Sunday, October 28, 2007


I know it sounds pathetic but I wont be playing there for the forseeable future. I know its variance but its in my head now. Thats 6 times in row in decent cash tournies. Tonights is a complete joke - whats he doing pre v my smallish stack and even the push on flush draw with unders is pathetic imo. Not only am i getting beats every time but always v useless donks who shouldnt be in the hand.

1) preflop I dont have enough chips for him to justify call.
2) On flop he should push - chance he wins pot if i fold and didnt have hand.
3) How did he get that many chips anyway !!!

Betfair deleted then i lose a 3 outer on Mansion in the 150k gtd followed by qq v AJ where Aj called for 18 big blinds well played.

A Final Table

Just came 6th of 2oo hundred and odd on the Crapto 20k gtd - for $1200.

Bit disappointed though as played very well and chip led inside last 20. However had KK done by AQ for a big chip lead (both all in pre) and then needed to get busy FT and called the sb push at 3 6 k with 4k antes when i had 40k left with K T in BB - I was quite pleased to see his 44 but 44 held.

Played one game betfair - lost on the bubble over pair v under pair again this time me qq v jj - ANNOYING

Toon were shat by the sounds of it today - but just had the pleasure of watching Kelly Brook on dancing thing so happy now :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Dragons Den

One of the dragons just invested £200k for 30% in this.

Made me look it up online looke pretty good.


God reads depressing my blog does !!!

On plus side another big win for the toon toon tonight with 3 1 victory v Spurs that was deserved.

What has happened to Spurs they were total utter shit. On Newcastle side I really like Faye at Centre Half - he looks very solid and impressive both defending and attacking set pieces. Nicky Butt is playing like his best at Man Utd - and did anyone see Milner pretend to shoot before he vollyed the goal in.

If Ronaldino had done that would be on screens all week ;)

Monday, October 22, 2007

My 4th 80% 20% + exit on Betfair in a row

Fk sake cant take it any more so giving up on stupid Betfair leaderboard.

Build real nice stack again in 16k tonight 30 odd left get KK raise possy 1 some guy behind pushes all in and knows i have almost zero fold equity - 33 of course catches leaves me crippled i then push all in q ten sooted for 7 big blinds Jazzy Jon calls ace crap from BB and gone.

No updates this week going to do some other stuff.

The last 4 big tournies I play on Betfair I have lost a 90 10 and 3 80 20s its fkin great


Totally sums up the (BEEP) weekend.

Once again totally out play someone only for them to suck out for £500.

Played 6 multis today - no cashes lost every time when i was in front when chips went in - total utter nightmare.

Only good news is I won £500 on the American footy laying a team at 1.1 with 2 mins left and a late touchdown for Bears meant I collceted.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Just got my usual bad beat after 3 hrs in the 50k Gtd on Betfair.

This is without any doubt the tournamant that I am cursed in.

Was shortish but then got a double up to get to 9k and then all in AK v KQ with 24 left (18th gets 600$) - flop Q river king which for 1 sec I think keeps me in - of course not gone :(

Big cash torunie and again I missed out on leaderboard points - currently in 5th so they would have been very welcome.

Playing the 16k Betfair and the 40k Interpoker - below average in both.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I was just fortunate enough to get the young lady pictured to review the final hands in the 20k for me from last night when I was questioning my play. She says I played it fine so i feel much better now. Young lady in question is Annette Obrestad. If you have not heard of her yet then you should have as she won a WSOP bracelet in London this year and is now the youngest ever bracelet winner - I also thinks its great that she is contributing to the Betfair forum and that she spends time giving guidance to players when asked. A very welcome addition thus far. Betfair announced a shake up in tournaments today to a very mixed reaction but will have twice weekly a 20k gtd with 200$ buy in and 5000 chip stacks and 15 min levels which sounds good. I may play it on a Friday but think will finish too late on a Tuesday for me to play it.
Finally i just read the below post on the motor sports forum !!!!

17 Oct 01:33
I was sitting at a table a couple of hours ago playing a cash game and ther was a player seating down twice ,he/she was on the left of me and the right .This is cheating surely as they are starting with 4 hole cards and can team up against other people ,whats going on !!!!!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Fin Tab

just watched it - think i overplayed ak and jj or at least one of them after badbeats - what do you think - smaller raise to try and encourage overjam raise by them or blinds too high?


Just cam 4th of 300 and odd in the Betfair 20k gtd and absolutely gutted.

Was chip leader on final table and won a smallish pot with a suckout Ace ten v ace king when i was chip leader.

However then with chip lead all in v 3rd for huge chip lead 77 v 66 pre he hits 6.
All in v small stack next hand 1010 v k10 he hits K.
Then get back in it 4 left - guy who beat me with 66 is all in from sb nearly every time i decide k high or higher i call - I get ace 5 v K 9 and h hits K again and Im gone 4th.

Massive difference in prices 1st 5000$ 4th 1600$ and as important I was in top 10 in multi leaderboard and this will put me near top - but 1st would probably have put me clear.

May post Fin tab via runittwice.

On plus side thats 4 final tables in row in 2 100+ games and 2 300+ games

Thursday, October 18, 2007


As per post end last month I moved to low limit fixed limit and had been grinding away at low stakes.

I had won about 1k in the month to date. Then thought was big shot again as winning low staked and tryed £10 £20 again and lost £600.

Stupid Boy :(

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Turned out OK in the end.

They gave us 1st for team event as with Plat and I on final table and Carl 11th we could not be caught. They also added 500$ to prize so we will get 390$ for each team-member.

For individual game they paid on positions so i got 6th for $240 and odd dollar but they threw in a 50k entry worth 330$ so pretty happy with this (and my Betfair fleece for winning team!!)

The thing I am most pleased about is that my team was genuinly from ante post forum and I just asked for volunteers and did not ask anyone for credentials. First ten back were in and Im sure this was the spirit the event was created for. EG the talking part that counted. As winning captain I was able to choose where the 2.5k$ was donated to also.

As I said last night great event, great team spirit and a huge success but for the Fin Tab episode.

The points from last nights final tables have put me in top 10 on multi leader board for month so will prob mean I have to have a bash at a few Betfair multis the next few days.

Guest Connections entered at Catterick on Sat so may get a day out although soft ground is not favoured.

Finally, well done to Mr Silent on his 16k victory last night which he dominated from 2 tables left.


1st game battle of the forums on Betfair. This was a superb event right till the final table. I captained Ante Post Horse Rcaing where i post and some of the regulars joined the team. We all did pretty well.

I was very impressed with poker capabilities of some of my co writers on the ante post forum Plat and AR who showed they had a shrewd game. I dropped right down to 500 chips but some how made a recovery to 20k. Last hand with 10 left I win with KK and go to about 4th or 5th of 9 left of 240 starters then the table collapses instead of opening final table. We have 2 players on final table (Plat and I) so we should win the forum prize but God knows what they will decide to do - a few people have said we cant be caught as we have 2 final table and an 11th and 2 more in top 50.

2nd final table was 16k which I sneaked on to but then got up to 2nd. However I dropped back and did a big overbet jam with JJ but ran into KK and was out in 7th for £280.

Horrid end to forum game as was immense event and big Thank you to UKGatsby for his work in organising - it must be a major blow for him the way it turned out - lets hope the resolution is to every ones satisfaction.

Well played ante post forum members :)

Monday, October 15, 2007


Just played a very good game at last.

I came 4th of almost 400 runers in the Crapto 40k£ gtd. Played my best poker for ages as got very few hands and basically had to survive the last 2 hrs with nothing. Just had to make loads of moves.

Tourny lasted 5 hrs and I dont think I made any mistakes and even the standard suckout that usually comes v me at the moment didnt work. I was all in AA v 66 and he hit 6 on riv but fortunately it gave me a flush !!

At final table have to admit to doing the opposite of usual after last nights post and just hung on and hung on as any place i moved up was £400 - I think I was last from 9th downwards and people just kept knocking each other out as my steals sneaked through late on.

Anyway £3019 quid one of my best ever cashes.

Message to Greig - A twist free post :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007


My 1st snigg of a final table for ages but getting low with 13 left in 16k.

I push from small blind and someone calles from BB with Jack High. IN my opinion this is a truly awful call.

I am really annoyed and tbh totally gutted :(

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I notice a rick with bookies tonight.

J Wilkonson to score evry pen and conversion 7-2 VC bet.
J Wilkinson to miss a pen or conversion 4-9 WH.

Gtd profit of £90 for the £200 if can could get on.

My mate told me my blog was depressing at moment so I will tell you about one of my Favourite ever bets.

Lat Rugby world cup England were much bigger price at quarter final than they were at start and I had one of my biggest ever sports bets of £500 at 5-2. I decided to lay off in final but was clever about laying off and did this by taking opponants with 5 start at odds against. As you will recall Johnny won it with a kick and my original and hedge bet both collected.


Sunday, October 07, 2007


Just played the freeroll again - I seem to final table in the CPC thing every week but do crap in everything else.

6 left Im wth all in from small blind on 80 1600 blinds for 12k AK sb calls K T and hits T and Im gone for 100$ - it was a poor final table I was fav to win if won that hand so a bit gutted.

Anyway MOTD starting lets see Butt and Emre's beauties !!


Only other game I played was a satellite for the Carribean Adventure on stars - 100 + runners ten through to next round - 2 tables left i raise jam with aq get a call v aj which is coco call - of course he hits straight and Im gone.

Awful week at work coming up and Im just in the mood .......... :(

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Firstly, what an amazing year for a F1 rookie. I genuinly think Hamilton has not made a significant error all season and deserves all the glory he should get tomorrow.

He has also landed pole and I confidently expect him to winner the title tomorrow. However, is there another angle to all this. I think the 8-5 on offer on Rakkinon is very good value.

1) Put yourself in the McClaren mindset - basically you need to finish the race tomorrow which almost guarentees top 4. The easiest way to do this in my opinion is to fuel Hamilton mega light to give him the advantage in qualifying and get pole. This should mean he can lead from start until 1st pit stop. However he will pit much earlier than Rakkinon and if Rakkinon is close behind in 2nd then I confidently expect Rakkinon to lead after first round of pitstops.

2) If 1) is correct then will Hamilton genuinly race v Rakkinon and risk any sort of incident - I think not.

3) Even if Massa came into mix he wiould let Rakkinon buy some how - so Alonso down n 4th could be only spanner in works.

Rain is the worry as it is forecast but Rakkinon is very good in the rain.

£200 win Rakkinon 8-5.

Friday, October 05, 2007


If your a blogger then there is a 40k freeroll on poker stars on Sunday.

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 8985600


Nope not the Leds nightclub or a Tony Blair campaign.

Simply after 2 losing months I am going back to basics. Low limit Fixed limit on Interpoker. I have worked out if could break even on this but absolutely hammer it volume wise you could make over 1k£ per month on rakeback and bonuses on a break even month.

Also I relooked up my Sharkscope single table stats on betfair for my user name suddes and this has a shark. I am going to play much more 6 paks again this month.

I think these 2 were my bread and butter in the early days of poker and I am quite sure things like poker tracker have screwed me. I am going to change my fixed limit game this month to use the poker tracker info people have on me to my advantage.

Cant wait for Friday night - not that I have any big plans just another very difficult week work wise and need to relaxxxxxx

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


A chip stack
can be a fortress
a tool, or a trap.
It can bully
the weak and
shame the greedy.
It can force you
into action when
it dwindles or
keep you out of
trouble when
its full-grown.
We play because
inside every short
stack theres
a large stack
waiting to be born.

(Full Tilt Poker 2007)