Sunday, August 09, 2009


Oh dear - Just had my worst 24 hr period of poker in the year busting a Laddies account of £2K and a stars account of $2.5K within 24 hrs.

Wont bore yu with details but all PLO and basically 3 big pots of getting it all in good and getting sucked out on in all 3, and then losing the plot on Laddies and basically giving away £1K+. I think that last 1k you can probably put in the tilt column which aint good and I usually pride myself on the infrequency that i ever tilt. Also bad timing with only 1 payday left work wise until Xmas.

Anyway to find some positives, already entered the *s warm up and Betfair 30K tonight so will try and play out skin to get a return, also over the course of the last week i have played and qualified for loads of WCOOP events on stars in Sept - I probably have about 1500$ of entries in tournie vouchers that hopefully can lead to some returns in Sept.

In reply to them sessions I think after tonight I may just play some mega low stakes this week as last week at work and loads to finish then hopefully cash tables in MAcau are fishfest and we get back in business.

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