Monday, September 29, 2008


Table was not the advertised one.

first hand I picked up Ace Ten on the button and raised to 2K (off my 19K stack) and Andy Bloch asks how much I have left and puts in 20K. I eventually fold although to be honest I now wish I had called - I reckon his bet size does not want a call so probably mid pair.

Then just more frustration - when i raise with shat i get called and when i had a hand (tended to be already raised pot) i could not get a call - maybe I was giving some tells off as dont play live much.

Anyway down to 12k i pick up 77 and there is a raise ahead - I jam for 12k insta called by AA and once JJJ comes I dont even have 2 outs anymore. Decent experience I suppose but ultimately frustrating as hell.

Variance still going well so will hang around and watch him for a while and may be tempted to go to the Vic tomorrow night for the £300 Sat for the EPT london event which starts the day after.

Thanks to all who wished me well.



Thanks chapsI had a tough day as made a crap decision and was basically down to 5K.I played a pot with Carlos Morgenson where basically he limped and I raised big with AA flop 10 6 4 I bet and he called (he had floated loads of flops so was not worried) turn 6 which I bet and he min raised (this is where I should get away from this as looks obvious set). However, most raises he had made were min raises as he had used this for info earlier, hence I made my decision to call the turn (and as such had decided to call river).I call river also and he has 66 for quads and I have 4.5k and beat myself up for hrs.So short stack poker all day but only all in twice and get a docuble up JJ v AK late on to 25k but then donked 6k off late on.250 500 at start of today so not a push fest yet.

Was playing on Juana's table for last hr and have just seen playing with "Jesus" tomorrow !!!

Soaps table for WSOPE day 2(Table 4)Seat 1: Andreas Krause - 5,325Seat 2: Mark "Soaps" Suddes - 19,150Seat 3: Peter Neff - 27,250Seat 4: Andrew Hadden - 12,325Seat 5: Jonas Kaiser - 52,900Seat 6: Narciso Baldo - 11,050Seat 7: Surinder Sunar - 40,100Seat 8: Chris Ferguson - 36,875

Saturday, September 27, 2008

THIS IS IT !!!!!

Early tomorrow I head to the big city to play in the Biggest tornamant of my life with a £10K buy in whch regular readers will rememeber I qualified for back in March time in the 1st qualifyer in Betfair. The entry fee is scary but in effect I am in for 50$ (won 50$ sat into 550 qualifyer and won that). I play day 1B which is Sunday and just reading the starting days was an experience as I read big name after big name.

Field is capped at 500 runners which I imagine 300+ will be pro's so will be by far the hardest field I will ever play in. Add to that I am in my worst poker form for 2 years at the moment then things do not bode well (£4k hole over last 2 months). I have been kicking myself this week for not selling my seat as I seen some offers of around £9K where as my EV is probably around the £3k mark in that field. That has been my mindset all week which I decided I needed to sort out before I go. Also I am going through one of them runs when it feels like the last race I won was the wheelbarow race back in junor school !!!

Hence I have set myself 3 main targets to focus the mind / get the most out of the event.

1) I am in for 50$ first and foremost make sure I go out and enjoy it, thats the game itself, the hospitality in the pacakge, and just the all round experience of playing with great players.

2) Remind myself that poker is a game where the best player does not always will, a few set up hands like AA v KK in mid stages that probably play themselves then they will be opportunities to get chips even v the best - lets try and make zero defects (no mistakes).

3) Be patient - in the last 2 GUKPT's I have been the most aggressive early doors on the table, we start with 20k chips on Sunday so I am going to play TAG (tight aggressive). Huge watchout with big hands early like AA and KK and to be honest I prefer not to get these at early levels with such big stacks. I think pairs looking to trip up become huge in such a structured event.

4) Get through day 1 - this is my biggest aim - I really want to make day 2 as bombed from my only other wsop expereince at 130am ( 30 mins before end of day) with a crap play.

A few sites that have regular updates in case people want to follow progress.

1) WSOPE section under poker on Betfair.
3) I am sure the boys at the Newcastle Poker forum will post a couple of updates also.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


As bad as my recent poker !!

Steven Taylor - Awful dont get why they gave him decent £ contract - hes shite.
Geremi - Please get out of toon you waste of space.
Damien Duff - Would the real Damien Duff please stand up please stand up.
Cisco - pass
Owen - why would he stay amongst this shambles.

Relegation was 10-1 last weekend - superb value IMO

Sunday, September 21, 2008


As if my poor poker form was notbad enough (still playing complete camel crunch).

I just lost my biggest ever bet on the Ryder Cup on my Europe outright bet. I forget before hand that Faldo was such an introvert and a bif of a helmut :(

Anyway - need to get some positive thoughts flowing ahead of next weekend.

Just booked 1st class single on the train to London next sat for a very respectable £35 but then 15 minutes later got the invite from betfair to some fashion parade WSOPE kick off with models etc after I booked .

Guess i run bad :(

PS Ian Poulter is a legend - Although I think my tenner on him winning sports personality of the year at 100s on Sat night is now down the tube !!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


1st time in ages I get some chips in decent multis as have been playing crap.

Then when in good positions in big fields for big dollars I lose QQ v JJ all in pre and then QQ v 88 all in pre each time they flopped a set.

Also have one of my biggest bets ever on Europe for Ryder Cup and currently getting wopped :(

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Just been looking at the official site blog - looks like they are trying to get a few stars from the sports world to join the event with the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps been linked.

It seems sports players are doing pretty well in there conversion to poker based on the recent UKGPT events with Tony Cascairino winning the Bolton event and Wayne Mardle final tabling at Luton - so don't assume theyare fish if end up on your table.

For some reason I have a premonition I will be on the same table as Hellmuth - don't know why but I keep thinking this - hopefully I last long enough that I am still in when he arrives at the table :) !!

Anyway I have included link to the WSOPE blog as decent read.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bad Cash Session

lost 2 big hands last night -£900 not good

Off to toon match today should be interesting with protests galore - not for me to be honest.


Football pathetic

and played cash poker almost - £1k


I am playing shocking also making bad decision after bad decision - not good when biggest tourney in life is 2 weeks away.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Frustarting time at the minute - can hardly get a game of poker and then when I do I am too knackered to play a proper multi or to focus on cash.

Travelling loads with work so hardly getting time for a game - I think I need to make the Fri / Sat night drunken nights pay but need to go out on 1 of them.

Next week is even worse - London Sun Reading Mon Brussels Tue Frankfurt Wed Thu back to Newcastle that evening and will be knacked again.

Need to get some live practice in at some point also. I need a minimal hours month winning a few big cash sessions and a multi :)

Less play more pay would be nice lol

Sunday, September 07, 2008


No good news to report.

Just busted out 55k about 10 before money making what I thought was a resteal move v someone who held KK !!!

Also wanted to say big congrats to Rob Sherwood who was 4th in GUKPT for 15k £

Monday, September 01, 2008



Decent live cash session


Multi form awful with 6th in tonights 16k been the bets result for a while. And a few absolute awful cash sessions when I played pathetic.

I am going to play much less next month so not setting any targets - if my foot gets better I am going to focus on trying to doa bit of fitness work.