Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Cruising is good es[ecially when there is poker on the night time!!!

Anyway after 8 days in jamaica / Miaimi with no bets or poker I was desperate for a game.

Played the 300 and got one of the biggest shaftings I have had for a while. To cut a long story short I trapped someone with QQ and then on QT2 flop managed to check and get them all versus 99 to get 9k chips early doors versus 3K average - but no Turn K river J and I am out to a straight !!!

Better luck in the 400 - I played very well and got to the final table. Then with 6 left I was 5th or 6th and prizepool massively top heavy i came over the top of a raiser and we were all in me JJ v AK suited and winner of the pot has big chip lead with 5 left and 12k$ for winner.

Q66 turn 2 river K :( - a bit gutting but I have won my share of races when it matters of late so fair enough. $2250 for 6th pays most the Jamaica part of the holiday.

Main event starts on Friday which is 2500$ but I dont expect a big field and I will probably play the 500+50 tomorrow night.

Met a few new faces like Amatay plus the regulars and all is well.

Good luck whatever you are playing !!!


Anonymous said...

congrats again mate - good luck for main event later today - have a feeling you'll be cashing....

Brenos said...

Good work mate keep the deep cashes coming! :-)

Keep us updated and pass on my regards to Mark et al :-)