Monday, March 26, 2007


Ok looked like I was on target for a losing month so decided to go back to total basics for a day.

I have played £3 £6 FL almost all day today and won about £600 which is 200 big blinds which I am obviously pleased about. Just played solid 1 table and will have generated some decent rake which I will get the benefit from next month. I played a wsop qualifier and the passport stamp but did nothing in either so gave £100 back.

I have been looking tonight how to spend my 3k$ passport stamp and have seen there is a tourney each week in the Bellagio which is about 1K$ buy in and I am there in May. SO current thinking is to see if I can use 1k$ to buy in there and then use the remaining 2k$ to buy in at the UK poker tour event at Newcastle which is at Grosvenor in June and televised on Ch4 I believe.

Well played to Doobs tonight who was final table in 4 main events all at once - the 16k gtd, the 50k gtd , the 6 shooter and the passport stamp.

Back to work in UK tomorrow nice to have a week with no travel. However, I have lost my mobile which is a bit of a pisher.

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