Sunday, April 29, 2007


I have just won the 6 pak shooter 6k$ guaranteed on betfair and am delighted as was 5th of 5 at one stage with 3 prizes but then delighted with my play - won a vital race with 3 left and then dominated heads up. $3000 prize makes this by far my best ever month poker wise.

I have heard that Mansion poker site has a 100k$ gtd every day and that there is a lot of value in it. Hence I have registered and am playing now for the first time. The value is immense as 100$ buy in with 570 players. Hence 43000$ of value. I will be back on this site on a regular basis although with number of runners cashing will be harder.

Anyway at moment I am about mid table of 133 runners left with prizes starting at 62nd downwards (200$) so hopefully another update of a cash !!!!

Did very well on horses today but had a massive bet on the snooker that lost. Im 3rd in the high stake leader boards on betfair with 2 days left and really hope i can hang on in there as top 3 get in the 6k free roll.

Away in Germany next week so will not be playing or updating

Good Luck

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