Friday, December 05, 2008

Poor start to Dec

Dec aint started well and I am in a bit of a hole. Had quite a few suck outs v me but wont twist as have obviously ran well to win a few big tournies in last few months.

A couple of big buy in tournies coming up at the weekend with the $1060 main event at ECOOP and the Betfair 100K (550$) - I will probably play the Betfair event but ECCOP buy in is a bit steep. May see if i can sat into it or see if someone wants to buy a % in me in the event.

Paid a chunk off the mortgage with recent wins and didnt leave much in poker roll. If my 8k$ from Lwoods from CPC clears in time then may treat myself to the buy in.

good luck to one and all especially those in big live events at the moment like Bristol and the DTD anniversay event.

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