Saturday, September 27, 2008

THIS IS IT !!!!!

Early tomorrow I head to the big city to play in the Biggest tornamant of my life with a £10K buy in whch regular readers will rememeber I qualified for back in March time in the 1st qualifyer in Betfair. The entry fee is scary but in effect I am in for 50$ (won 50$ sat into 550 qualifyer and won that). I play day 1B which is Sunday and just reading the starting days was an experience as I read big name after big name.

Field is capped at 500 runners which I imagine 300+ will be pro's so will be by far the hardest field I will ever play in. Add to that I am in my worst poker form for 2 years at the moment then things do not bode well (£4k hole over last 2 months). I have been kicking myself this week for not selling my seat as I seen some offers of around £9K where as my EV is probably around the £3k mark in that field. That has been my mindset all week which I decided I needed to sort out before I go. Also I am going through one of them runs when it feels like the last race I won was the wheelbarow race back in junor school !!!

Hence I have set myself 3 main targets to focus the mind / get the most out of the event.

1) I am in for 50$ first and foremost make sure I go out and enjoy it, thats the game itself, the hospitality in the pacakge, and just the all round experience of playing with great players.

2) Remind myself that poker is a game where the best player does not always will, a few set up hands like AA v KK in mid stages that probably play themselves then they will be opportunities to get chips even v the best - lets try and make zero defects (no mistakes).

3) Be patient - in the last 2 GUKPT's I have been the most aggressive early doors on the table, we start with 20k chips on Sunday so I am going to play TAG (tight aggressive). Huge watchout with big hands early like AA and KK and to be honest I prefer not to get these at early levels with such big stacks. I think pairs looking to trip up become huge in such a structured event.

4) Get through day 1 - this is my biggest aim - I really want to make day 2 as bombed from my only other wsop expereince at 130am ( 30 mins before end of day) with a crap play.

A few sites that have regular updates in case people want to follow progress.

1) WSOPE section under poker on Betfair.
3) I am sure the boys at the Newcastle Poker forum will post a couple of updates also.


Robert "Animal" Price said...

Chill man, these "pros" aint as good as u would believe, u well +ev against most of field. Enjoy it and whatever happens c ya in Miami :) GL but u dnt need it

Gavin said...

hi nice blog, linked you up. Any chance of the same mate

Brenos said...

Mega good luck mate :-) Take it down!

TEAMDOBB said...

best of matey and you got nice table I see.

Enjoy the fkr you can do well in this man.

Ill also cya in Miami weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

good luck to you