Thursday, December 04, 2008

ECOOP 270k event

Grrrr frustrating - this tourney was 6 max at tables which is perfect for my style and one I was quite confident of going deep in with 900 runners and 100 paid.

Anyway 4 different times I build my stack up and then lose an 80 20s to go down below average each time - was mega frustrating. Anyway near bubble I get some luck of my own when short and in with A10 outdraws AQ even though Q flopped. I then gradually build taking a few pots using a tightish image i had as had cack for 1 hr at latest table. I am 30th with 50 odd left and then playback at cut off with big reraise with air as want to keep him in check as he has been raising me a lot.

I have Q3 and he flat calls pre so 24K in the middle. I only have 24k behind so i quite like the look og 9 7 2 flop hoping he has 2 high cards and shove to get an immediate call from AA and to kick myself for next few hrs. 900 and odd dollars for 50 oddth that I was bit narked at in end as some huge prizes around final table that maybe i should have been a little more patient to get a sniff at. Anyway started month with a big losing cash session so at least a bit back.

Will try and get in as many 6 seater tournies as I can though as really enjoyed that.

Also I seen I got my 3rd Gatsby for online performance of the month which is always welcomed :)

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Amatay said...

ul mate. wp on the Gatsby. FWIW i got 4 Gatsby awards :-) shame they were awarded for my ghey blog thou and not poker performances, sigh.