Thursday, August 20, 2009



Huge good beat as boarded the 12 hr flight from London to Hong Kong where we are told that unfortunately we need to be upgraded to club world (business) which means flat beds, unlimited shampoo etc - sweet. Arrive other side and have just missed ferry though so had to sit around for 3 hrs waiting for next one.


Anyway arrive Macau about 8ish but have missed the VIP meal hence head down Lion Bar at MGM for drinks. Basically get a wrist band for ipoker party that equals free drinks all night - met Twaddle from Betfair for drinks also who gives us an overview of what to do and see. Next morning wake up after 3 hrs and puke guts up !!!! = back to bed and didn't get up till 5pm. No gamboools.


Headed over to where APT was and did some reg stuff - looks good set up. Then get taxi to different area and spent most night in Venettian at a bar called Belinni which is awesome. Basically loads of fit women just stare and smile at you all the time - I had assumed i had been suddenly hit with the beauty stick till I worked out every Westerner gets the same treatment !!!

It is quite different to Vegas and more spread out but I like it so far. Did have one shocking meal that was supposed to be chicken but was all bone and gristle so think I had chickens arse or feet and had to settle for a reliable Fat Burger later !!!

We won £20 between us at blackjack but minimum bets are massive with most places minimum bets been £20- £30, also many hotels have never heard of poker and looks like there are only a couple of poker rooms in Macau, Got back last night loaded £500 into Laddies and then ran this to £1000 then was all in QQ v 56 pre for £1200 and lost and took a couple more beats to register a small losing session. I play day 1B which is Friday so another day to bot around today.

Anyway on flight on the way over I watched the Frank Skinner stand up gig and he was on about celbrities been asked to sign autographs in awkward places. He said he had sex with one women who asked him to sign the condom. He refused she said why not Frank - he said I dont want to get shit all over the biro :)

On that note - laters and GL.

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Have fun and good luck mate :)