Monday, April 30, 2012


Pretty gutted as the last week has been horrific, I have played 5 10 PLO pretty much all month bar Vegas where I played low stakes hold em. I lost 2.5K£ before Vegas but then went on a streak and ust have been over £5K in front.

However, the last week has been some of the most horrific hands I can remember. I constantly got it in on turns to hands they should fold and they constantly got there - just as I thought I had mastered this crazy game !!

Would have took below 7 days into month I guess but with 7 days to go I would be devasted as I am.

NL   100
plo   1020
Bonus   40
Multi   -160
Total   1000

Friday, April 20, 2012


Have been over to the states twice in 3 weeks with one trip for business and one trip for pleasure. The latter was to attend the stag do and wedding of failed poker fish Ben Holmes (evening Ben :)).

I got a 9 day pass of the Mrs and went with 6 other guys and had a great time in what was my 1st visit in 5 years. I think i won something like 7 from 10 sessions at Blackjack / Roulette but was not playing high stakes so was not a huge number. My best return was the last night when i got 2 numbers in a row on the wheel for 700$ or so.

Stag do was at Pure in Ceasers with VIP table service followed by a  late vist to a "downtown club ;)", Wedding was at the Wynn and was great event especially with the free bar. Other highlights included beer pong at Blondies, the usual awesome visit to Ghost Bat, statto and a decent night in 1OAK club.

The only negative was that i tryed a spin up before I went and went into a 2.5K hole before going when had big losing session when jet lagged at PLO 5 10. However, in a few sessions this week I have well and truly put that loss behind me and am now in significant profit for the month.

Hopefully onwards and upwards.

Congrats Ben & K

Sunday, April 01, 2012


Not much play and nothing interesting to say.

Was in states last week with time to kill in Cinci and Paris and both countries had rules meaning I could not log on to the awesome poker stars i pad app - :(

NL   850
plo   875
Multi   125
Total   1850