Monday, March 19, 2007


Logged on from the Ukraine and see a player I think is shite sitting at the 400$ head up tourney table.

This is higher stakes than I usually play heads up - what happened next is I lost my 400$ in unbelievable fashion. Basically my opponent pushes all in every single hand and types in chat sorry have to go hence all in blind every hand. This was an interesting position as I didn't know whether to wait for a monster or just call when have K or A as should be in front,

I decide to wait for monster and call with AQ and beat his 7 4 and I go to 2600 400 in front. He continues yo push every hand and I fold something like the next ten, Then I get queens and flat call and he pushes as usual - he has ace 5 and hits ace and now is almost level. I then call with K 9 after I have folded a few hands and this losses to his 9 5 and basically I am low as anything and call with 33 which losses to 56.

I know some of the above are ridiculous beats but I don't know what I should have done.

Anyone any ideas !!???

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stop bleating