Monday, January 31, 2011


I was 12th of 25 left of 500 starters in 100K gtd and made a truely royal fk up. Dont know why i didnt shove the flop as have him on 2 high cards, got greedy and to be frank played the hand awful.

Gone for 600EUR with prices at top huge (£25k winner dowmwards with 5th getting over £5K

Hand # 3751411522 starting - 2011-01-31 00:12:03
** €100,000 GTD REBUY[3880960]:Table 41 [Multi Table Hold'em] (4,000|8,000 NL - MTT) Real Money

valuebet_ sitting in seat 1 with 97668.50
Golddigga88 sitting in seat 3 with 58792.00[Dealer]
jadedjason sitting in seat 4 with 50111.50
kevytetana sitting in seat 5 with 73521.00
Jaidee sitting in seat 6 with 135941.50
HattenafFTW sitting in seat 8 with 105977.00
MisterVogt sitting in seat 9 with 102527.00
Eddielizard sitting in seat 10 with 68487.00
jadedjason ante'd - 400.00
kevytetana ante'd - 400.00
Jaidee ante'd - 400.00
HattenafFTW ante'd - 400.00
MisterVogt ante'd - 400.00
Eddielizard ante'd - 400.00
valuebet_ ante'd - 400.00
Golddigga88 ante'd - 400.00
jadedjason posted the small blind - 2000.00
kevytetana posted the big blind - 4000.00

** Dealing cards to Eddielizard: 6h, 6d
Jaidee folded
HattenafFTW folded
MisterVogt raised to 8000.00
Eddielizard called - 8000.00
valuebet_ folded
Golddigga88 folded
jadedjason folded
kevytetana folded

** Dealing the flop: 8c, 10d, 8h
MisterVogt bet - 12765.00
Eddielizard called - 12765.00

** Dealing the turn: Js
MisterVogt checked
Eddielizard went all-in - 47322.00
MisterVogt called - 47322.00
MisterVogt shows: Qc, Jd
Eddielizard shows: 6h, 6d

** Dealing the river: 3s
MisterVogt wins 145374.00 from the main pot

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Alex said...

With 21k in the pot preflop I am surprised that the Blinds didnt come along for the ride as they were getting the correct odds no matter what they held.
I think this was your problem, your preflop raise wasnt big enough and you priced everyone behing you into a call. You should have raised at least 3xBB or limped with a view to hitting a set. Maybe its just my style but I wouldnt put anymore money in a pot with overcards. Easy fold to any bets