Thursday, December 18, 2008


Got some cash flow issues sorted and was able to depost £250 into I Poker yesterday.

Decided to play pot limit omaha cash for my 1st time ever after playing the PLO blogger tourny the other night and doing reasonably OK.

Anyway I dont pretend to totally understand the game or strategy but seemed immediately very comfortable after the flop (not sure pre flop yet). Ended up holding in some big pots versus 10 outs when all in on turn and won something like £1600 at 3 6 PLO - not bad for my 1st ever cash session.

However, it only puts a small dent into the losses for the month but hopefully the tide has turned a little and I can push on to try and get break even.!!

Also going into staking for the 1st time and going to back 1 player at cash. Pretty sure this should be + EV and happy to give what i consider a good player a shot at higher levels, hopefully in return for positive ROI.


Thur lost £650 so aint stopped !!

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