Saturday, March 17, 2007


Bit of a nothing day until the 16kgts multi on bf - got lots of chips early to get to 2nd with 30 odd left top 18 payed. Blinds 200 400 and someone moves all in for 2.5k - Evo a good player then raises to 7k all in from the SB. I have about 12k and have AK sooted. I decided Evo had a decent hand but was trying to make sure he was 1 on 1 to pick up the pot hence I called. Evo showed QQ which held up and I was down in the pack. Then with 22 left I pick up JJ raised 4 * bb 1 flat caller - pot 6k I have 10k left. Flop comes 8 high so i push in to pick up the pot and not risk any outdraws - called immediately by QQ and Im gone with no return from a great position. I think I made a mistake on the first hand - even though I have good odds to call I have a drawing hand and if I had seen Evos hand face up I would have folded even though I have odds to call. I mistakingly thought I could be dominating him. I then went and lost 300 at fixed limit so 400 down on the day so wasnt looking good. I had 75 quid left in my bet365 account after Chelt so loaded it into Roulette for a laugh - 30 mins later I just cashed out £1200 number after number came in - Ive played casino twice this month and both big winning sessions which is nice when poker not going so good. I only ever risk 50 or 75 so very nice runs. I also had £200 on Kauto Star to win the Gold Cup today at 13-8 which came in and got me about square on the Chelt festival which after 2 days did not luck likely. I think this horse is a real champion and have been with it all the way so really enjoyed the race. Bedtime Adios

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