a while.


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