Sunday, May 30, 2010


FL -275
Multi 15010
NL -1525
PLO -500

Good start and end to month with big dip in between but 2 v good final tables in top online events.

Also decent volume on *s as did > 10000 VPP in 1st month for a while.


Darts -100
F1 375
Football 280
Golf -210
Horses -2040
Casino 200
Snooker -90
TOTAL -1585

Not good since above includes a 4 fig return on Hull to go down. I am changing approach and will be having much less bets. Have followed that this week.

Also tryed get a £100 on Hamilton @ 7-1 today and Bl Sq would lay me £50 only which is just like huge lol - maybe some other drivers were not trying today ..............anyway lucky to collect from what i just read.


Just came 3rd of 400 hundred and odd in the 320$ 150K gtd on *s which as I have said before is my fav tourney on the web for 16500$. (1st 29K and 2nd 22k.

Had at least 3 bits of good luck in the tourney which was a refreshing change including an Aj v AQ for tourney life and a 97 (LOL) beating AK.

Got to last 3 in marginal 2nd of 3 with chip leader well clear and then made a mistake on a qq6 board when i folded (well i actually time banked folded as didn't press fold) 88. This left me 3rd and I 4 bet all in AQ suited but ran into AK and didnt improve and missed the split outs on the river. However, I know i played extremely well tonight as had very limited ammunition cards wise and really really pleased with this score in one of the best tourneys on the net.

Was in a 4 fig hole from cash earlier so was extremely pleasing and changes May into a 5 fig £ win month. CHOOO CHOOO :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

ALMOST A DECENT DAY..........................

Mad as hell with myself - had grinded about 7 hrs and was about to log of with a 4 fig profit on day till i played the below hand like a total retard and bust back to where i started day. Below is so poor - I only flatted pre as he hardly ever 3 bets me and when did i had him on monster. I think flop is fine but turn is terrible and river even worse 0 rather pissed off with myself. At some point i change from him having aces to having AK where as in reality I am putting him on the only holding in the pack i can beat.


Friday, May 28, 2010


Was hoping I was going to make a positive post as lots of negatives of late but alas its another kick in teeth ending when near big score.

Got to final table of 100rebuy on *s with prizes 1st 18k$ 2nd 13k 3rd 10k down to 9th 1.5k

I was in last 8 when below hand came up. Pretty hard decision to be honest but I win the hand and I go marginal chip leader and to be honest i put him on exactly AQ.

PokerStars Game #44706246753: Tournament #313010504, $100+$9 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XIX (2500/5000) - 2010/05/28 0:14:43 WET [2010/05/27 19:14:43 ET]
Table '313010504 18' 9-max Seat #7 is the button
Seat 1: DONNAN123 (160063 in chips)
Seat 2: mrvogt (183031 in chips)
Seat 3: I_M_ICM (230804 in chips)
Seat 4: CA$HforA$H (287830 in chips)
Seat 5: DreamMachine (95766 in chips)
Seat 6: pleasepick (125141 in chips)
Seat 7: LammingerFlo (222549 in chips)
Seat 8: 520988 (142316 in chips)
DONNAN123: posts the ante 500
mrvogt: posts the ante 500
I_M_ICM: posts the ante 500
CA$HforA$H: posts the ante 500
DreamMachine: posts the ante 500
pleasepick: posts the ante 500
LammingerFlo: posts the ante 500
520988: posts the ante 500
520988: posts small blind 2500
DONNAN123: posts big blind 5000
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to 520988 [As Ks]
mrvogt: folds
I_M_ICM: raises 7000 to 12000
CA$HforA$H: folds
DreamMachine: folds
pleasepick: raises 112641 to 124641 and is all-in
LammingerFlo: folds
520988: raises 17175 to 141816 and is all-in
DONNAN123: folds
I_M_ICM: folds
Uncalled bet (17175) returned to 520988
*** FLOP *** [9d Tc Qh]
*** TURN *** [9d Tc Qh] [5h]
*** RIVER *** [9d Tc Qh 5h] [3s]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
520988: shows [As Ks] (high card Ace)
pleasepick: shows [Ad Qd] (a pair of Queens)
pleasepick collected 270282 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 270282 | Rake 0
Board [9d Tc Qh 5h 3s]
Seat 1: DONNAN123 (big blind) folded before Flop
Seat 2: mrvogt folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 3: I_M_ICM folded before Flop
Seat 4: CA$HforA$H folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 5: DreamMachine folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: pleasepick showed [Ad Qd] and won (270282) with a pair of Queens
Seat 7: LammingerFlo (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 8: 520988 (small blind) showed [As Ks] and lost with high card Ace

Sunday, May 23, 2010


More joy on poker front.

Play 100r on *s flat behind 2 raisers with QQ pretty sure someone behind will shove which they do and i call as does one of the others and i am in great shape for quick double fig stack when i get it in with QQ v AQ versus retard with 810 who obv gets there.

Then get back up and jam AJ over a raise and a flatter and mateys monster 66 is too good for my AJ as he sanp calls.

Then a freeroll on Laddies for a cruise package or wsop thing (cant remember) - 8 sit outs on table so its literally there for the 2 of us (I am in position) to just share all the blinds but matey wants them all to him self so i start reraising in position as need to stack up as only 1 prize and get in beautiful with JJ v TT and can spend the next 1 hr just picking up all the free blinds and he spikes a 10.

Different day same shit.



In another huge hole this month on sports and have done bad the last 18 months after a good 24 months proceeding it. I think the bets I have the strongest opinions about with reference to value seem to do the best/ However, the days when I am making obscene amounts of money on poker seem to be gone - so what was a mini leak before now does not have the funding so needs to be sorted out. Hence some rules below.

1) Split beating into 2 pools - 1)for proper money on strong fancies / value propositions which should be a small number of bets. 2) Things i bet on just to make sport more entertaining and really cut the amount stalked on these bets to a minimum.

2) No bets unless have properly researched the bet if it is a bet in 1) above.

3) Leave long term ante post bets - stop laying off as I do well on these but then win f all as have layed off.


We move to a 1 income family in about a months time with an extra mouth to feed. I cannot / wont continue to do what I am doing and am at a bit of a crossroads with poker.

1) My best and most profitable game is multis but I imagine these are difficult to play when have a little one so probably need to cut right down on these.

2) Hence 1) means I need to play cash which I have my confidence busted in as turned 15k$ profit to 0 over last2 months. I think if i play then my max stake is going to be 2 4 unless I establish a roll. If i cannot beat 1/2 or 2/4 over a 3 month period then I am going to pack in poker completely until the little one gets to say 6 months.


Need to change my work hours - have been doing something like 830 - 630 with no lunch break. I have probably reached as high as I can in the company and while I will always work extremely hard I need to prioritise some family life and at the end of the day I get the same pay whether graft my arse off or just do what I can in the time I have.

Saturday, May 22, 2010




Now down at cash on year and cant remember how to post graph onto blog :(

Also this month gone from £5K up end of 1st weekend in month to looking like will be lucky to make a profit.

Think I have lost it like the randoms who are spamming all sorts of sh1t messages on my blog - wtf are they about!!??

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My Mrs spyed me on tv twice this week.

Once in the paddock at York races on Ch4 and then tonight on the Irish Open Poker on Sky Sports 2 at 10pm. I am so dumb I had been watching it and had not even noticed but was a fw shots of TV table and i was playing the table behind it so featured a few times.

It plays to the bubble next week and the guy who bust v near the bubble was on my table and I sat next to Liam Flood who took him out so may well feature. SS2 next Tue 10pm.

On my facebook status I put I had been on TV and said its probably the most athletic sport that I could feature on - Brenos asked me in chat if it was darts :) - cheeky **** !!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


100R huge prizes 300 of 1300 left

okerStars Game #44190107590: Tournament #311010507, $100+$9 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XI (400/800) - 2010/05/16 22:02:47 WET [2010/05/16 17:02:47 ET]
Table '311010507 115' 9-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 1: GHand69 (5447 in chips)
Seat 2: 520988 (14904 in chips)
Seat 3: MrGORK (8715 in chips)
Seat 4: muschi2728 (16230 in chips)
Seat 5: zbab69 (21970 in chips)
Seat 6: artbrancusi (7917 in chips)
Seat 7: nicelife (14754 in chips)
Seat 8: Tagult (21120 in chips)
Seat 9: Cod Meharly (24280 in chips)
GHand69: posts the ante 75
520988: posts the ante 75
MrGORK: posts the ante 75
muschi2728: posts the ante 75
zbab69: posts the ante 75
artbrancusi: posts the ante 75
nicelife: posts the ante 75
Tagult: posts the ante 75
Cod Meharly: posts the ante 75
MrGORK: posts small blind 400
muschi2728: posts big blind 800
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to 520988 [Ad Kc]
zbab69: folds
artbrancusi: folds
nicelife: folds
Tagult: folds
Cod Meharly: folds
GHand69: folds
520988: raises 1600 to 2400
MrGORK: folds
muschi2728: raises 4000 to 6400
520988: raises 8429 to 14829 and is all-in
muschi2728: calls 8429
*** FLOP *** [9h 8c 7c]
*** TURN *** [9h 8c 7c] [6c]
*** RIVER *** [9h 8c 7c 6c] [2s]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
muschi2728: shows [5h Th] (a straight, Six to Ten)
520988: shows [Ad Kc] (high card Ace)
muschi2728 collected 30733 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 30733 | Rake 0
Board [9h 8c 7c 6c 2s]
Seat 1: GHand69 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: 520988 (button) showed [Ad Kc] and lost with high card Ace
Seat 3: MrGORK (small blind) folded before Flop
Seat 4: muschi2728 (big blind) showed [5h Th] and won (30733) with a straight, Six to Ten
Seat 5: zbab69 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: artbrancusi folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 7: nicelife folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 8: Tagult folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 9: Cod Meharly folded before Flop (didn't bet)


Played the 500 and the 50 SCOOP tonight with no joy in either, however I had a near miss in a scoop sat. I played one the crazy 33$ rebuy for the seats to the main event worth 10k$. I ran really well and got to final table of 9 as chip leader with 1.8 million chips. The first 3 got 10k$ seats then 4th -8th 900$ and i ended up losing 3 races in a row at the final table to leave with 900$ in 6th or 7th and if won one of the frst two races then i would be huge fav for the 10k seat so very disappointed in the end. However 900$ better than nothing and gives me a bit to play with.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Well Fol ran a stinker at York but I had a really good day with a couple of winners and hanging out in the newly done out owners and trainers area.

He then ran at Thirsk today and to be honest I couldn't fancy him based on running the other day even though around 16s on Betfair this morning looked generous. My judgement was as good as always when he when he went on to win a class 2 race with very decent prize money and his first class 2 - awesome run although may struggle now from handicap perspective. I lost loads of cash on horses today also so should be delighted but instead kicking myself for not going to Thirsk as only 90 mins away and not throwing a few quid on just in case.

Anyway prize money gets me a fw hundred ton so reduces the days losses slightly !!!

£18600 added, 4yo plus, 5f, Class 2, £12045 penalty, 7 ran
Going: Good to Firm
Surface: Turf
Watch Full Race» Watch Closing Stages»
Winning Time: 0m 58.11s 14:05
17:30 Pos. Dr. Dist. Horse Wt Jockey Trainer Age SP
1 4 Fol Hollow (IRE) 8-12 A Nicholls D Nicholls 5 8/1
opened 17/2 touched 15/2
2 6 ¾ Captain Dunne (IRE) 9-4 D Allan T D Easterby 5 2/1 jf
opened 7/4
3 1 1¼ Jargelle (IRE) 8-11 t1 T Eaves K A Ryan 4 33/1

* Another awesome day for Middleham Park Racing with 3 winners all in decent prize money races - pretty awesome achievement.

Friday, May 14, 2010


+1 for me on below on thoughts on the way game going at mid / high stakes

HeyEveryone I'm getting a job after 5 years as a pro


I've been an online pro for 5 years averaging 6 figures a year and am finally getting a job. I'll probably get flamed for this but I feel this is the beginning of the end unless UIGEA gets repealed or Asia Embraces online poker, neither look particularly likely and either one would just prolong the unavoidable.

These new shallow games on FTP and stars are basically to keep online poker going. They are trying to lower the loss rates of the fish (and thus lower the per hand win rates of the winning players). That is what happened on full tilt and that is what will happen on Stars. The games even at Midstakes are 80% shallow and even when deep runs it is rare they are soft. It is rare that I play someone and they make the type of mistake I used to see every 15 minutes 3 years ago.

Ipoker is not letting their good players move money around as they please anymore.

Poker sites see the games drying up so are trying to prolong the process.

Pokertableratings has over a million unique views and has sold hand histories to almost 10,000 people. Are there enough fish to feed that many people that obviously care about studying the game and their winrate?

Look at how many of the poker site coaches are losing or slight winners. They in general used to kill the games. People still have leaks but you don't make ANYWHERE NEAR the kind of money from someone who 3 bets 5% too much or misses value bets as some one who can't get away from top pair meh kicker regardless of who is betting at him.

The WSOP main event player pool dropped by 20% from 2008-2009 I would be amazed if it didn't drop again this year.

When the economy returns is poker going to come back? I honestly doubt it will significantly. Look at Backgammon in the 70s, there were many people making a lot of money from it. It was sort of a fad and although it is still around the player pool is much tougher. My dad used to play a decent amount of Backgammon cash games in the 70s and told me as soon as I was making decent money from online poker "PLAY TONS, it will not be like this very long", citing his backgammon experience of just noone significantly weaker than him wanting to play for money anymore. It is really true.

The top of the top players will generally continue to make large money as will the players with connections to private fish ponds. Many of the top poker minds would probably be able to make similar as traders or in another field in my opinion and I believe that the next durrrrr will likely not be a poker player.

I'm going to make a Midstakes thread about some more of my opinions regarding the state of online poker and things I have learned along the way.

I will say that the best decisions I have made in my life was to play online poker professionally. Ive traveled to 30 countries and taken roughly a 3 year road trip through poker funds and still have a decent amount saved up. Having a lot of free time and money in your 20s is truly the nuts, but retirement money from online poker is hardly possible anymore without counting the biggest MTTs and I don't want to grind out a middle class income online until my kids go to college (which I believe will always be possible for intelligent players if nothing else solely because me and people like me are getting jobs.)

I'm thinking of doing a well or something like that, though I'm not sure what forum it will be in. If you count all my 2+2 accounts (like 2 or 3 of them) I have probably about 13,000 posts. I think all my bans were from OOT where the ban stick is basically meaningless (they'd probably ban me for saying that).

Thanks for reading

tl;dr notes
Pro for 5 years getting a job now, feel poker is no longer worthwhile as a career for myself and most people that were making good money at it a few years ago.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As regular readers will know I have small shares in 3 horses.

Fol Hollow - good quality sprinter
Teela - Unraced 3 year old that basically eats and never runs!!!
Johney Foley - one for the future over the sticks but ran well in NH flats this year - lots of potential.

I think Teela wont be seen out for a while as I got a mail offering me a free lease of a horse called Hels Angel (which they didnt have to do) to compensate for the ownership frustration of not getting to the track yer which probably means its crocked again !!!

Anyway Fol Hollow is entered at York on Thursday at the Dante meeting and the racing is top class so am going to go with the Mrs on my owners badge - I think he should hopefully be in the frame.

Then Hels Angel is entered at Newcastle on Friday night so might as well take that freebie if it runs.

Hence I found something else to waste my cash on when my poker ban kicks in for a while. I played team game tonight and came last getting it in with a set versus flush that obv hit !!!!

Link attached for anyone interested in joining a good racehorse ownership syndciation club (not really a gambling syndicate). Basically you get full ownership rights and an owners badge each time runs even if only own 2.5%. If you get a decent horse this can pay for itself if runs at major meetings and you are flexible to attend.



Fol runs tomorrow and I am going it is 10-1
Hels Angel looks like wont run at Newcastle Fri and instead next week prob Carlisle

Monday, May 10, 2010


Another 4 fig loss when playing shocking across NLHE and PLO. According to Hold Em manager I got to 16k$ in front ah hight point this year ar 3/6$ and 5/10$ over 20K hands now after 26K hands I am up less than 1k$ on year. I cannot blame bad luck either as EV says i should be small loser.

Lost all motivation and desire for this game with exception of multis that I still enjoy. However, when little one comes along that is probably the one discipline it will not be practical to play.

Very very close to giving up for a period as dont feel it any more, just play multis ongoing on nights i play. I have team game tomorrow night that frankly is about as desirable as shopping at the moment but will grind through it so dont let team down, however letting myself down at moment as mindset / form / desire all shit.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Was down at cash before playing a very expensive sat to the 2100 stars event tonight with intention of unreg and using tourney dollars for rest of scoops i wanted to play if qualified.

The good news was I qualified for 700$, the bad news was the main event had already started and hence i could not unreg and had to play the 2100$ event.I got to 18K after 2 levels from 10K stack and was above average, however then ran top 2 pair into a flush and was crippled before i shoved into aces.

Stars rebuy was well stacked when ran AK into AA when i should have folded pre flop. Also entered and did nothing in 200 SCOOP and lost a bit on fixed limit on the side.

Sold 30% of main event action that I really wanted them to get a return on, but ulimately this slightly reduces my losses on the day. I also bought some shares in some kid in the WSOP ultimately now leaving my role on *s very low again.

I think role management is by far my weakest area in poker,


Really like one today and thought would be odds on so when odds against I decided to have a lumpa on. Abou 2 secs into race ........................

Pos. Dr.
Dist. Horse Wt Jockey Trainer Age SP
1 Ardmaddy (IRE) 11-0 b Mr Joshua Moore (7) G L Moore 6 9/2
held up mid-division, headway approaching 6th, led 2 out, hit and driven clear last, comfortably opened 5/1 touched 4/1
2 10 J'Adhere (FR) 11-0 T Scudamore Tim Vaughan 5 3/1
hampered start, held up in rear, headway approaching 3 out, soon chasing winner, weakened before last opened 11/2 touched 11/4
3 9 Randomer 11-0 p A Bird (10) P Butler 7 33/1
led until 3 out, soon ridden, lost place before next, rallied approaching last, stayed on opened 40/1
4 5 Alwaysonthemove 11-0 C Bolger Mrs L J Mongan 6 6/1
pulled hard, tracked leaders, led 3out, headed next, weakening when jumped right last, no extra opened 4/1
5 20 Goring Two (IRE) 11-0 M Goldstein (5) Mrs D M Grissell 5 100/1
chased leaders, lost place before 3 out opened 125/1
6 2¼ Jack Fawaz (IRE) 10-10 G Thomas (7) P Phelan 4 100/1
in touch, under pressure after 5th, soon lost place and behind touched 150/1
7 1¾ Nomoretaxes (UAE) 11-0 t B Wharfe (3) Miss D Mountain 8 66/1
behind, headway to chase leaders approaching 6th, hard driven and weakened approaching 2 out
PU Simone Martini (IRE) 11-0 t W Marston M F Harris 5 40/1
always in rear, pulled up approaching 6th opened 50/1
UR Keckerrockernixes (IRE) 10-10 J Pemberton (5) R Rowe 4 66/1
in rear when blundered and unseated rider 3rd
UR Onemix 10-3 R J Killoran (3) N J Henderson 4 6/5
stumbled and unseated rider start opened 11/10 touched 6/4

Saturday, May 08, 2010


AM session 3 6 NL did ok won few buy ins.

PM session joined a multitude of multis across stakes.

- Lost over 1000$ with an awful move at cash.

- 300$ 150K gtd got very decent stack fast - then called a 4 bet with AK and got it all in v a bog stack to go chip leader with half field down on K75 board and i was dead versus KK.

- Shortly after above i was playing a 25% rebuy to get into 700 WSOP sat final and bubbled this getting 25$ rather than the 700 seat.

- Played 2 freeroll things - qualified for the 150K final of one which is on 31st May but think it will have zillions of runners.

- I then played the 215 SCOOP quadruple shoot out and lost pair v flush draw to go 2nd in 1st game.

- I then played an Omaha sat into the 1500 SCOOP and was 6th of 6 with 4 seats but then got aggro and got through loads raises to get safe - i got a 1500$ seat and unregged to give me some SCOOP dollars for next week or so.

Had quite a few beers now so will reg for the 216 PLO SCOOP in an hr or so. Good luck me I wont find many folds :)

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Had night off poker and went to a bar showing Sky 3D to watch Man C v Spurs with a few mates including Ben "thefish" Holmes who is a Spurs fan. I wanted to try 3D before the world cup. To be honest was not impressed with 3D at all, only value is when the camera is static hence at the moment i dont see it been real good for football and could see it working much better for tennis / golf. However, I have little doubt they will develop the product with more and more cameras and will be the way tv is watched in the future.

Onto the match, for once I wanted spurs to win and was pretty gutted with below bet on Betfair when a goal was chalked off questionably which would have landed me 6 ton of 9 quid. Bentley then came on so i lost £25 on FGS - however had draw HT Spurs FT to win a few quid on the night and thought Spurs deserved the win and the 4th place.

David Bentley 36.00 16.00 Back 05-May-10 18:53 -16.00
Ledley King 65.00 9.00 Back 05-May-10 18:54 -9.00

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Just came 5th of 900 in the 65K GTD on *S for 6.7k$.

Pleased with the score but bit gutted on fin tab as I had chip lead and was 2nd a lot of the time.

Prizes were 24k, 17k, 13k, 9.8k and 6.8K and have to say I am devasted not to get the extra 3k for 4th - chuffing short stack must have won 3 or 4 all ins.

Anyway never mind getting closer and this time decent score.

Final hand I shoved for 20 odd BB when 4 of 5 with 99 and BB had JJ.

Monday, May 03, 2010


Was going to play a load of these SCOOP events, however the number of hrs you can play for a min cash can really put you off.

Was in great shape tonight with 300 left I was about 20th with 580K when av was less than 200K. However, i promised myself not to play tame after Irish open and I 4 bet 55 all in versus 1010 and busted back to 260K. From then on in was on a real tough table getting pants cards and couldnt do much - I got lowish then doubled back to 2/3 of av stack. I played real well for about 6 or 7 hrs and picked up loads of pots with nothing and didnt get a mass of big hands, however played poor last hr or so. I I made a pretty big mistake with 150 left - there was a min raise from a 15BB player and this got flatted and I was on BB with A3 - I should have called but thought could steal pot and shoved in and got snapped by JJ to leave me shortish. I later reraised a frequent raiser with an overshove all in with 44 but someone woke up with queens abehind nd despite having a few outs by turn that was that :( I beat 6500 runners but finished 140oddth for less than 1k$ for 10hrs

Top 3 places were over 100K, top 12 over 10K, top 30 over 5k, and top 50 2.5k for what could have been !!!!.

I have cashed last 4 multis but for aboslute min cashes - for the record there were a FTOPS the 300 and 100 1000 runner multis on *s in Sat and this 1st scoop event.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

SPURS and SUNDERLAND in 20 Mill striker battle

What you reckon?FOR SALE


What a greedy ****

Ban him for life and put him in a cell with Betfair punters - I really hope if tomorrows NOTW story is true that he gets a jail sentence for it - how greedy can you get.

I don't like Graham Dott either for no good reason than he bores the pants of me so I am hoping we have an Oz winner of the world championships.

Just had qq in v 88 for stacks and he hits straight - getting tiresome at cash.

Played the 100 and 300 multis on *s with 600 and 1000 runners and finished top 100 in both but for micro cashes.