Saturday, December 13, 2008

Next years GUKPT schedule

The Schedule

Event Location 2009 Festival Dates Main Event Dates
Leg 1 Brighton January 12th - 18th January 15th - 18th
Online Short Handed Festival Blue Square Poker January 19th - 23rd January 23rd
Leg 2 Walsall February 21st - March 1st February 26th - March 1st
Leg 3 London March 19th -29th March 26th - 29th
Leg 4 Manchester April 18th - 26th April 23rd - 26th
Leg 5 Newcastle May 18th - 24th May 21st - 24th
Summer Series 1 Bolton June 11th - 14th June 13th - 14th
Summer Series 2 Aberdeen June 18th - 21st June 20th - 21st
Summer Series 3 Walsall June 25th - 28th June 27th - 28th
Online Summer Festival Blue Square Poker July 20th - 24th July 24th
Leg 6 Luton August 1st - 9th August 6th - 9th
Leg 7 Cardiff August 31st - September 6th September 3rd - 6th
Leg 8 Thanet October 12th - 18th October 15th - 18th
Leg 9 Blackpool November 7th - 15th November 12th - 15th
Grand Final London November 19th - 29th November 26th - 29th
Champion of Champions Festival Luton November 30th - December 6th December 5th - 6th


Amatay said...

you gonna play many of these mate?

Poker play the Soap way said...

just Newcastle + will try some on line sats for Manchester & London