Thursday, March 31, 2011


Multi -100
NL 1550
PLO 750
RB 800
Usually would be happy with that but very disappointed for 3 reasons.

1) I was that much up after 2 days in the month after a flying start and 4 times in month I topped £5K up with highpoint over £6K.

2) Ran terrible versus EV (profit should be double.

3) That awful PLO session a few posts below which involved element of tilt which is rare for me.

4) Does not cover sports loss in month.

However, 3 winning poker months in row to start year so happy with that.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Now at stop loss for mare month so posting now.

Darts -500
Football -1825
Horses -700
PROFIT -3025

Friday, March 25, 2011


Just done £2500 in 62 hands at plo600 in less than an hour - not good. Fortunately had a semi decent week prior to that but best I avoid poker for the night / maybe weekend and I cant sports bet either as hit monthly loss limit (-£3k) !!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Just seen Haye v Harrison for 1st time - round 1 total punches landed 0. Harrison total punches landed in fight 1 - worst fight of all time - NAP - some people paid £20 to watch that LOL


Watched my first matches in 3D at weekend and it is absolutely awesome and 50 times better than when seen it at boozer.


Ticket applications are open now till end of April so get your applications in. I applied for every day for athletics tickets taking assumption it would be miles over subscribed - I also applied for tennis and cycling finals tickets. I asked the Mrs if she wanted to see anything and it was Equestrian and thought they wont be oversubscribed so I applied for a few randoms (BMX / Basketball / Table Tennis) around same date.

Anyway before I bore you - purpose of story is that to increase chance of getting ticket you can put a price range in and i did this on all (athletics obviously mega expensive). It works out your bill on assumption you get every ticket you apply for at the top price (which statistically is never going to happen). Anyway I sent my application to the Mrs just to show had included equestrian and she almost feints when she see £4500 cost of total ticket applications !!!!

I have a feeling of my £4500 application my bill might be whatever 2 equestrian tickets and a child are - however she has got me worried in case by some freak i landed a load !!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


As you all know I am a big sports betting pro ;)

Just watched Djokovic beat Nadal in tennis and immediately looked at French Open odds and took the 8-1 with VC on him. I know Nadal is rightly odds on, however I think there is a new sherriff in town this year, and would not be surprised if you get a free bet anyway as expect him to be 5-1 max at start if event.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Had an absolute mare today.

3 Very big bets losing 4 figs making this months sports loss very ugly indeed.

Villa - lost
Man U / Ars double - lost
Man U / Spurs - lost

On top of that toon get stuffed and now facing up to reality of relegation fight.

Also had a 4 fig losing night at poker last night, after a promising start March is fast turning into a rescue mission,


Well almost.

I did not play Sun - till tonight and wished I had not played tonight when on wrong side of EV losing the 3 all in races.

Had a decent week at Centre Parks in Cumbria, 1st time I had been and perfect for a mini family holiday - I left the laptop at home for 1st time for a long long time. I am looking forward to Chelsea v Man City on Sunday as will be the 1st game I watch on my new 3D set.

Baby has started teething so maybe some fun times ahead!!!

Cheltenham was break even day 1, disaster day 2, good day 3 and bad day 4 for reasonable size loss on meeting and is a very poor sports betting month thus far (back to reality)

end of rambling randomness.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

JUST "WON" AN IPAD (updated)

I had a couple of free rolls tonight and in both had a 1 in 7 chance of winning an ipad.

To be honest I thought I was about evens to win one and did so in the 2nd game, although I got a 2 outer suck out on the way :)

Reason I say "won" though is played cash games on the side and had a total mare today, in reality I think I could have bought 3 ipads if never played !!!!

However it is something I fancied although would never pay £500+ for it, I seen IPAD2 out next week so I am already old fashioned !!!

Taking a week off poker this week Mon -Fri as am off work and just going to do stuff with the Mrs and the little one. Had a work do last night which was good crack and had a good few bevvies but got home before 530am this time knowing i had some parenting duties today!!!

Month has been quite a few false starts thus far, however am in decent profit and have a new gadget on the way. I am hoping to get an I phone via poker points in poker shop in next 6-8 weeks or so also so will be back down with the kids technology wise ;)


Nice touch from raketherake - wrote to me and said if prepared to mate month then will send ipad2 instead.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


This landed in my front roon today along with upgrade to HD 3D sky package.

Just been watching previews for last hour on SKY 3D channel - AMAZING !!!MY NEW TOY