Monday, April 30, 2007


NL 1585
6 pak 4810
Bonus 275
Fixed Limit-1560
Heads Up-580
Multi 3779
Rake 1104
also passport stamp 1500

Wow - huge month - my best ever poker month. Multi form has been superb especially when 30ish starters in the big money 6 paks. However, 5 final tables in 16k and a passport stamp win have shown my form is good with more players also. However, my return to form in STT's has been the biggest factor - however I have unplaced 6 in a row at end of month to finish outside cash positions in leaderboards.


1) Passport win
2) Multi wins
3) 2nd in 16k
4) NL cash is improving
5) Going above year target profit figure of 12k.


1) My beat in 16k heads up when 70 30.
2) Another massive losing month on FL - think Im gone at that game.
3) failing to finish in money position on leader board.

Im really loving betfair poker now and spending 80% there over interpoker - detachable tables have happened today and all looks well.

My job is mega busy at the moment and I will be away all this week - you think I can charge graft 2k for loss of earnings ;) LOL .

3 weeks till Vegas and have a decent roll to go with - have to see if I dare make some of the moves I do online in a live environment.

More next weekend


Yesss get in there just won my 2nd passport stamp.

Felt like I played really well - except 1 hand where I played a shocker v Buzzer and Shaa and knocked some of my chips down. ( We all had aces pairing the board ace but I had the worst kicker but tryed to hit straight or 2 pr on riv with bet and raise ahead - was poor )

However got to 3 left and was clear 3rd but felt I had a big chance as the big stack had double me but didn't look like the best player in the world ( earlier had called an all in when big stacked with 66 v qq and hit 6 ).

I will put a few of the closing hands through runittwice and post tomorrow if get a chance.

In current form absolutey gutted Im away on business Tue - Fri and no poker till Sat by when I will be chomp in at the bit.

Only bad news is that I have come noway in 5 stts in a row which I think has blown my chance of coming top 3 on the leaderboard and getting in the freeroll.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


A good old shafting came back to haunt me tonight.
Was doing well in 6k gtd again and was 4th of 5 left with 3 prizes of 3k$ 1.8k$ and 1.2k$
got them all in a7 v a 6 on a j 2 board for chip lead ( big chance split pot ) river came the 6 and instead of playing for the huge prizes Im out.

I was chip leader in passport stamp 5 minutes ago but just played a hand very bad and dropped back :(


A lot of turnover not much impact.

Casino -990
Cricket -260
Darts 320
Motor Racing 325
Football 650
Golf 110
Horses 134
Snooker -365


Essiens goal in the last minute when I had a spreadbet on his goal minutes @4 and won 500 quid. Also some very nice horse bets with 4 double price winners.


Too many gos at online casino influenced by last months few sessions - wont be losing 1k again in any month as pissed off this has offset my winnings.

Also a large bet on goal minutes for Shevchenko that I would not have placed if hadnt just had big spread win which is poor discipline.


The 1000 and 2000 Guineas that have some ante post bets but none of the looking great - Dutch art / Strategic Prince and Arch Swing would be my big winners if any came in.

A few formula 1 races which I hope to trade in running as this has been easy money.

Snooker - I have started crap this year when usually I do well - lets hope it gets better.

Will post poker P+L tomorrow.


Just won the 2.4k gtd :)

Got a bit of luck heads up when i reraised on a 578 board with 45 v JJ and made a straight.
Also laid Arsenal at 1.3 and just gone all green when Fulham scored !!! Think I may reward myself with a 300$ entry into the betfair 50k tonight.


I have just won the 6 pak shooter 6k$ guaranteed on betfair and am delighted as was 5th of 5 at one stage with 3 prizes but then delighted with my play - won a vital race with 3 left and then dominated heads up. $3000 prize makes this by far my best ever month poker wise.

I have heard that Mansion poker site has a 100k$ gtd every day and that there is a lot of value in it. Hence I have registered and am playing now for the first time. The value is immense as 100$ buy in with 570 players. Hence 43000$ of value. I will be back on this site on a regular basis although with number of runners cashing will be harder.

Anyway at moment I am about mid table of 133 runners left with prizes starting at 62nd downwards (200$) so hopefully another update of a cash !!!!

Did very well on horses today but had a massive bet on the snooker that lost. Im 3rd in the high stake leader boards on betfair with 2 days left and really hope i can hang on in there as top 3 get in the 6k free roll.

Away in Germany next week so will not be playing or updating

Good Luck

Friday, April 27, 2007


I am this months subject in betfair pokers popular onlind publication the deal.

Full article below :-

Forumite Focus - Soap
This month's subject is Mark 'Soap' Suddes, the first winner of a Betfair Poker Passport Stamp! Popular forumite Mark is a 33 year old project manager from Newcastle who has had a lot of success in his favourite tournament, the nightly $16k guaranteed, although none of those exploits can match winning a WSOP seat in his first few months of playing!
So Mark, how long have you been playing poker, and how did you get started?I think I started about 4 years ago, and like many my initial interest came about from the increased exposure of poker on TV. I won a WSOP seat in an online qualifier in my first few months, which amazingly resulted in my first live poker playing experience being at the main event in Vegas! (Perhaps predictably it resulted in a Day 1 exit!)
Even so, that's rather impressive! Online, what games do you prefer? Are you a Sit & Go, MTT or cash game player?In my opinion variety is the spice of life! I mainly play hold'em, but it's a combination of fixed limit, no limit, Sit & Go's and MTTs. If had had to pick a favourite, it would have to be 6 seater Sit & Go's and $16k guaranteed on Betfair Poker.
In an average week, how many hours of poker do you play?It's certainly more than the wife would like! In total I would say probably 4-5 evenings plus at the weekend - maybe about 30hrs a week.
A fair amount then. Congratulations on recently winning one of Betfair Poker's new Passport Stamps - what do you plan to do with it? I think I won the first passport stamp available and at the time planned to collect as many as possible. Unfortunately my total though is still one : ! I'm going on a boys holiday to Vegas next month and will use $1k of it to buy into the weekly event at the Bellagio, and then the other $2k I'll use to play the UKGPT when it comes to Newcastle.
Two rather different tournaments and locations then! What do you think of the new Passport Stamps as a promotion? I think they're a great idea as it gives people the opportunity to play in events that they would otherwise not usually enter. Also, the flexibility that they can be used almost anywhere is very attractive, and means a player can either aim to earn more, or take what they have. It's also great that if you use it and then reach the final table of a tournament, you qualify for a Threedom pass and receive a package to that tournament from Betfair for the next 3 years.
Yes, the passport stamps and Threedom passes have proved rather popular. Other than what you've already mentioned, do you play offline much and if so, where?I do but I tend to mainly play online as I can play multiple games at a time. There are a few good events in Newcastle these days at the Aspers and Grosvenor casinos and I sometimes go but nowhere near as often as I should. (I need to be more sociable, though I did put up a thread up recently to see if UKGatsby or Azimut, who are both from my neck of the woods, fancy a visit!). I do though intend to play a lot in Vegas next month.
What's your biggest win on Betfair Poker so far?In terms of return, it would have to be winning the $16k guaranteed; it's been a good tournament for me and I've also come 2nd and 3rd in it. The passport stamp has been my other notable victory, though I also recently won the $4.5k GTD.
So is the $16k is your favourite tournament?It would have to be, although rather ironically after I won it I had a spell where I couldn't make the final table for about a month. I put a thread on the forum saying if I donated in it one last time that was the end - of course I then cashed that night! Lately I've done very well in it - I've cashed in 6 of my last 9 attempts with 5 final tables, although unfortunately these final tables have mainly been 5th to 8th so just outside the big cash and the big leader-board points.
Very impressive. Have you thought of entering any bigger ones, eg. the 50k?I've only played the 50k once, but I'll certainly try and qualify via satellites in future as the structure is great. I also recently came 2nd in the Irish Open qualifier final and 3rd in an EPT qualifier, so a few close shaves but not quite good enough.
What do you think of the Betfair Poker leaderboards? I have to be honest on this one - I have mixed feelings about them. In principle I think they're a good idea but I'm always dubious as to how much they can be manipulated by anyone trying to pull a fast one - e.g. one player deliberately losing to another to gain leaderboard points. However, I also know that I am doing pretty well this month in the Las Vegas Sit & Go leaderboard and any bad beat hurts double the amount it does usually!!!
To help set your mind at rest, we do investigate the play of all the players that cash in the Leaderboards before payments are made. So, are you a fan of Betfair's other products, such as the Sports Exchange, Exchange Games or the Casino?Yes, I do use it for sports betting, which as everyone knows has revolutionised the industry. I tend as far as possible to not use the exchange games and casino as these rely on luck whereas I can convince myself that poker and sports are skilled pursuits. : I love the fact you can trade sports in running and 90% of my sports betting is now on betfair.
What do you like about Betfair Poker compared to other sites?The structures of both the Sit & Go's and MTTs are probably the best around. After the software change there were some teething issues with the site, which was frustrating at the time as most players could see that the format of the games themselves was great. Many of the issues have now been resolved though - resulting in more players and not quite as much value in the MTTs. Isn't it about time you upped these GTD limits??
Lol. There is still great value in all our guarantees we assure you! Do you have a particular favourite when it comes to the Pros on the circuit?I think Hatchem has gone on to prove that his WSOP victory was no fluke and impresses me almost every time I see him on TV. Phil Ivey is an obvious contender and of course any pros that beat Hellmuth in the high stakes cash games and then give him a taste of his own medicine with the verbals afterwards!
That's certainly great to watch! Buzzer, Ben Grundy and Bengt Sonnert - Who's the toughest opponent?I have really only played against Buzzer in the six man Sit & Go's. From what I have seen on TV then I've been very impressed by Bengt so he would get my vote.
On a similar note, Scandinavians vs Americans - Who are better?Scandinavians are the best donators according to my forum friends! I don't play cash too often but their mega aggressive style can be both a gift and a curse, and eventually they can get picked off.
Apart from the big pairs, are there any hands that seem to be lucky for you?Big pairs can only be unlucky not lucky - they either hold up or they don't so I wouldn't say either of those anyway! TJs was always a favourite of mine and I've hit quite a lot with it. Yes, it can be a good drawing hand. How do you see poker evolving over the next five years? I think a lot depends on legislation issues, and whether the US ban will get support elsewhere. Poker is getting more and more exposure so unless legislation changes happen then I don't see poker getting any smaller - if anything it'll continue to grow. As technology advances and people start playing on mobiles then it could get even huger.
How did you first get involved with the Betfair Forum? A couple of my friends used the forum for horse racing and soccer, so I started having a look. I then got involved posting on the racing ante-post forum and in the last year or so have really begun enjoy the poker forum. I have not met anybody from the forum but have some great banter on the site with many laughs and feel like I have many good friends.
And which forumite would you most like to play heads up against?I know who I wouldn't and that's KingHawko. Why? because a) he's better then me and b) even if you get your chips in ahead he's golden so he'll win anyway! Who would I play? He'll kill me for saying it but I have to vote for Keith. He keeps coming on the forum saying he's crap at heads up, who wants to take his cash etc. - and I've obliged a couple of times! He's actually a good MTT player though and won some of the bigger GTD tournies.
Lastly is there anything else you would like to add?Yes free the Dibble one! Also though I think I would like to see some of the Betfair pros posting more on the forum and joining in the virtual community. Pro's like Ariston, Dubai, SmartMoney & Kinghawko etc. are regular posters on the forum and can have a laugh both at others and their own expense, which I think would be a good example to follow. Of course people will post stuff trying to shoot them down but, in the main it's just a laugh. Finally, if you ever see my chat putdown of nh coco after I have had a bad beat then please don't take it personally!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

4.5k GTD WIN

I just won the 4.5k gtd small multi on betfair for 2000$. Was short around bubble time but picked up 1010 that held up v lower pair and then played pretty good till heads up.

At start of heads up I was a big dog I think he had 2.5 - 1 chip lead however I won every single hand heads up - I think a total of 8. To be honest I either had good preflop hand or got some of the flop each time so pretty much played itself.

However I made a good read on final hand where I had top pair with a mid kicker ( also giving me straight draw) - I just thought he was frustrated and that he would re raise if hit anything. In the end I decided my jack top pair was good with insurance of straight draw and possible two pair and trips if not.

Hes how the hand played out - for 1 sec i was cursing the 2 pair until i realised the chips were coming my way !!!

Also backed Joe Cole 1st goal tonight at 14s and my nap won on the gee gee's at 15.5 so a very very good day.

Just clouded by me going out 1st hand in the 5k chasing a miracle straight !!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Found this hand posted by smartmoney

16K Exit hand

Ok I put the hand history into run it twice and then was able to rewatch my game - it runs through all the hands.

For example to see my exit hand press on link below.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Made final table for all of 5 seconds - yet another final table in 16k yet another shite 6th to 9th.

10 left and was dealt JJ in BB when 6th overall. A pretty loose player raised early and i decided i was reraising his 4k to 12k all in which meant he could put his hand down or i hoped would be racing. However I went out and it went to final table just before I reraised and ran my jacks into queeens which filled up for a full house.

I think thats 6 final tables in 16k this month but 5 finished 5th to 9th so missing the big cash.

What i learned during the game tonight :-

1) Rooney is mint !!!
2) Artic Monkeys 2nd album not as good as 1st at 1st listen.
3) That Grazza's run it twice program works on betfair.

This is a great tool for analysing your play I have heard but haven't used it yet. IT basically uses hand historys to reshow you hands etc.

Check it out at

Sunday, April 22, 2007

6k gtd and 4.5k gtd places

Came 2nd and 3rs in these today but mega disappointed in 6k as was 1st with 3 left and finished 3rd including a poor push under pair v over pair to go out. ( 700 total profit from the above 2 games but 6k gtd has 1600 for winner )

Also came 8th in the 16k last night again exit hand under v over pair where i hit trips on river but it gave him a flush and I was out/ played 2 other multis where i came nowhere.

In the top 10 n both the high and medium stakes leader boards on betfair but not in the money on any of them so would love a good run on stt's this week.

Still great month overall.

Looks like title race is wide open again and off to see if the Geordies can influence it tomorrow ) HA HA ) - I'm on Drogba 5-1 1st notch and a 25-1 scorecast with 2 nil v our rubbish. Hopefully will be a bit of atmosphere at the match lets see how long that lasts.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Sorry have been mega busy hence lack of updates.

Poker wise till a week ago I was on one of my best months ever but dropped 1.5k from the month high since then. I am currently 5th on high stakes leader board on betfair and my aim for month is to get top 3 to qualify for the 30 player 6k free roll - however this will be difficult.

Sports wise had a great result when I bought Essien goal minutes before he notched in the last minute but I have donked that away since with some daft spread bets.

I have been trying to spend the 3k passport stamp but you will not believe how bad the betfair customer service has been - I'm on about my 5th mail and call and today I got the stupidest mail ever from them. I asked for cash instead but they turned this down yet they cant organise anything. This is disappointing as I think betfair poker has the best set up for mtt and stt on the net and they let themsleves down time after time on customer service. I think they are only interested in the VIP guys to be honest.

Janes Delight was entered at Thirsk on Saturday but i don't think she will run which is a shame as Thirsk ain't too far so would have been decent day out. Looks like garden needs doing instead :( Then have to go and watch Newcastle on Sunday v Chelsea so hope they pull fingers out as have been shite to watch of late.

GL at tables boys and girls

Monday, April 09, 2007


Decided that I was too tired tonight and would not play in the 16k.

Hence entered a small runner turbo multi instead. The structure of these are that they only run for an hour or so luck is a big factor. However I really like them as they are 6 pak and I always feel 6 paks suit my game better and I have played hundreds of thousands of fixed limit hands at 6 pak.

Anyway I have just won this 3k gtd event and took down the 1650$ prize. Basically I got chips in some great dominating positions that held up and was chip leader with 5 left. I then got lucky when my Q 7 beat the short stacks AK. Another played eliminated shortly after giving me the chip lead but then I lost a race and went back to 3rd. However, I rerasied a raiser all in with 88 which hit 8 on flop v Ace Jack. I got lucky one hand heads up when my all in with Ace 4 was called by Ace Jack but this was a split pot. Then I got 1010 and was reraised all in and this held up v K9.

Nice result :)


Bit disappointed she was 9th of 11 on debut. However, got very upset in the starting stalls after one broke the stalls and started very slowly. The 1st 2 were well clear and it could away during race so bit disappointed she was 3rd last - hope the jockey eased down.

Anyway hope she ok as I say was very unruly in stalls.

Just watched a bore draw at Newcastle also - should probably be pleased with a draw v Arsenal but Im sure I have not seen us score a goal since Jan which is pish poor and boring.


Made the final table but only come 9th so won about £20.

However just won a huge cash hand. Was at an extremely loose cash table and had QJ and raised pre flop.

Flop QJ2 and i lead out for the pot and get reraised all in by the maniac to my left who could have anything for 150$ more. However before me a guy flat calls so I raise when it comes to me and he reraises all in for 600 more which is my stack.

Since he has flat called and then reraised all in I put him on a straight or flush draw and decide to call. He shows K Ten suited so has open ended straight flush draw. Luckily for me it comes rag rag and I win a massive pot.

Not sure of the stats here* and will look it up tomorrow - I would say appox 50 50 but not sure.

*Just looked up he was 53% me 47%

16K part 3

Made final table for 3rd time in a row in the 16k but this time it was not to be.

1st error I folded 66 to a possy 1 limper who had a massive stack and then flop came with 6 in it. Then i got to 5th of 7 but a button steal with K 7 went wrong when Sb had aq and I was priced to call.

I was then last of 7th and had 13k with blinds 2k 4k coming to me within 4 hands.

I pushed with 8 9 and got to the BB who hesitated forever and then called with Q 3 - Im very disappointed he called here obviously (maybe I have pushed with crap before against him). Flop of 3 5 6 gave me 10 outs twice so not too bad shape but I didn't improve and was out in 7th for 580$.

Bit disappointed on ft - few errors / poor timings but 3 final tables in a row is an achievement I am proud of in the 16k - 9th 2nd 7th.

I came 4th in the passport stamp also and mad at myself when I called an all in with AK to a huge re raise preflop - I was racing at best in hindsight and he showed KK and no ace came which would have given me the chip lead.

Will play the eyes wide shut then will focus on Janes Delights debut tomorrow !!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007




Quick poker update - I run bad again.

Went out in toon last night and ended up in the Casino in a small cash game. I bough in for £100 which was all i had and got aces 3rd hand K 98 flop - 2 clubs then a 6 and a 2 I thought i was saft and all cash was in middle - however he had K6 and i was gone ( called my 7*bb raise pre flop).

Came home loaded the Internet up when mortal £250 quid in a cash game.

Board 2234 and a pre flop raiser pushes all in - I call with Jacks and he has AK - board comes a 5. Im seething then he puts shut up bet you had aq anyway ( which would have been split pot rather than him winning the donut.

2 minutes of abuse of him by me ( not very proud :( ) then bed - a poor night !!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

16K Final Table part 2

Played 16k Gtd again tonight and made final table again. Basically had a couple of big hands early but then was 18th of 20 but won a big pot when i reraised someone all in and they folded.

Got to final table and led with 5 left - all of us very close. With left I was down to 3rd and pushed with crap - 9 4 I think - I got the strangest ever call with J 8 as was about 8 BB's my push. Anyway i got luck and paired the 4 and soon after was heads up with about a 2:1 deficit.

I slowly got back to level with no major contests after the flop most hands were folded preflop.

I then reraised his big raise all in pre and he folded to give me the chip lead. I had been by far the more aggressive and expected a move from him. So i picked up 99 and raised big to 25k - he pushes all in for 140k total and I say to my pal on msn he has weak ace IMO.

Hence I back my opinion and call - hand details below and the win eludes me. Nice return of 3200$ for 2nd so not complaining and very happy with game at the moment. I am trying to think I could have been 3rd rather than the 1600$ the below cost me.

***** Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 194686661 *****NL Texas Hold'em $100 Buy-in + $9 Entry Fee, Level:17 Blinds(4,000/8,000-400 ante) - Wednesday, April 04, 23:07:19 GMT 2007Daily $16k GTD #65382 Table 1 9-max (Real Money)Seat 9 is the buttonTotal number of active players : 2Seat 4: 3jacksjb ( 144,500.46 )Seat 9: suddes ( 130,499.54 )Tourney Level:17 Blinds(4,000/8,000-400 ante)3jacksjb posts ante [400]suddes posts ante [400]suddes posts small blind [4,000]3jacksjb posts big blind [8,000]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ 9d, 9c ]suddes raises to [26,000]3jacksjb goes all-in3jacksjb raises to [144,100.46]suddes calls [104,099.54]suddes goes all-inReturning uncalled bet [14,000.92] to 3jacksjb** Showdown ** 3jacksjb shows [ Ad, 4h ]suddes shows [ 9d, 9c ]** Dealing Flop ** [ 3s, Ah, 4d ]** Dealing Turn ** [ As ]** Dealing River ** [ 3d ]** Hand Conclusion **3jacksjb wins 260,999.08 from main pot with full house, Aces full of Fours

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Final table 16k 9 left Im 5th, Big blind has raised attempts at stealing his blind all in numerous times. So difficult position as I have genuine hand.

***** Betfair Poker Hand History for Game 194303513 *****NL Texas Hold'em $100 Buy-in + $9 Entry Fee, Level:12 Blinds(800/1,600-75 ante) - Tuesday, April 03, 21:42:24 GMT 2007Daily $16k GTD #65207 Table 1 9-max (Real Money)Seat 2 is the buttonTotal number of active players : 9Seat 1: suddes ( 25,561 )Seat 2: evo2 ( 12,411 )Seat 3: Tesa ( 22,739 )Seat 4: yoyo21 ( 44,312 )Seat 5: annakin ( 13,615 )Seat 6: ljt218 ( 61,105 )Seat 7: Laisvis ( 66,820.50 )Seat 8: potkiller ( 25,147 )Seat 9: hitme ( 15,789.50 )Tourney Level:12 Blinds(800/1,600-75 ante)Tesa posts ante [75]yoyo21 posts ante [75]annakin posts ante [75]ljt218 posts ante [75]hitme posts ante [75]potkiller posts ante [75]Laisvis posts ante [75]suddes posts ante [75]evo2 posts ante [75]Tesa posts small blind [800]yoyo21 posts big blind [1,600]** Dealing down cards **Dealt to suddes [ Kc, Ac ]annakin foldsljt218 foldsLaisvis foldspotkiller foldshitme foldssuddes raises to [5,500]evo2 foldsTesa foldsyoyo21 goes all-inyoyo21 raises to [44,237]suddes calls [19,986]suddes goes all-inReturning uncalled bet [18,751] to yoyo21** Showdown ** suddes shows [ Kc, Ac ]yoyo21 shows [ 9s, Qc ]** Dealing Flop ** [ 9d, 8h, Qs ]** Dealing Turn ** [ 3s ]** Dealing River ** [ 4d ]** Hand Conclusion **yoyo21 wins 52,447 from main pot with two pair, Queens and Nines

Then my only bet tonight was £100 on AC Milan - last second equaliser when I could have layed off at 1.01 - had better nights - LATERS

Monday, April 02, 2007


Really feel I am playing well at the moment and have started the month really well in contrast to the last 2 months when I started poor.

I have gone back to playing mainly 6 paks and h up games and have been doing well.

At one point tonight I had won 8 in a row ( 5 heads up and 3 6 paks). However amongst that I get a horrid beat in the 3k gtd multi that pays the first 3 big prizes. 5 left and small stack pushes all in - next guy doubles bet and I look at Ace Jack - I think the double bet is weak so I go all in and jam the pot and get a call from the weak raiser who I have read perfect as he has K J. This hand is for 11k and a big chip lead (winner gets 1600$ 3rd 650$). Other guy shows Ace 5 so I'm in real good nick especially on Jack 10 2 flop but a king on the river and its the end.

Despite that been big cash I cant twist as I have hit some beauties in 6 paks tonight and feel my luck is back in. I have just qualified for 25$ into the 4.5k gtd turbo that I won a few days ago that starts in 30 mins and is usually 160$ buy in.

Lets hope the run continues.....

A much happier SOAP :) :) :)

PS - Check out Azimuts blog on the right of mine that I have just linked - looks very promising with some good stories.