Monday, September 29, 2008


Thanks chapsI had a tough day as made a crap decision and was basically down to 5K.I played a pot with Carlos Morgenson where basically he limped and I raised big with AA flop 10 6 4 I bet and he called (he had floated loads of flops so was not worried) turn 6 which I bet and he min raised (this is where I should get away from this as looks obvious set). However, most raises he had made were min raises as he had used this for info earlier, hence I made my decision to call the turn (and as such had decided to call river).I call river also and he has 66 for quads and I have 4.5k and beat myself up for hrs.So short stack poker all day but only all in twice and get a docuble up JJ v AK late on to 25k but then donked 6k off late on.250 500 at start of today so not a push fest yet.

Was playing on Juana's table for last hr and have just seen playing with "Jesus" tomorrow !!!

Soaps table for WSOPE day 2(Table 4)Seat 1: Andreas Krause - 5,325Seat 2: Mark "Soaps" Suddes - 19,150Seat 3: Peter Neff - 27,250Seat 4: Andrew Hadden - 12,325Seat 5: Jonas Kaiser - 52,900Seat 6: Narciso Baldo - 11,050Seat 7: Surinder Sunar - 40,100Seat 8: Chris Ferguson - 36,875

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TEAMDOBB said...

Invaluable experience matey go get em.
All NPF supporting ya pal, wish Id sorted ya hoodie out now as you didnt suit that betfair one 0:)