Thursday, August 13, 2009


2 multis both done in 2 outers.

then played £500 at PLO and got it in 3 way as 70% Fav and lost main pot and side pot when i missed everything (nut flush and wrap) - was actually surprised at how big a fav I was but was v 1 pair and 2 lower flush draws.

Then 1st big bet of footy season went down when Morrison missed a sitter in last minute (evs) v Hartlepool.

Also just spent £600 and odd quid on a new lap top so expensive night.

On plus side 2 days left at work between now and Dec 1 and out Friday night on a work night out on a tyne cruise - forecasted to pish down !!!

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Highstack said...

I wish you'd spoekn to me mate ... in true JJ aftertiming style, I could have told you to avoid on Wednesday night. Five teenagers handed debuts and we couldn't even fill the bench having some first year trainees on. :-(