Sunday, December 07, 2008



after yesterdays vet to get in the main event of ECOOP

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Selection 1 Liverpool @ 8/11 To Win - Win
Market Win/Draw/Win
Event English Premier League
Blackburn Rovers v Liverpool
15:00 06/12/2008
Selection 2 Newcastle United @ 5/6 To Win - Lose
Market Win/Draw/Win
Event English Premier League
Newcastle United v Stoke City
15:00 06/12/2008

Bet Type Double
Unit Stake £250.00

I played the 150$ sat today. 90 odd runners 14 left and 12 get seats. I am about 7th with one megashort and I pick up AA. There is an all in ahead of me and I consider folding but then in the end decide if I win this I am 100% safe. I call they have QQ and spike Q and then I go out on blind.

Have not ran as sick as this for a long time although can see that maybe i should have folded AA in this position.

Next up the 100K on Betfair and I chip lead early after house v flush. There is a complete donk on my table and for some reason i just feel he is going to donk me after an earlier play where he limps calls big raise with ace 6.

Anyway I have 10k 3 limpers 200 i raise 1200 with AQ- 1 caller the aforementioned donk.

Flop qt6 I bet 4/5ths of pot he flat calls (almost 1/2 his stack) - turn ace he bets 2.5k all in i call and he shows KJ for straight. Unbeleivable bad from him on every single street he plays it wrong.

he should fold pre - fold or shove flop and then check call turn.

I then raise from SB with 77 BB shoves all in for ridiculous amount obviously weak but I am prob racing he has QJ out.

-£2K for Dec and tempted top give up as this keeps up will be in no mood for XMAS

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