Tuesday, July 31, 2007


6 Paks765
Bonus / Rake670
Fixed Limit770
No Limit -2145


1) I pretty much knew last months No Limit figures would not last - Im new to NL game and you pay for your lessons !!

2) Never got going for big profits in month and was basically down between 2k and level for most the month.

3) My performance in the the UKGPT was poor - was home before the first dinner break.


1) Fixed limit - Happy to make a profit in this discipline again for 2nd month in a row as this is where all my bonus and rakeback comes from (recorded seperate).

2) Freerolling - 1st and 4th in the CPC freerolls netting over 4k$ of prizes and a week all inclusive in St Kitts and 3 sat vouchers for CPC (worth 2k$ not included in above figures)

3) Another Month with a multi win - Ok it was the eyes wide shut donkfest but £1k is £1k.




A wrong button press on Forumlae 1 wiping out all the profits I had made in trading a race and making it a loss :(.

3rd biggest horse bet ever £400 on a horse that was 6th of 6.


The horse I owned a small % in winning and £70 at 7s. (Janes Delight pictured above)

Golf nice value 2 ball double.

Discipline - has very few bets this month.

Monday, July 30, 2007


PART 1 - John got me flashy tickets again for the football. We were downgraded :) !!! from chairmans lounge to the directors lounge. Still sat just in front of Chris and Sam again but went to a different lounge with a buffet rather than cooked meal and a cash bar. Seats were superb again and we beat Juventus 2 0 so it was a good day.

PART 2 - Got my mate Ben to play the freeroll I had qualified for on Betfair. He came 25th of 400 and odd whoch gets me into a freeroll on 2nd Sept for 10 WSOPE seats worth 250k$ - probably 1000s of runners but should be good.

PART 3 - Found my mojo again at 6 paks on betfair tonight. Current results below :-

BF6 Pak105WON400
BF6 Pak105WON400
BF6 Pak105WON400
BF6 Pak105Lost
BF6 Pak160WON600

Saturday, July 28, 2007


I just won the 140 odd runner eyes wide shut on betfair which I affectionately refer to as a Donkfest - its a turbo and blinds at end mean its push or fold. I only just scrapped past bubble when picked up tens hand before my bb. However got a huge good beat with 7 left when i was all in when short with 3 5 v q5 and hit a straight. I then won most of the 60 40s i got chips in with and then when 3rd of 3 had to call with 57 and was delighted to see the guy had pushed with 2 4.

Heads up i pushed and held up early then ran into aces then next hand. Then all in me a 5 v his 10 x anyway he flopped a 10 but a queen on river gave me a straight and $2100 dollars for the 50$ entry and 1st place. I also cashed in the 16k gtd tonight when i finished 18th which is lowest place that is paid for 192$ buy buy in is 109$

Very nice result for a tourny I often mock !! - It also means I have sneaked into profit for the month :)


I was quite pleased with the run tonight even though 8th of 15. Always in rear seemed to hate the softer ground and ran on well toward the finish. Hopefully drops a few more lbs and shoule hopefully land a handicap later in the season.

Full result below.


Friday, July 27, 2007


Few people sent me a few snaps today and have seen myself in the local rag and the daily star.

above from bbc sport - fame at last :)


One of my best mates in my current job has just moved to be a number monkey at Newcastle United - anyway he starts Monday and said he would get me tickets tonight.

I thought they would be good corporate tickets but did not expect them to be in the Chairmans Lounge - Basically the few Newcastle directors, ourselves and the Celtic Directors and guests - probably 15 people total.

Great food and drink then I go and take my seat 3 or 4 along from Bobby Robson and just in front of Big Sam. A nice 4-1 victory to add to enjoyment of night.

Hopefully same again for Juve game on Sunday :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007



Was just going really well in laddies 100$ 30k gtd rebuy appraoching the cash.

Then folded to me on SB with KK run into AA on BB and out. Looks like my first losing month since started this blog unless I win a multi in next few days :(

Monday, July 23, 2007


Have reinvested Janes Delight cash for a new horse.

This time I have moved away from 2 year old for an older horse. I was offered another one with Patrick Haslam that tempted me but I have decided to go for a horse with Dandy Nicholls that has dropped 1 stone and a half down the handicap.

Im hoping Dandy is plotting this one up :)

Horse details below and it has an entry in the Stewards Cup although could be ballotted out.

GUEST CONNECTIONS 4-y-o (9 Apr 2003) b g
Trainer: D Nicholls Owner: Middleham Park Racing L
Breeder: The Lavington Stud
Zafonic(USA) (8.5f) - Llyn Gwynant (Persian Bold(10.4f))
(55,000gns) 9th foal, half-brother to five winners, including Lady Of The Lake, useful at 16-17f at 3, and Llia, a 7f winner at 2; dam unraced at 2, high-class dual 1m winner at 3-4


As some of you remember I set myself a mid year additional resolution to try and qualify for the Carribean Poker Classic (CPC) or Oz millions. I have kind of just achieved that via the free roll.

Remember I came 4th or 5th in 100 runner multi with 2 river beats - then tonight I won the package in a 104 runner multi. First things first I was mega lucky and really feel for the 2nd.

Me ace ten sooted versus his ace king for 90% chips in play and I spike a ten effectively for the win. Also at the final table I won with K9 v a7 when i rivered a straight and ace 5 v 77 when flop came ak5. I had the chip lead mid way through the tournie then got all chips in v 4th place with my KK v 66 for a massive chip lead and he hit his 6 so I am pleased I was able to recover.

I played decent but had a good slice of luck which has been missing in July so was a refreshing change. The catch is that the package is worth 4k$ but does not include a buy in to the main event. It does include some super satellite vouchers but to be honest I might not buy in and just use it as a holiday with the wife then if I win a satellite then so be it.

Azimut - if you read this can you contact me mate - I know you said this was favourite event of year and I wouldn't mind some info / advice from you.

Below is what I won and a link to the resort and details of the tournie. Buy in is 6k$ which is what I have in passport stamps with betfair so I need to think about this.
$4,000 CPC Lite Package The prize package includes:
$1,200 for a 7-night hotel stay at the St. Kitts Marriott
$2140 cash for travel and meals

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Well done Bensone you just won this hand down.

This chuffing sums up July and is the worst call in the history of poker..........


Saturday, July 21, 2007


As readers will know I have a small % in a horse - Janes Delight.

She was dropped to seller grade at Ripon today but has just given me my 1st ownersip winner and it feels great. Bit gutted I decided not to go today but so be it. The bad news is it was a seller and we were not able to hold on to her and she was sold for £12k. However she won by 8 lengths in a very poor race but I had a decent bet on her so happy.

Janes Delight


However she cost 20k so we have made a loss overall - I will probably get involved with another now at Middleham Park Racing - just keep the monthly direct debit and use the p money and sales proceeds to get a different one.

Jane's Delight (IRE) (10)
2 8 - 3v1
A Elliott(3)P C Haslam
with leader, led 3f out, clear over 1f out, ridden out comfortably
Lavender Moon (IRE) (4)
3/1 JFav
2 8 - 3p1
A Mullen(3)K A Ryan
chased leaders, ridden over 2f out, went 2nd over 1f out, kept on no chance of winner
Indecision (3)
3/1 JFav

Friday, July 20, 2007

GUKPT - Out in 3.5 hrs !!

Started on same table as S Sunar and also notice Paul ActionJackson and Michael Grecco in field.


Significant hands - Note one loose player on table calling 90% flops whether raised or not- ill be referred to below as NEMESIS

1) ME Ak dis raise 500 flop 3 4 6 dis I bet 500 into 1300 he folds showing AQ hearts.
2) I raise KK flop Q82 I bet 2/3 pot he calls - turn 9 i check he bets 1k ito 1.5k pot i call not sure where i am - riv 10 - check check he shows q9.
3) Next hand i limp 44 flop q 7 4 2 spades i lead out 2/3 pot - 2 callers turn another spade pretty sure Im behind to Villain but he checks after my check as does other player - I still think Im behind here and only intend to be further involved if board pairs. River spade non pairing board easy fold for me NEMESIS held 10 7 spades.
4) 4 limpers I have KK again raised 4*bb from sb 2 callers flop a 35 i check fold.
5) play about 3 hands to raises with pairs miss them all.Get to break 8k from 10k starting and to be honest feel have played v well to be still in losing the minimum in some horrible positions.

SESSION 2 - ROOOOBISSSSHHHI decide to change style as only played big cards and aim to win a big pot with **** for image purporses.NEMESIS continues to call nearly every raise.I limp 56 dis from early ( wish I had raised ) - flop 934 - 2 clubs i lead out 1/2 pot NEMESIS calls - Turn King - I lead out again for 1/2 pot and NEMESIS calls - pot now is about 4k and I have under 6k left as does he. River 5 - I decide Im either winning eg he has missed flush or he has 9x - hence I decide a bet off 2.5k should take pot either wat - he calls 9 10 and im down to 3.5K.

Next hand I have qk (K di)on BB someone raised to 600 2 in pot and i call for 400. Flop A 8 6 all dis - NEMESIS bets 1k into 2k pot - i push all in ( in desperation but obviously hoping for a fold) - he calls shows AQ and i miss. Key hand was the 56 hand that I kicked myself 100 times on way home - I lose 200 on next hand if dont lose first one. All in all pishpoor performance

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I keep reading on forum about the massive Sunday games on poker stars so signed up last night. At first glance the software / format and games look really good. Downside is there is no rake back.

However I signed up via Dibbles blog and he was playing a 50$ multi so I watched him. I have been running bad but I really felt for Dibble last night.

Final table prizes were huge and he played perfect poker then every time he got to about 3rd-6th of remaining runners he got shafted and then recovered then shafted again etc.

Think he lost his KK v TT for chip lead then another dominating hand that he was 70 odd % then with 10 left he was last but got them all in with ace King v ace two and is shafted again.

I know hes not reading blogs at moment and bit annoyed at poker but if he plays like he did last night a big $ finish is just round the corner.

I had a very good night at £10 £20 fixed limit on Interpoker and the July damage has been severely reduced.

Cape Wrath on Ch4 later - MINT :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Ronaldhino To Newcastle?! The News of The World has claimed that Newcastle United have made a bewildering enquiry for superstar Ronaldinho.

Transfer season is renowned for throwing up incredulous stories about unlikely moves, but this is surely one step too far.
Ronaldinho has been in the centre of speculation over a move to Italy, but the UK-based paper The News of The World have reported that Newcastle United have made enquiries about how much it would cost for the Barcelona man to move to St James’ Park. The response? £58million.
New Magpies owner, billionaire Mike Ashley, would love to signal his intent with a big name signing, however it whether Ronaldinho would move to Newcastle is anybody’s guess.


Just played a free roll for this on Interpoker.

100 runners 4 left and I was 3rd of 4. Below 2 hands both times for chip lead.

JJ v AK on 3 low cards board - river K. Then same player me A 8 v q j and a chuffing jack on river. He went on to win and to be honest was crap so Im really gutted. 140$ for 4th only and the package is worth a good few quid and looks fantastic. Im not a big fav in any of the above hands just the fact they hit on river each time hurts a lot more especially the exit hand.

Playing the passport stamp on betfair and just shafted to 2 outer when i was chip leader so dented. July aint the best month I ever had :( !!!!!


Right frustrating night overall.

Entered the 16k and chip lead after 10 mins was going quite well hence I hoped I would cash so bought in for 500$ for the 6 shooter. I chip lead the 6 shooter also but cards dryed up ad I was 4th of 4 when i pushed with top pait v an overpair and his hand held up. Frustarting as prizes for 3 only but massive 1200$ 1800$ and 3000.

Anyway back to the 16k and I make the cash but then loose a few chips and all of a sudden Im in trouble to make final table when my ace ten is busted by an all iners J 8 :(.

Anyway I need to make final table as I need a FT finish to get points i need to qualify for freeroll - I had 800 but needed 1000 so tightened up a bit and made FT. I was then v low and pushed with k 9 and called by KQ which held up and I was 8th for 400$ hence a loss over the 2 tournies which was frustrating.

I then played the 79$ sat to qualify to the Friday final 790$ WSOP which I won - but I just realised I am in the UKGPT at Newcastle next week so Im hoping I can change it to week after - else I need a runner for me in next Fridays WSOPE final !!!

Just read on forum that Deejay has been eliminated 80 something for 80K$ - well done sir great achievement - Im still well down for July - was hoping a big 16k finish or a money finish in 6 shooter was going to fix that but wasnt to be.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Play just finished at WSOP and Deejay from betfair forum is still in and down to 200 players or so.

Everything crossed that he wins life changing amount of $


I just this second finished 2nd in the 6k gtd and I am steaming.

Scraped into 3rd where me and Duffs where low v a massive chip leader who couldn't miss a hand but even though he had a huge stack he did not look good. I was lucky to get trips v Duffs who is a good player who had trips also with worse kicker.

So i get to heads up and I have 7k v 21k. I grind away and start to get mega aggressive pushing a lot. Eventually he calls with 9 7 v my Ace Jack and I double up for lead. However then lost two 60 40s when he made calls for 15 big blinds with chuffing K4 and 98 and won them both.

Muppets do win :(

Anyway 1800$ for 500$ instead of the 3000$ for winner. Still well down for month but at least a dent in it.

Friday, July 13, 2007


13 Jul 20:16
Just read below on Threesomes thread on chit chat

speakingout 13 Jul 19:59

i once chatted up this bird in a club-few yrs older-she about 42-she said did i fancy a threesome, mother and daughter act - i said too right i do-we got back to hers , she turned on light and shouted up the stairs-" mum you still awake" i made a speedy exit

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Just read my blogs last 7 posts sounds like a manic depressants hence a non twist post needed.

Bought a new book at the weekend - Through the eye of the Hurricane which is Alex Higgins autobiography. I am a fan of sports autobiography's of troubled characters !! and below are my top 10.

1) George Best - The Good The Bad and The Bubbly - quite simply superb.
2) Addicted - Tony Adams - great read.
3) Gazza - probably Newcastle bias but unbelievable read to see whats in his head.
4) Ronnie O Sullivan - guy is f****ked up.
5) Lance Armstrong ( 2 books) - amazing story of the fight against cancer and his tour wins - without doubt one of the greatest sportsman of my lifetime.
6) Keano - never liked him but a good read.
7) Who Ate all the pies - Micky Quinn - quality absolute howl.
8) Phil Taylor - just for the fact he reckons a ghost lives in his pub - weirdo.
9) Alan Brazils cant remember what its called.
10) Frankie Detorri - just for chapter on helicopter crash and what Ray Cochrane did to save his life.

A non twist thread :)))))

For non sports then Frank Sinners book is a great read also and by far the funniest comedy act I ever seen live and he has a nationwide tour his year so try and see him if you can.


Just had a £300 quid 2 outer riv v me and now minus £1750 for month.

Dont know what to do.

Beats have made me play poor and keep get shafted vicious circle. Tempted to take break from gambling for a while or just play the $10 and $25 rebuys on bluesquare and set a max loss of 2.5k£ in the month. I dont want to give winnings back and I had awful run From July - Oct last year when I did about £5k in and thats in my head also.

Have the Grov event in less than 2 weeks so need to sort head out - any advice in prep and mental attitude would be appreciated at this time.

If I cant resist playing tomorrow then I have seen a 25$ event on Laddies to win a share in a horse and I think I may play that only. May as well keep stakes low when playing like a numpty till I get head sorted and beats stop.

VARIANCE i guess !! need to refind the mojo :)

Monday, July 09, 2007


My frustration continues in the live event qualifyers.

50 odd runners in the Australian open qualifier that included entry to 2 tournies and a great week in OZ. No real bad luck but I chip lead with 8 left. Strange set up 1st got the package then 1st to 25th got cash back ( I qualified via 20$ sat so won 200$).

Key hands i Raise to 3 * BB from button with 4 left K Ten flop K 5 4 rainbow end up all in v K5 which was a loose call for 1/4 his stack pre.

Then all in 33 v AQ to go to 2nd again in final hand - river q and gone.

My mate Az is going well in the 20k gtd on blue square and I have 1/3rd share - hopefully he can save the weekend !!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007


5 mins later - prime example of a hand that contributed to profits last month that is contributing to massive losses this month.



Just lost the 790$ WSOPE qualifyer for the 23k$ package.

I was 2nd with 16 left and had two bad beats in 8k pots.

First one I have ace 6 on BB flop comes a 6 3 all dis I get them all in v K J os with K di and river comes q di.

Then the sicker beat I raise pre with ace ten 1 caller from bb flop ten 8 3 rainbow - bet he raises all in ( hes not a good player ) - I call as expect winning - he has q ten river the fooking q dis again.

Beat after beat after beat in July - well down just have to remind myself have had a nice run myself and hopefully they will stop in near future.

For the record I came 10th but was very unimpressed by standard of player in tourny and will try and qualify again via the 79$ sats this week.

Bets of luck at tables and to the wsop team from betfair.

Another 6 hours total delays on this weeks travel also adding to current mood !

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Just lost 2nd 2k$ cash pot of the month - behind from flop onwards failed to put down top pair and top kicka then my top pair tripped v a flopped trips hence that improved to fh.

Down 4 figs for July think I am going to drop down to micro stakes at weekend in case last months profit gets wiped out. Away to Germany rest of week so no poker and Im sure travel this week will be a nightmare due to the mentalists last weekend.

I have the WSOPE qualifyer Friday night anyway although Im sure I will get delayed and miss some of this and have qualified for 30$ to the final qualifyer for the Australia open in October for a 5k$ package which is on Sunday night with 1 seat for every 30 entries.


I never knew how to take Punterz as seemed to get into numerous spats on the forum. However one thing I always did have was massive respect for his game and I rate him very highly. If he is sat at a heads up table I would not sit down as I prefer to play when odds are in my favour and Im not sure they are v him. However, despite the spats etc I have seen some massive acts of kindness like giving people chips back when disconnected etc even in big money events.

Anyway the point of all this - I copy and paste the below story from Azimuts blog which I think is piss funny. One lad I know Carl told me about the pressure he was put on by locals to do a deal to get a Micky Mouse return aso I know where Punterz is coming from especially as he was probably best player at the table.

Latest info from Vegas. Following Punterz Caesars Palace win he took them on at Treasure Island last night. This was a smaller tourney but once again he made the final table. This time the other nine players all wanted to do a deal. Punterz refused. They were not happy and a few were going off it but he still said no way.He eventually knocked them out and got heads up with 80% of the chips in play. Most of the ones who were after a deal were still standing watching the outcome hoping he would lose. So what did he do? He offered a deal to the other guy. And of course the other guy was happy to accept a 50/50 cut.A classic piss take by Punterz. Cost him a few hundred dollars but well worth it. Love that one!

Above is copied from Azimuts blog which is a quality read - I have it linked on the right so check it out.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Few hands cash - get Kings with it all in v Jacks for 500 and put me in front covering buy ins for night.

Flop 8 9 10 river 7 XXXXX wins pot and sits out -

I sense July is the month I should turn the pc off for if 1st 2 days anything to go by.


Nights like tonight are difficult to take.

Got knocked out of 16k and a 15k rebuy when in good possys with 50 left by pathetic plays by fish losers.

In 16k I have JJ flop 10 9 4 3 clubs i bet pot he calls - Im certain he has ace clubs.

6k Pot so I bet 8k all in on turn which is a blank so he cant call. Unbelievable he calls with ace 7 off suit and hits. 2-1 for a 5-1 shot well played mate.

Rebuys even worse when some fish called allin** calls my overbet on turn and flop with 10 5 chasing a flush. Im trying not to get too mad as they prob contribute to this years profit but annoying when they hit.

Read Azimuts blog about dealing with beats and tryed to put it in practice tonight when i put nh wp. However succumbed to throwing some abuse at the fish on the other rebuy site. Still need to sort this should just close down and leave.

Hers is the mail I got today from BlueSquare - sounds like I have to gear up in a BlueSquare top - Bit of a shame as I see Betfair as my poker home but hopefully can where their gear when I qualify for WSOPE on Fri night ;) - I also really like the BS site for rebuy tournies and sats to live events and will probably play more their.

Hi Mark,

Congratulations on winning your seat into the sixth leg of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour, taking place in Newcastle, July 19th – 22nd.

The package you won was valued at $2,750 (£1,368.70). £1,050 of this will be used to pay your entry into the Newcastle event. The remaining £318.70 ($640.34) will be added to your poker account today.

As there are expected to be 280 players in the event, there are two starting days on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th of July with 140 players starting on each day. You have been drawn to play on Day 1b, on Friday 20th July. Starting days cannot be altered and players cannot swap starting days with another player once it has been allocated. Play starts at 4pm and all players must be in their seats when the first hand is dealt or they will be withdrawn from the tournament.

I would also like to cordially invite you to a drinks reception for all our online qualifiers, which will be held at 2.30pm on the day your tournament starts, in the bar at the casino in Newcastle, where you will also pick up your qualifiers pack, including t-shirt and polo shirt. At this reception you will be met by me and Tour Manager Jonathan Raab as well as our colleagues Simon Woolf and Richard Bloch. Simon is our Marketing Manager and Richard is our PR Manager.

Anyone from the forum playing this event give me a shout and can have a beer or two.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Newcastle GUKPT me up :)

Just played the satelliteon Bluesquare and accumulated a chip lead.

About 50 runners 1st 2 won 2750$ packages for the 1k£ buy in at Newcastle. I kep telling myself dont chuck this away as you are chucking too many away and playing like a donk.

Anyway 5 hrs later my 99 just held up v 77 when I called a reraise with 3 left v smallest stack - flop was a q 3 and his cards were not turned over and I feared worst but was delighted to see 77.

Now I just need to ensure I can get a few days off work in a busy period - I hope that is ok.

I had played awful all day and lost almost 1k - this win feels much bigger than 1k to me as it means I can play a big event at my home town - hopefully can meet up with a few of the boys from the betfair forum also and maybe I can make it onto TV. !!!

Full details are below and if I get the time off I may play them all now.

What I won

There are three super satellites a week, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. One $2,750 package will be awarded for every $2,750 in the prize pool. The winners of these super satellites win a $2,750 GUKPT package, which consists of £1,050 buy in plus fee to a GUKPT event and the remainder in expenses. The Wednesday and Friday super satellites are $100 rebuy tournaments. The Sunday super satellites are freezeout tournaments. You can buy in directly to these super satellite qualifiers, or win a seat in them through one of the daily satellites.

Event Schedule

Main Event Details
Buy – In
£1000 +£50
Thursday 19th – Sunday 22nd July '07
Proposed Player Capacity

Full Festival Schedule
Event Name
Start time
Wednesday 18th July '07
£300 Double Chance NL Freezeout**
Thursday 19th July '07
Day One A of GPT Leg 6
Friday 20th July '07
Day One B of GPT Leg 6
Saturday 21st July '07
Day Two of GPT Leg 6
Sunday 22nd July '07
Day Three of GPT Leg 6
Sunday 22nd July '07
£250 NL Shootout**

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Chip lead the 50k tonight - donked them all away to be not even close to the final table ( prob about 5th time in 5 weeks I have done this ).

Need to have a real hard look at my game when stacked as playing absolute shit.

Qualified for the passport at 945 then I think I am going to take a week off till Fri from multis


I just won a 79$ sat to give me a shot at the big event on Fri night.

Prob 20-30 runners so a genuine chance for a 23k package. I have an issue that I am in Germany next week and due home if everything gos OK at about start time (830) however with current security issues will be surprised if back on time so may need to look for a reserve just in case !!

Had some bad beats in Multis last night.

6k 6 shooter AA lost to AJ when 5 left to go 2nd.
4.5k gtd had a river beat heads up ( had good beat myself with 4 left and 3 left so cant complain)
The 5k eyes wide shut 6 left my 1010 lost to ace 3.

Frustrating night overall