Monday, April 09, 2007


Made the final table but only come 9th so won about £20.

However just won a huge cash hand. Was at an extremely loose cash table and had QJ and raised pre flop.

Flop QJ2 and i lead out for the pot and get reraised all in by the maniac to my left who could have anything for 150$ more. However before me a guy flat calls so I raise when it comes to me and he reraises all in for 600 more which is my stack.

Since he has flat called and then reraised all in I put him on a straight or flush draw and decide to call. He shows K Ten suited so has open ended straight flush draw. Luckily for me it comes rag rag and I win a massive pot.

Not sure of the stats here* and will look it up tomorrow - I would say appox 50 50 but not sure.

*Just looked up he was 53% me 47%

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