Monday, January 31, 2011


Multi 200
NL 5100
PLO -1800
STT 110

Well pleased with above as was in 1400 hole on Thur night for month and i never played higher than 3Eur 6Eur NL to get out of it and basically destroyed 2 4 for 1000s.

However, mega disappointed with my play below in last nights multi (don't get to play many) when i was in a decent box seat.

Today looks like seeing 35Mill deal and bye to Carroll and I have 4 points on this.

1) Good deal for toon.
2) Why do clubs give the cartoon of asking them to ask for transfer as if they were not going to sell.
3) Mr Aspers will have a hard on.
4) Why would we need a replacement when we have the magic man Shoila :D


I was 12th of 25 left of 500 starters in 100K gtd and made a truely royal fk up. Dont know why i didnt shove the flop as have him on 2 high cards, got greedy and to be frank played the hand awful.

Gone for 600EUR with prices at top huge (£25k winner dowmwards with 5th getting over £5K

Hand # 3751411522 starting - 2011-01-31 00:12:03
** €100,000 GTD REBUY[3880960]:Table 41 [Multi Table Hold'em] (4,000|8,000 NL - MTT) Real Money

valuebet_ sitting in seat 1 with 97668.50
Golddigga88 sitting in seat 3 with 58792.00[Dealer]
jadedjason sitting in seat 4 with 50111.50
kevytetana sitting in seat 5 with 73521.00
Jaidee sitting in seat 6 with 135941.50
HattenafFTW sitting in seat 8 with 105977.00
MisterVogt sitting in seat 9 with 102527.00
Eddielizard sitting in seat 10 with 68487.00
jadedjason ante'd - 400.00
kevytetana ante'd - 400.00
Jaidee ante'd - 400.00
HattenafFTW ante'd - 400.00
MisterVogt ante'd - 400.00
Eddielizard ante'd - 400.00
valuebet_ ante'd - 400.00
Golddigga88 ante'd - 400.00
jadedjason posted the small blind - 2000.00
kevytetana posted the big blind - 4000.00

** Dealing cards to Eddielizard: 6h, 6d
Jaidee folded
HattenafFTW folded
MisterVogt raised to 8000.00
Eddielizard called - 8000.00
valuebet_ folded
Golddigga88 folded
jadedjason folded
kevytetana folded

** Dealing the flop: 8c, 10d, 8h
MisterVogt bet - 12765.00
Eddielizard called - 12765.00

** Dealing the turn: Js
MisterVogt checked
Eddielizard went all-in - 47322.00
MisterVogt called - 47322.00
MisterVogt shows: Qc, Jd
Eddielizard shows: 6h, 6d

** Dealing the river: 3s
MisterVogt wins 145374.00 from the main pot

Saturday, January 29, 2011



1) Got our little baby christened in Jan and had friends and family over for a do at the house. It is true that babies grow up quick (Pic Zoe at 6 months).

2) NL hold em going well NL400 and NL600.

3) Just seen Keys got to FT of Aussie mills and was 2nd - great effort WD.

4) Turned around decent size loss for month into profit between Thur and Sat.


1) AFter christening I am still trying to work out in a room when I was 1 seat short (people > than seats) I come upstairs (as live in townhouse) and the 70 year old priest is on the beanbag while my less than half that age mates are on the seats !- social skills of poker players eh Ben / Brenos !!!

2) PLO I run terrible and play marginally better.

3) getting dumped out FA cup by Stevenage!!


Monday, January 24, 2011


I really want to play either main event (need to qualify online) or a week out and play 3events - not sure if practicle with little one - lets see.


2011 so far -£1400 although won seat to Betfair London Live (750$ package) in Feb.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


and all Amatay fishies - your boys are dog poe and took one hell of a beating :D

That will be all

Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 SESSION 1

Complete joke with highlight this PLO hand :(