Saturday, August 29, 2009


Opened an account at a new skin tonight and new account rig was in good flow :)

Just 2 tables PLO at 5 10 and 3 6 which i bought in both for 600 for and left both with a healthy profit, had a few suck outs in small pots but in general most big pots i got it in as fav and held when needed to, i also lost a 4 fig pot to some guy who had 1 out when we got it in (me set 8s him set 7s and his other 2 cards made me a straight if came), he apologised so it must have been bad as no one does at PLO.

However, i lost money again today when dossing around at home on the horses so i need to watch out for that before i go away on my travels - I am going to try and fill my diary up a lot more next week so not at home all day.

Anyway tonight's session wont be far off rescuing the month, if i could have a winning session on Sat or Sun i could still maybe hit the profit column.


Robert "Animal" Price said...

u seen these mate, i knw u were on bout playin wsope event after. think im goin down for some of these too straight from Nottingham.

Poker play the Soap way said...

cheers m8 - i have a wsope event 1 seat which is £1060 = however looks like i wont be able to play the Monday (final day) so will prob try and sell it - if i get cash from that then happy to play a few events on link u sent between thu - sun.