Friday, August 29, 2008


When to Aspers tonight to get some live tourney experience for a 50 deepstack freezeout with 50 odd runners.

Quickly halved my stack running KK into AA (go away from it) AQ v QT on QT4 flop and numerous other top pair v 2 pair concoctions !!.

anyway i play 3.8k folded to SB who makes up to 400 which I have in as my BB - I jam for 3.5k more to pick up the 800 in the middle. He then calls with King Jack (I had 9 10) - so he has either trapped with King high !!! or decided to call off 1/2 his stack when thinks hes behind - I do not get it.

Anyway worked out well - I put my name down for cash - 2 games 5 5 and 1 2 and 1 2 opened 1st so i just joined that one and bought in for 100. Early on I was all in on a flush draw v a made straight and hit - had I lost this hand then I think I would have gone. 7 hrs later all at 1 2 I just cashed out for over £700 and basically never had my chips in worse than 70 30 my way. I can honestly say I did not misplay 1 hand all night and I think that's probably the 1st time i can actually say that. I have won much more online in 1 session at higher buy ins but tonight was definitely my best ever cash performance.

Anyway 630 am - ain't even tryed bed yet and I got to meet my team for pub lunch at 1145am - could be a long day !!!


Anonymous said...

Multis out cash in!!

TEAMDOBB said...

nice to cya and the KJ chopped Im told!

Nice cash result