Monday, April 30, 2007


Yesss get in there just won my 2nd passport stamp.

Felt like I played really well - except 1 hand where I played a shocker v Buzzer and Shaa and knocked some of my chips down. ( We all had aces pairing the board ace but I had the worst kicker but tryed to hit straight or 2 pr on riv with bet and raise ahead - was poor )

However got to 3 left and was clear 3rd but felt I had a big chance as the big stack had double me but didn't look like the best player in the world ( earlier had called an all in when big stacked with 66 v qq and hit 6 ).

I will put a few of the closing hands through runittwice and post tomorrow if get a chance.

In current form absolutey gutted Im away on business Tue - Fri and no poker till Sat by when I will be chomp in at the bit.

Only bad news is that I have come noway in 5 stts in a row which I think has blown my chance of coming top 3 on the leaderboard and getting in the freeroll.

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